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10th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 119) Abhay loses his temper on seeing Piya dancing with Siddharth Mehra

Episode 119 starts with Siddharth at his cabin. He thinks, ‘I have to say some story to the Police with all fingers pointing at Abhay.I have to get Abhay out of the way to get closer to Piya’ Siddharth looks at Abhay and sees him sitting a writing something. His eyes fall on Abhay’s pen with his initials A.R. Siddharth smiles and thinks, ‘Hats off to your taste little Brother,you always want the best! But this time your taste would prove costlier to you Abhay!’

Scene moves to Shaurya and Misha walking down the Mount College Campus corridor.
Shaurya: Misha! Misha, you are so sweet! Can’t you do this small thing?
Misha: Shankar?
Shaurya: When did I tell that you need to really marry Shankar? I am only asking you to do a small drama. Once that land lady is convinced that you two are husband and wife we will get the house. And once we get the house who is going to know who is staying and who is not. Please understand!
Misha: But why can’t I be your wife?
Shaurya: There would be big problem! Already I and my father are having this much problems and if he gets to know all this then he would really throw me out. Misha, it is only a little acting… (Holds her hand) Please do it for me (Misha thinks, ‘Oh my God! What all have to be done for love! Look at his puppy face!’)
Misha: Okay, fine! I will do it…(Misha points her cheeks with her fingers to Shaurya for a kiss)
Shaurya: Oh! You are so sweet! (Shaurya kisses Misha on her cheek and also touches her face lovingly. He then says ‘bye’ to her and go from there. Misha is happy and touches her cheek where Shaurya kissed and runs from there too)

Scene moves to Siddharth’s office where Abhay and Pia are sitting opposite each other. Abhay is writing something and Piya has a file in front of her. Both are stealing glances at each other in between. Siddharth then comes out of the cabin with a pink file in hand and comes and stands near Piya.
Siddharth: You have made a complicated chart look so simple. It like something I believe in (Keeps his hand on the back of Pia’s chair)…KISS…Keep it simple stupid (looks at Abhay). Very good! Pia you know…You are not like the girls of today. You are hard working…you are sorted…you are sincere …(touches her notepad) and you have such lovely handwriting. My God! That’s wonderful!
Pia: Thank you Sir!
Siddharth: Come on! You don’t need to thank me! In fact if you would not have been there this internship program would have been a failure. It’s all thanks to you. You tried and got here! (Abhay is angry from his expressions) Again and again you tried to meet and and see here we are! You and me…it’s like we are meant to be. (Abhay lifts his eyes from what he was writing and looks at Siddharth) By the way,what perfume is that? (Pia does not answer) Oh…this is how you smell naturally? It’s wonderful!(Siddharth looks at Abhay) What happened Abhay?You feeling alright? (Pia looks at him too)
Abhay: I am alright!
Siddharth: You know Abhay! If this work is getting stressful for you… you may leave it. I know there is college and work…it can get little stressful.It would be absolutely fine if you leave. (Abhay does not answer. Siddharth looks at Pia again) really nice! Keep up the good work Piya! (Siddharth goes from there to his cabin and Piya looks at Abhay with concern)

Scene moves to Chand Raichand and Siddharth Mehra sitting by the fire side drinking.
Chand: I may not understand the game, but I know you as a player. I have seen all your moves. Only time changes and not you! This time let me warn you…this time you would stay away from us! (Siddharth touches Chand’s wine glass with his)
Siddharth: Gladly!
Chand: What do you think? Do you think I don’t know what the police people are doing in civil clothes outside my house? I am sure that they have not come for picnic! So since you want me to be in the game…would you like to give me a tip? What is going on your head now?
Siddharth: Daddy! There is only this brain that is ours! We don’t have a heart. We can’t breathe…But thoughts…Thoughts are ours!
Chand: Why? Why are you here? Why have you come here? What has brought you back?
Siddharth: I am unable to stay away from my little brother, that’s why! Moreover, there are so many years of relationship between us. He has so much to account for! (Chand tries to stay calm) Temper…temper Daddy dearest! You cannot lose your temper in front of all, right? And trust me…by starting a war against me you will gain nothing! Till now we have been like family…if I start being enemy then…
Chand: You know something? In every game there is a loser and a winner. You are just a very bad loser!
Siddharth: (Touches his wine glass) Well…round 2 then!
Chand: Poison was in your brain then and now too!
Siddharth: Ironic… isn’t Dad? You only filled that poison in me…years ago! I girl erected a wall between us two brothers and we both died for her…became enemies of each other…lost our humanity and became vampires! Today the same girl…same brother…same enmity…same vampires…just the difference is that this time Abhay will drink my poison! (Chand and Siddharth stare at each other)

Scene moves to Abhay who is waiting near his Car outside Piya’s Hostel. He thinks, ‘Where is Pia? She should have been back by this time. Is she with Siddharth again? I hope not! I hope she is not with Siddharth!’ (Shenaya stops her car in front of Mount College girl’s Hostel. Abhay turns to look at her. Shenaya gets out of the Car and comes near Abhay)
Shenaya: I never thought you would turn out to be this big a player! You used me? What ever happened in between us till date was fake…right? You were only doing the drama that you are interested in me…
Abhay: Yeah! Firstly…you cannot talk to me like this! Because I am a student and secondly I know very well that you were paid to romance with me! (Shanaya looks at him) Yeah! You are Siddharth’s spy, aren’t you? So…Don’t act hurt!
Shenaya: How dare you?
Abhay: So far I have not done anything. Show your fake face to someone who does not know your truth. Go!
Shenaya: The consequences of rejecting me will not be good…Abhay!
Abhay: Say to someone who cares! (Kabir’s car stops at a distance. He notices Abhay and Shenaya standing together. Seeing them he feels that there is something personal in between them and wonders if Pia knows about Abhay and Shenaya relationship)

Scene moves to Siddharth and Piya at the Restaurent. Siddharth acts like a perfect gentleman and pulls the chair for Piya to sit. He even orders drinks and starters for her on her behalf. He tries flirting with her and says, ‘As always you smell divine! Let me guess…Lady Million…because you are worth nothing less’
Siddharth : Piya, you know I am so impressed by you. How beautifully you have come to my company…
Pia: Sir, I actually wanted to speak to you about Panchi. I mean I hope you know that she… (Suddenly 2 ladies come from behind and hug Siddharth and he exchanges pleasantries with them. He tells them that he would poke them on friend book. Piya thinks that Siddharth is either a flirt or he is being just friendly. She thinks, ’Let me see what sort of person you are Siddharth…whether you deserve Panchi or not!’
Siddharth: Hello! Lady Earth to Lady Million! Where were you lost?
Pia: Nothing…I was just thinking of you!

Scene moves to Abhay in front of Mount College Girl’s Hostel. He calls Panchi. Panchi who was driving her car picks up the call. Abhay asks about Piya and Panchi tells him that Pia is not with her. She informs him that Piya should be with Siddharth as he had promised to take her for Dinner and that they would be at K Lounge which is Siddharth’s favorite place.

Scene moves to the Restaurant. Siddharth asks Piya for a dance and Piya accepts. They go to a corner and dance together. Piya tells him, ‘such a nice song…is it not Sir? You know this is Panchi’s favorite song’ Siddharth tells her ‘look…I know that you are an expert on multi tasking…but this one time let us do one thing at a time well…let’s dance!’ Abhay comes down the stairs of the Restaurant fast and the guard tries to stop him for gate crashing. Abhay sees Siddharth and Piya dancing together. He goes to them and pulls Pia out of Siddharth’s hold and pushes her to the sofa nearby. Abhay raises his hand on Piya but Siddharth holds his hand and says, ’Take it easy’. Piya looks at Abhay with a hurt look on her face. Piya gets up from where she had fallen and hurriedly goes off from there. Abhay looks at her. She takes her bag and then goes up the stairs of the restaurant fast.
Siddharth: temper…tempers…little Brother! How many times I have to tell you not to flow with your emotions. Look at yourself…you must control! Very sad!
Abhay: You keep control on yourself and stay away from Pia! I am warning you!
Siddharth: I should be giving you the warning! Love warning…If you keep on doing this sort of drama Pia would get out of your hands fast. Then it would become easy for me. And yes… (Puts a handkerchief on Abhay’s pocket) Be ready to weep! (Siddharth hums a tune and go off from there)

Scene moves to Shenaya in the Police Station sitting and crying in front of the Official.
Shenaya: I know the fault is mine… I fell for his words…but Inspector! He is very dangerous…I have a doubt that he is responsible for the murder which happened in the jungle. In fact I am sure…
Officer: One minute…Who is he? What is his name?
Shenaya: Abhay! Abhay Raichand… (Episode ends)

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