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24th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 131) Abhay agrees to be T’s date at the Prom Night Party

Shaurya agrees to be Misha's date on Prom Night
Episode 131 starts with Abhay walking in a hurry at the Mount College Campus. T comes from the opposite direction and tries to stop him.
Abhay: I don’t have time
T: Abhay, Please listen to me!
Abhay: I think you have already made it clear that you do not have any interest in me, right?
T: I saw what happened yesterday night between you and Sid. I saw it all! (Abhay goes close to T)
Abhay: What did you see? Tell me T…
T: Everything! I would tell you when you take me along with you for Prom Night. Look Abhay, for the past 2 years I have been Prom Queen. And I don’t want to give up my crown to some charity case. (Abhay turns and looks to find Pia and Kabir sitting and talking) I always win! Always…! So I need you because to go to prom I need the best boy in college. And that is you…so simple!
Abhay: Okay, I will go with you!
T: Thanks Abhay! You won’t forget this (T hugs Abhay while Abhay looks at Pia and Kabir)

Scene moves to a bare-chested Shaurya wearing a towel practicing in front of the mirror for confessing his feelings for Shankar. While Shaurya is practicing Misha opens the door and comes inside the room.
Shaurya: Hey Misha! (Misha eyes at Shaurya’s perfect Abs and think, ‘Misha, hats off to your choice. No wonder you don’t have any interest in the college guys. Look at him…he is so perfect!’ What’s up?
Misha: Shaurya, I was telling… you know boys are stupid!
Shaurya: What is new in that?
Misha: What I meant is the boys at the College are stupid. So boring and such silly fools! So I don’t want to go with any of them for Prom Night. So I was thinking… will you save me? I mean…will you be my date? I promise that it would be fun…we would enjoy!
Shaurya: I don’t mind!
Misha: That means you would come? (He nods) Whoa… Shaurya I swear…I promise…I won’t wear any such thing which you would not like. I promise! (Shaurya thinks, ‘Done! Tonight will be fun! By being Misha’s date I would be able to be part of Prom night. And on that context I will get to spend time with Shankar. That is a great idea. I won’t feel jealous of Shankar and Misha and finally I would be able to tell what is in my heart to Shankar’ Misha thinks, ‘Great! Tonight, I will tell you!’) Okay Bye! See at night…
Shaurya: Okay, see you! I will come and pick you up.
Misha: See ya, bye…bye!

Scene moves to Misha and Tracker at the College Campus. Misha asks Tracker to help her and tells her that the 70’s theme is very confusing. Tracker tells Misha that Piya helped her in choosing the dress for Prom Nite. Misha tells her that she too wants something cool and she only has her Dad’s old clothes. Tracker tells Misha not to wear such rubbish clothes and that T would make fun of her the whole year.
Scene moves to Shankar stopping Misha and asking her to be his date on Prom Night.
Misha: Dude… Are you crazy? How will it look if I go to the Party with College Councilor as date? Bimbo’s would laugh at me and normal people would run away from me. And anyway, I am going with Shaurya. You can hang with us.
Shankar: Shaurya? He is not from the College. Why did you call him here?
Misha: Big deal! For Prom night you can call anyone. And for your information Shaurya asked me out. So what is the big deal? (Shankar angrily walks from there) Misha thinks, ‘What’s with him... Anyways, I have no time for him. I need to get ready for Shaurya and not in Papa’s old clothes’

Scene moves to Tracker and Angad. Angad tells Ruhi that people tell that how cute they are together. Tracker shows Angad her Prom Night dress with is a very short one. Angad tells her that at the Prom Night he wants her to look like a Princess but in those clothes she would look like the Princess Maid. Ruhi gets angry and annoyed with Angad. She calls him an MCP and asks him to get another girl. Angad tells her that he would bring someone else as his partner on prom night and they break up. Angad goes angrily from there and on the way he hits on Kabir. Kabir stops him and asks him what is the matter with him and Angad tells about his fight. Kabir tells them that they are a made for each other couple. Kabir tells that every girl wants her guy to fight for her and pamper her. Kabir tells Angad to appreciate the girl and keep patience. Kabir tells Angad that he had been trying to get closer to Piya for long and finally she has agreed to be his date. He tells that he would impress her at Prom Night and Pia would be his. Kabir gives a secret plan for Angad to follow. Angad runs to where T’s friend is choosing a Partner for the Prom Night. She agrees to be Angad’s partner for Prom Night. Tracker sees it and she is angry.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Chand is standing near the fire with a drink in hand. Abhay opens the door and comes in. Chand calls Abhay.
Chand: Abhay, I met with His Highness. I told him where Siddharth is and what he is doing. The decision is that no one would give shelter for Siddharth. He shall be treated like a traitor. And he has to leave the city and go.
Abhay: Great! His highness has taken the right decision. Alone he is not as powerful as he is with support. Alone he would become weak.
Chand: I know! But I am worried that he has seen the ring and he would do every possible thing to get to that ring. The decision would be conveyed to him tomorrow but if he does something tonight which puts us all in problem, what would happen?
Abhay: Don’t worry Dad! I would not allow him to do any such thing. Tonight is Prom Night. The entire college would be there. In front of me…in front of everyone…he would not do any such thing. I would keep a strict watch on him.
Chand: Right! If Siddharth is controlled today, tomorrow he has to leave! This forest… this area… this city…he has to leave everything and go. He will have to leave! (Haseena who is standing on top of the stairs overhears the conversation. She thinks, ‘Such a big punishment! What if they take the powers and throw you out? Where will you go? What will you do? I can’t let this happen! Siddharth, now I have to do something!’

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where Ruhi looks around trying to find a date for her. She sees Shankar and goes to him. She asks Shakar if he would be her date for Prom Night. Shankar thinks that it would be a good idea to go with Tracker on Prom Night and make Misha jealous. Shankar tells Tracker that he would go with her for Prom Night. Tracker promises that they would have great fun together and they would be the happening couple at the party.

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra’s Office. Haseena is talking to Siddharth.
Haseena: If Chand finds out that I came here you know what would happen. Leave this city and go Siddharth! Before those people seize your powers…just go! Leave this personal enmity and go… I don’t want your one weakness to be the reason for your death. And yes, tonight is prom night…you won’t do anything there… Abhay is going to keep an eye on you…Just be careful! (Sid nods. He thinks, ‘Hey little Brother, my powers would be taken away from me tomorrow but today I am much stronger than you. You won’t be able to even touch me. Your goodness makes you weak while I am a devil. Human Blood gives me more strength than you. So tonight… you and me! You will lose! You will lose tonight!’
Siddharth: You are telling right! I have to go from here. I will leave from here tonight.
Hasina: Thank you! (Haseena goes from there. Siddharth thinks, ‘You saw Abhay…what did you do now…Now I have to hurt you! So bloody sad!’ Siddharth dials a call on the mobile and Piya who is in the College Campus picks it up.
Pia: Yes Sir!
Siddharth: Piya, Come here fast! I need some advice regarding Panchi.
Pia: Yes, Of course…I will be there…
Siddharth: Okay (He cuts the call and says in mind, ‘Yeah Pia…I need advice…will she be that yummy like the way she looks’.

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