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5th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 115) Piya Jaiswal meets Abhay Raichand’s Vampire Brother Siddharth Mehra

Episode 115 starts with Tanushree and Siddharth at the jungle. Siddharth is kissing T on her hand and neck.
T: Siddharth…
Siddharth: Hmm
T: You know what? The moment I saw you I knew I want…
Siddharth: Great! I want too!
T: Maybe T was just waiting for you…
Siddharth: And me…T… (Siddharth kisses her hand and walks further inside the jungle and stops near a tree. T clings on to him desperately. Siddharth thinks, ‘Pia, You are somewhere here…I can smell you!’ Siddharth turns to T) Look love…I would love to do this…but not tonight!Something has come up! (T looks disappointed) Why don’t you go to the Party and dance with me?(Siddharth turns to go but T stops him by garlanding him with her hands)
T: Baby! Please…Don’t spoil my mood!You cannot leave T here alone and go.
Siddharth: Look Babe! I keep away from clinging girls. So don’t get all clingy on me! (holds her face with both his hands) I will call you tomorrow. Go and enjoy yourself in the Party and remember, I will be watching you. (T goes off from there. Siddharth says in mind, ‘Pia…You are here!Right here…within my reach!fine…)

Scene moves to Piya walking on the road. Piya thinks, ‘What am I doing? Was Abhay telling the truth? Really that Locket would protect me? I don’t understand it. Why would Abhay tell me a lie? How many times he saved my life…maybe he knows better. Is it possible that Abhay is doing this just to make me feel bad?One other way to control me…to keep me near him and also keep away from him…No way! I am not going to fall into his scheme. This Party is important to me. I have to try my level best to get this job. Today at any cost I would meet Siddharth’.

Scene moves to Siddharth at the Jungle smelling and feeling the presence of Pia. He says, ‘She is somewhere here’ He transforms into a Vampire with blue eyes and says, ‘She is somewhere near here. I can feel her.Ahh…This is going to be fun!Let me see…why you were hiding your Piya from me little Brother…’ Siddharth extends his hands on either side and closes his eyes trying to locate Pia. He then runs and stops at the road outside the jungle where he sees a girl wearing a short blue dress walking a few feet ahead of him.

Siddharth comes back to his human form with black eyes. He says in mind, ‘Pia, the time to meet you has finally come!’ He walks behind her and then calls her by her name.
Siddharth: Pia… (Piya stops and turns. Siddharth is shocked to see that Piya is the doppelganger of his and his Brother Abhay’s past love interest Maithili.He just keeps looking at her with a stunned expression and then says in mind, ‘Oh Abhay, If you like any girl it should be Maithili or a Maithili look alike…Why did I not think of this earlier? You are having Mythali Syndrome! Because Abhay, you cannot like anyone else other than her. Fortunately for me, you always spot it and I always got it!’ Siddharth walks towards Piya. Pia looks around but stands there on the road. Siddharth comes and stands in front of Pia and look at her.
Pia: You…How do you know my name?
Siddharth: I…I am Siddharth, Panchi’s Boss!
Pia: Ahh..Oh!
Siddharth: Party is over! You have come late…
Piya: Sir, Actually I …
Siddharth: This jungle…this mountain…I have always liked it here. In childhood I use to roam here alone…This jungle is wonderful, isn’t it? Who knows when a secret would open here? I was going from here and I saw you. That’s when I saw you! Panchi told me that you are on your way…so…I guessed that you should be Piya. Am I right?
Piya: Right Sir! (Smiles) Sir, it’s lovely to meet you! I tried to meet you several times and come several times but something or the other happened and I could not come. But here I meet you finally!
Siddharth: Finally!
Piya: And meeting too like Strangers!
Siddharth: There is a time for meeting. When it is written then only it will happen.And the time to meet you have come Pia… Come on…I will drop you home…
Piya: Hostel Sir…And thank you so much! (Siddharth signals her to the car and he follows her. He removes his jacket and places it on Piya’s shoulders and Pia takes it. Siddharth thinks, ‘Wow! Little Brother! Your secret was worthy hiding …nice one! You started this story, but this time I will write the end of this story of love’. They reach near the car and Siddharth opens the door for Piya.He then gets into the driver’s seat and drives the car.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Panchi enters her House after the Party. She is all smiles and happy and goes and sits on the Sofa. She imagines Siddharth everywhere around her and keeps smiling. She does not hear or notice her mother who calls her and asks her how the Party was. Madhu wakes her up from her trance and asks how the Party was and Panchi replies, ‘very nice’ with a shy smile and goes from there. Madhu looks at Panchi and thinks, ‘My girl has fallen in love?’…

Scene moves to Siddharth and Piya in the Car.
Pia: Thanks Siddharth! This much late at night I would not have got a taxi anywhere.
Siddharth: Pia, Why couldn’t you reach the Party? Did you get stuck somewhere?
Pia: Actually…I got a little late…And then I lost the way…I found myself in the jungle and you too… Anyways, what were you doing in the jungle?
Siddharth: This jungle and I have a very old relationship. You could say that I was born here (Piya laughs. Siddharth thinks, ‘Unbelievable…how much your face resembles that of Maithili. No wonder my little Brother became this mad. Oh…this is so amazing Abhay!’)Pia…You know…our meeting was written in the fate. After all for how long we were playing hide and seek with each other. Sometimes you could reach me and sometime I could not…And look! Here I am giving you a lift.
Pia: Yeah…Here we are…Actually I wanted to meet you and tell you about me.
Siddharth: Oh! That won’t be necessary! What I wanted to see…know…that I know now. And you know what? You got the job!
Piya: Oh…wow! That’s great! Thank you… (Both Smiles) You know what? You will never regret your decision!
Siddharth: You bet! Actually I have heard so much praise about you that you would have got the job! You deserve it!
Piya: I think we will enjoy working together!
Siddharth: You bet…again! Siddharth thinks, ‘You would not be able to go away from me now Piya…oh…oh…oh…Little Brother, you are going to regret a lot! I am going to have lot of fun!’

Scene moves to Abhay walking towards his Car with a Bag in hand. He opens the back door and puts the bag in when Sanaya calls him.
Shenaya: Hey Abhay! What are you doing at the College this time?
Abhay: Last week I forgot my Gym Bag…I came to take it!(Sanaya comes closer to him)
Shenaya: Why do you need a workout? (Shenaya runs her finger on Abhay’s shoulders and chest) It is impossible to improve your already perfect body… (Abhay is not distracted but he is looking towards the road ignoring her. Abhay sees a car coming. He sees Siddharth on the Driver seat and Pia beside him. Abhay looks at the car stunned and gets into the Driver seat of his car and follows Sid’s car.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Panchi is lying on the cot and looking at Siddharth’s pictures on her mobile. She says, ‘Mr Siddharth Mehra, I never understand you. Sometimes you are charming…sometimes flirty…sometimes sweet and sensitive and sometimes number 1 Casanova. But I never thought that I would be affected by your charms. Now you have made a permanent mark in my heart and I am gone! But why are you not phoning me? Every time you call me at odd times…Leave that T. By now you might have realized what sort of girl she is. Come on…Realize your mistake…call me now!’ Misha opens the door and comes in running calling, ‘Birdie…birdie…birdie…’ She jumps and stands on the cot and says, ‘I think I hit the jackpot. You know…I got that which every girl keeps looking for…A perfect man! I can’t get anyone better than Shaurya. He is so cute…perfect…amazing… (Misha jumps to fall near Panchi all excited and hugs her. Panchi is irritated and frustrated)
Panchi: Stop it Misha! Leave me alone…
Misha: (gets up) Hello…Oh my God…what happened to her? Stupid…idiot… she has become this violent…What is wrong with her? Anyways, who cares? Shaurya… (Fall on the bed again and hugs a pillow)

Scene moves to T walking along the road alone. She thinks, ‘Don’t know where this Siddharth has gone to. This is all Panchi’s game. I also send away my Car. I thought I will go in Siddharth’s car and will have some entertainment. I can’t believe that I let this happen!’ Suddenly T hears scary voices coming from the jungle side. She gets scared and wonders if it is not the same animals that killed the girl in the jungle. She runs promising that she would do charity and this and that. As she goes away we see Angad and Tracker who had been making noises to scare T. Tracker tells Angad that they are a perfect couple as they got the idea to scare T at the same time. Angad agrees that they are indeed perfect together.
T is walking on the road and Angad stops the bike near Tanushree and both of them makes fun of T telling that Siddharth is not a college going kid to be impressed by her short dress and stuff. T tells them to mind their business and go. As Angad starts to go T asks them for a lift. Angad tells her that she has to come on their bike triple seat. T sits on the bike and again Ruhi makes fun of her telling that she knows why Siddharth does not go near her and tells that it is because T does not use perfume.

Scene moves to morning. Siddharth is sitting at his Cabin rolling the pendant between his fingers. There is a knock at the door and Siddharth gets up and goes to the door. He opens the door and says, ‘Pia Jaiswal, come in!’ Pia gets inside the cabin. Pia stands with her back on him wearing the same dress she had worn the previous day. Siddharth tells her, ‘Piya, I have been waiting for this moment for years. I knew this day had to come. Today after seeing you I realized this waiting so important. For this wait to come to an end (He holds her by shoulder and bends his head to bite on her neck)

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