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25th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 132) Panchi finds out that Piya was the girl hiding in Siddharth’s Cabin

Shankar and Ruhi
Episode 132 starts with Haseena entering Raichand’s Mansion after seeing Siddharth. She goes and sits on the chair and Chand comes near her.
Chand: Are you alright?
Haseena: Yeah! Actually I had gone to Mall Road and in between so many people I was getting restless. (Chand sits on the arm of the chair next to Haseena)
Chand: Haseena, You should not go to Mall Road alone. You are not strong enough to resist the temptation of being alone amidst so many people. (Haseena nods)Did you meet Siddharth there? If you would have met him, you would be called a traitor! And I am sure that you don't want our small family to have any sort of trouble, Am I right?
Hasina: Right! Siddharth knows about that ring. I would not give him any such opportunity because of which he becomes a danger for us.
Chand: Very Good! I love you! (Haseena gets up from the Chair and climbs the stairs. Abhay looks at her. Haseena stands in the Balcony looking outside. Abhay goes closer to her thinking, 'I don't believe you Mom. May be you are forgetting everything in your emotion as a Mom'
Abhay: What did you buy from Mall Road?
Haseena: Nothing! I was just very restless to buy anything.
Abhay: This time with Siddharth would be treated strictly. This is important for our survival. We have to think about ourselves. And for that Siddharth has to move out of the way. In this war we need to know our place. Because this time either he would remain or me! (Abhay goes from there. Haseena thinks, 'I know what it means to give so much power to Siddharth's hands but I also know that I am not ready to give him this much big punishment. I can't save him but I can't hurt him either. I hope Siddharth thinks of what is good for him and go far away from here'.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where the students are doing the decorations for the Prom Night.T scolds a student asking if she would put all the banners in one place. Misha is standing on top of a ladder hanging blue, white and red balloons.
Misha: What day has come! Brainless bimbo queen is asking us to use our brains! Why don't you shut T?
T: Why don't you shut up Misha because I am the Prom Queen and you better know... (T and her friend go from there)
Misha: No sweety! You were the Prom Queen because Kabir was always with you. But tonight it is going to be all about me because I have Shaurya. Shaurya and I are going to be the best couple of the College'

Tracker is trying to hand blue glitter balls on the campus ceiling. She complaints to God that he should have given her some height along with her beautiful face and she would have participated in super Model Contest. Shankar who comes there sees Misha hanging the Balloons by standing on the ladder. He thinks, 'Oh my God Misha...You are so sweet. I have not seen a girl like you. Tonight I will tell you what is in my heart. For you I would not only fight with my Roomie but with anyone. You will be mine Misha, I promise!' Ruhi sees Shankar standing near the pillar and calls him.Tracker asks him to help her and he goes to her.Tracker asks him to hold the chair so that she would not call and they could dance together on Prom Night. Shankar holds the chair and looks at Misha and thinks that he would make Misha jealous. Tracker thinks how sweet Shankar is as he did not tell anything bad about her short skirt like Angad and that the only couple who would be fired up on the dance floor would be her and Shankar. Tracker asks Shankar to hold on the leg of the chair. Shankar looks at Misha and thinks, 'You come in my dreams wearing Kancheevaram Sari walking slowly and smiling. You then tell me...Shankar you are my only one!' Shankar looks at Misha trying to blow the balloon and smiles. Angad who comes there sees Ruhi and Shankar. He is angry thinking that Shankar is staring his girlfriend's legs and that Ruhi could not understand him. Angad runs and knocks Shankar and both fall on the floor dis-balancing Ruhi who falls and hurts her leg. Shankar shouts at Angad asking what happened to him. Both the Guys then notice Ruhi on the floor waving and before Angad could move Shankar runs to Ruhi.Tracker shouts at Angad telling that he did it deliberately so that she would not be able to dance in Prom night and that she would not forgive him. Ruhi tells him that Angad cheated her in love and he would pay for his betrayal. She gets up with the support of Shankar and Misha and tells that she would dance with her injured leg. Angad tells her that he knows that she can do it. Ruhi asks Shankar to get her bag so that they can go from there and tells Angad that at night Shankar and she would dance and show. Ruhi goes from there limping with the support of Shankar and Angad gets angry. Misha asks Angad that if he has gone mad.

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra at his cabin. There is a knock at the door.
Siddharth: Come in Piya!
Piya: Hi Sir!
Siddharth: Hi! Come in and sit (Piya comes in and sits on the chair)
Piya: Sir, You called me?
Siddharth: Piya, I have taken a decision and wanted to know your opinion.
Piya: Yeah Sir, Tell me!
Siddharth: Well, First I thought that I would wait. But honestly I am not able to wait more now. I have lost patience. I have decided that I would propose to Panchi (Piya smiles) I will tell her how important she is to me. I will confess my love.
Pia: That is great Sir, It is fantastic! Panchi would be so happy! Sir, Do you have a plan on how you will propose to her? Something...
Siddharth:Well, I want to surprise her1 In fact she should not know that I am going to propose her...She should feel that I am not interested in her at all. She would get annoyed and be angry and when she would not be expecting anything at all then I would give her this (Siddharth opens a Jewelry box and shows Piya a diamond bangle and gives it to Pia. Pia looks at the Bangle)
Siddharth: You did not like it? Do you think it is not Panchi's style. I can get it exchanged...
Pia: No Sir, I think it is a very good one. Panchi would like this and your proposal too!
Siddharth: I just want her to be happy1 (The phone on Siddharth's table rings and he picks it up. Panchi tells him that she wants his sign on some papers and that she is coming)Panchi should not see you here... you will have to hide! (Piya tells Siddharth that she would go but Siddharth tells her to hide underneath the Table fast. Pia hides herself under the table. Siddharth opens the jewelry box and keeps it in a manner that Panchi would see it easily when she comes to the room. Panchi opens the door and comes with a file)Ahhh Panchi...Come! (Panchi gives the file to Siddharth and sits on the chair opposite him. She then notices the jewelry on the table and thinks that Siddharth has again started buying jewelry for random girls) How did you like it? The person whom I bought it for would like it? (Siddharth signs some papers on the file)
Panchi: Yeah Sir, it is very nice! (Piya who is sitting underneath the table tries to suppress her laughter. Siddharth smiles and keeps the file on the table. He takes the jewelry box and closes it)
Siddharth: Panchi, There is a little change in plans! I would not be able to go for Prom. So if you want to make any plans just go ahead.
Panchi: But why are we not going for Prom?
Siddharth: Because something important has come up. And I don't need to give you a reason Panchi! (Piya smiles and thinks how Siddharth is making Panchi annoyed)
Panchi: Okay! No Problem... (Panchi gets up and goes from there. Panchi comes out of the room and tells, 'What does he think of himself? That I am his back up plan? But this time I will not be silent. How could I think he changed? How foolish of me!' She turns to go to the Cabin again.

At Siddharth's Cabin Siddharth lets out a sigh and says, 'That was close ehhh...' Piya tries to get up. Only her hand and watch was visible on top of the table when Panchi opens the door of the cabin again and says, 'Sir, I want to...' She then notices the hand with the watch and Pia withdraws her hands from the table top.
Siddharth: Oh... Panchi... (Panchi thinks, 'Oh my God! When he was talking to me he had another girl hidden here. God! He is such a creep! Panchi you are a big fool. You are so damn stupid!' She turns and walk away)
Siddharth: Panchi... (Pia gets up from her hiding place)
Piya: Oh God! Sir, Panchi did not see, right? So what is the next step?

Scene moves to Kabir and Angad at the Cloth's Store. Kabir tells Angad that today someone would definitely kidnap him. Angad tells Kabir that in his life there is only one girl and that is Ruhi and if she is set his life would be set. Kabir tells Angad that he is also a one woman man. Angad makes fun telling that in the entire college there are no losers like them. Kabir tells him that when they dress up and go they would be on spotlight. They give a high five and go to get ready.

Shankar is also trying out a shirt and asks Shaurya how he looks. Shaurya replies, 'Perfect'. Shankar says that the shirt is not suiting him. Shaurya thinks, 'On you everything suits my dear'. Shankar removes his shirt to try another shirt and Shaurya eyes at his biceps and body. Shankar wears another shirt telling that the night is very important and that he should look his best for the sake of love. Shaurya adds, 'Yes, for the sake of love!'

Scene moves to Pia who is out at the road. she thinks, 'How lucky Panchi is...How romantic Siddharth is! He does not have a problem to confess his love and there is my love story in which there is no romance at all! May be it is my fate there is this much problems but Panchi... she is so lucky!' Panchi calls Pia from behind and tells that she could drop her. Pia tells her that she is going to the mall to buy dress for Prom night and excuses herself from there. Panchi looks at a walking Pia and thinks how happy Pia is and that her love story is not like her. Panchi thinks that it is better to stay single and that there is only pain in love. Panchi sees Pia waving for a taxi and recognizes the hand as the same she saw on Siddharth's table. The taxi stops near Piya and she gets into it after waving at Panchi. Panchi is shocked to know that Pia is a backstabber who has fooled her by being friendly with her and meeting Siddharth behind her back. She feels betrayed by Pia. Siddharth comes and stops his car near Panchi and asks her if he needs a lift. She replies angrily that she would go on her own and walks away from there. Siddharth thinks, 'Oh! This is so much fun! Everything is so easy, so simple and so enjoyable...happy Hunting Sid!' (Episode ends)

Precap : Siddharth tells that he would bite Piya on 3 Full Moon Nights and turn her into a Vampire like him.

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