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15th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 123) Siddharth Mehra becomes new Trustee of Mount College

Episode 123 starts with Chand Raichand confronting Siddharth Mehra.
Chand: You might want to remember some day
Siddharth: You know…the earlier age’s people used to beat around the bushes when it comes to talking. That is why I love the 21st century…everything is so (snaps his fingers) snappy and to the point. Just like ‘chill out’ and… which is the other one… ahh…’get lost’ (Siddharth turns to walk away)
Chand: Oh…you are all so powerful? What do you think…after drinking human blood you became more powerful than me? You don’t have a problem with Abhay…you have a problem with me! But as you know…I don’t take too well to the challenges. You are only 2 centuries old…and I have been around for a long time. You can walk…you can run…but I can fly! (Siddharth looks scared for a moment and moves back but again he composes himself)
Siddharth: Well, Daddy Dinosaur…I know what you can do. But you are forgetting one thing. This many years I have been away from your rules and controls… You don’t know what all I learned and what all I can do…So Poppy! You don’t underestimate me! By the way, this fight is between Abhay and me…not related to the life you have given us but that of before…so you stay away from this fight…for your own safety! (Chand walks to Siddharth and stares him on his eyes challengingly)
Chand: 21st century…So let me speak to you in that snappy (snaps fingers) language…We are Vampires…blood suckers…don’t forget who you are…the existence I gave you…because if you make me angry it will be too bad…and then one day I might just forget that you never existed even in the 21st century. (Waves his hand in front of Siddharth and walks away. Siddharth stands there and watches Chand walking and then vanishing by flying. Siddharth looks disturbed)

Scene moves to Pravin Jaiswal’s House, the next day morning. Siddharth is sitting and talking with Pravin Jaiswal.
Pravin: I am speechless. You are so young…and not even an ex student of the college…still you are giving this much big donation for the college. Can I know the reason behind this generosity?
Siddharth: Your college is very prestigious…so I thought somehow I should become part of this family…This is just a small gift…
Pravin: Thank you…thank you so much! I will talk to the other Trustees of the College…I am sure you would be welcome to the College Board. Can I get you a drink?
Siddharth: No…no…I don’t drink this early! I am a little diet conscious. (Both men get up and shake hands)
Pravin: To the newest Trustee of Mount College. I am very impressed by you.
Siddharth: Thank you (Sid walks from there. As he walks down the stairs he thinks, ‘Dear little brother and Piya…Now I am in the College Board …now I can keep control on you both fully…More power to me!’)

Scene moves to Misha who is sitting in the Library trying to study. Her right hand is plastered and has a sling around her neck. Her phone rings and she picks it up. She tells Madhu that she was trying to study and that she was not disturbed. She adds that she would be failing in the exam and do not want to study. She cuts the phone and sees Shankar staring at her.
Misha: Hey! What are you staring at? Don’t you know that staring is rude? (Shankar thinks, ‘Oh Misha…I love you so much dear! Sometimes I think that when Mom-Dad put the proposal before you…I should have married you then. I should not have given an opportunity to back out at all. But now Misha Dobriyal…I will make you fall in love with me! You will marry me Misha. You will love me as much as I love you’ Shankar goes into the dream world and thinks of Misha wearing Sari and Flowers on head as his wife with his Lunch and feeding him. He complaints to her if she would make him fat by making him eat a lot. He even imagines their two children, a boy and girl, coming there. He watches as Misha eats and thinks, ‘you know Misha… by marrying you I took the best decision. You make me very happy! ’ Shankar is snapped out of his thoughts by Misha who snaps her fingers in front of him.
Misha: Hello…What are you looking here and there…Listen! You did Journalism, right? Do you know something or you used to bunk classes?
Shankar: I know Madam! What do you want?
Misha: Ahh…You know what…by hand is broken. And I have got the permission from college to get a writer. I have Doctor’s note. So I was thinking that you be my writer. I mean…you know everything…So write…
Shankar: But Misha…it is cheating! It is wrong… (Misha gets up and stands close behind Shankar)
Misha: Come on Swamiji…Can’t you at least do this much for your wife? (Shankar again imagines Misha in his wife avatar with lunch box. Misha touches his shoulder) I mean think…think about it…If you don’t write this paper for me (Sits on the arm of Shankar’s chair) your wife will run away. Then your land lady would throw you out of the house. So it would be a big problem for you. (Keeps her hand on his shoulder) So it is better for you to learn to do a little cheating. Right… Swamiji?
Shankar: Okay!(Misha get up)
Misha: Yes…yes…yes! Finally in this wife game I got some benefit. Anyway, see you at exam hall. Bye! (Misha go from there. Shankar again goes to the dream world and imagine Misha as his wife and smiles)

Scene moves to the Raichand Mansion. Chand and Haseena are coming down the stairs.
Chand: Now Abhay has come out on bail. But those people have solid proof. They got Abhay’s pen from near the dead body and that bracelet…(They reach the hall)
Haseena: When will this all end?
Abhay: This all will end when one of us ends. (Chand and Haseena go near Abhay)
Chand: Because of the fight between you 2 Brothers for a girl our survival is in danger…Do you even realize that?
Abhay: History is witness Dad…Biggest of the fights was just fought in the name of love!
Chand: Forget History! Think of today’s Politics! Siddharth is back! He is obsessed! He is willing to do anything at any time. He is ready to flirt with danger
Abhay: Siddharth! He likes playing with this danger. And he is enjoying it! (Abhay thinks, ‘but he would not be able to separate me from Pia. I will not let him go near Pia’)

Scene moves to Panchi at Siddharth Cabin. Siddharth is giving dictation while Panchi is noting it down. Suddenly he comes and sits next to Panchi facing her.
Siddharth: See… I just don’t get it… How can someone commit murder? Especially a Guy like Abhay…I refuse to believe that he murdered anyone. What proof do the Police have? This could have been done by some animal. How do they know? And a simple Guy like Abhay…he has worked here 2-3 days…he is quiet and from a good family…personal differences aside… But a Guy like Abhay cannot do any one’s murder. I refuse to believe it! One human cannot take the life of another human…To kill someone you have to be an animal…
Panchi: That’s very true Sir. I think that is a very nice thought…You know what Sir? I have seen you with several girls…and you behave so bad with them…but I think that is all pretence…is it not? I have seen you treating them like garbage. But I think your heart is so nice! You are just pretending…Right? (Siddharth gets up and walks)
Siddharth: I don’t know about that Panchi… (He goes and sits on a chair behind her) But what I do is… I am a lover not a killer. I just want love. But killing them only an animal can do.
Panchi: You are so sweet Sir. (Siddharth gets up and comes closer to Panchi)
Siddharth: I am thirsty! (Panchi immediately gets up and picks the water glass from the table)
Panchi: Sir, Have some water! (He takes it from her and then puts it back to the table)
Siddharth: I will drink later! But you know I can’t understand how anyone can hurt someone?
Panchi: Sir you can’t imagine what types of people there are…
Siddharth: And you are right! I can’t even imagine…I can’t even play those violent video games (Panchi laughs) Sir, I’ll get back to work! (Panchi goes out and Siddharth thinks, ‘One day Panchi…you would quench my real thirst!’)

Scene moves to T entering Siddharth’s cabin.
T: Hey Sid, Good morning!
Siddharth: Hello T!
T: Today you look hot…handsome (catches his tie)
Siddharth: This old thing? (Both sit on chairs next to each other but facing each other) And you T…T for terrific as always!
T: So… (Takes a file and gives to Sid) This is it!
Siddharth: Let’s have a look! (Opens the file and looks) Wow T…I am very impressed! You typed this with your own hands? Must say there is magic in your hands! (Sid puts the file on the table and holds T’s hand) You know T…The moment I saw you I understood that you are going to do some magic on me! You are so pretty…so hot!
T: Of course Sid! In this city you won’t see a hotter girl than me…
Siddharth: Beautiful than you…Hotter than you and… (T smiles seductively by closing her eyes. Sid thinks, ‘And no one is easier than you in this city! T…you stay near me. The day I get more bored I will include you in my list, one nice bite!’) T, I observed that in the office there are some people who are jealous of your beauty. For example…what’s that girl’s name…Pia…?
T: Yeah, totally! I mean not from today but from the first day of college.
Siddharth: Really? I can see why…
T: Totally, right? I actually extended my hand of friendship to that charity case. But she is so jealous… she hates me!
Siddharth: Like I said I can see why…But it is sad, right? I mean jealousy is a very strange emotion. A Guy at the college also used to be so jealous of me.
T: Of course Sid, You might have been the coolest boy at college!
Siddharth: No…yes! Very true! He always used to trouble me so much.
T: Okay! How did you deal with him? What did you do with him?
Siddharth: I removed him from my way!
T: How?
Siddharth: Simple…cheating! I put the blame of cheating on him. In college nobody can ignore a crime like cheating. So he was kicked out. (Siddharth looks at T’s expressions and think, ‘Beautiful! If I get 3-4 more people who become fools easily, I can rule the world. I am sure T would be yummier than that Shenaya. I can just taste her blood!’ (Episode ends)

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