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26th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 133) Prom Night Party at Mount College

Abhay and T makes an entry at the Prom Night Party
Episode 133 starts with Abhay pressing the calling bell of T's House. T who is wearing a white flowing gown dressed like a Diva in 70's hair and makeup opens the door. T sees Abhay on the door in black attire and tells that what he is wearing does not go with the retro theme.
Abhay: Let's go!
T: Abhay,If you have to go with me at least you have to put some efforts. Look, I am going to be the Prom Queen and arm candy does matter.
Abhay: I am not interested, go! (Abhay turns to go)
T: I mean Abhay...You felt bad! Actually you are looking good. But your theme is like 'the angry young man'. I am looking so in contrast it would look very good, right? So I think it is okay. So let's go Prom King!
Abhay: Let's go...(T holds on his arm and tells him to smile. She then takes a picture of them together)

Scene moves to Misha who is dressed up like Dimple Kapadia in the film Bobby in front of the House. She thinks, I know it...I can feel it...I know I am looking very cool...I don't need to tell Shaurya anything...he would become mad and propose to me' Tracker waves at Misha and walks towards Misha by limping with bandage on one leg. Misha runs to her. Tracker is dressed up similar to Neetu Singh.
Misha: Oh God! You are looking one piece...all set!
Tracker: very funny yaar! Stupid...Even with this bandage I set one man in my life. Moreover I do not like immature college boys. I need a man! Man... (claps)
Misha: Great!That is very good news. Because I use to feel that you need a lot of men.
Tracker: For now it's enough! And moreover I don't like guys like Angad.He is so immature! I like level headed matured guy who likes my cuteness and hotness!
Tracker tells Misha that if she did not have to go as a date with a Guy on Prom Night she would have gone with Misha. Misha plays along and begs Tracker to take her along with her. Shankar and Shaurya comes out of the House and walks towards the girls. Tracker greets them and ask Shaurya if he is going for boy's night out. Misha walks to Shaurya and puts her hand around Shaurya's shoulders and tells Tracker that she also has a man as date. Tracker is angry that Misha fooled her. Shaurya tells them that they should go and Tracker grabs Shankar. Shaurya looks at Tracker who is clinging on to Shankar and gets angry and jealous.Misha makes fun of Shankar telling that she feels pity on Tracker that she is going for a special event like Prom Night with someone boring as Shankar. Tracker then calls Shaurya and Misha near by and they take a Picture together on Tracker's mobile phone.

Scene moves to Piya coming out of the Hostel dressed up like the yesteryear actress Mumtaz and wearing 1970 style makeup and accessories. Kabir is waiting for her near his car wearing Elvis Presley style costume. Kabir opens the car door for Piya.
Kabir: Welcome Madam, Your humble servant is at your service...
Pia: Elvis Presley! Very funny Kabir...You are embarrassing me!
Kabir: not at all Piya...You are my Princess! You know I am the luckiest man this night. After all you are going with me...I am honored Pia...
Pia: Enough Kabir! Don't flatter me this head will blast and then your Princess would look like a pumpkin! (Both Laughs)
Kabir: You are very cute! I don't think that you know that.And you know Piya...Your cuteness is your biggest appeal.
Piya: And your appeal is that you are a very big charmer! (Pia goes and sits in the car. Kabir closes the door for her. He thinks, 'I hope this is not a dream Pia! I hope that you are not going with me to make Abhay jealous. I hope this dream does not break the next day morning. (Piya smiles at him) I hope Pia...I hope' Kabir gets into the driver's seat. He then takes his mobile and click a picture of them together)

Scene moves to the Prom Night Party Venue. Kabir and Pia make an entry together first followed by Shaurya and Misha, Shankar and Tracker and Angad and T's friend. Angad is dressed up like Rajesh Khanna. Principal gives a speech to the students and tell them that Prom Night is a very important night for the College and it is going to be a memorable night to remember. The students are all seated in chairs. Kabir and Angad are near the bar counter. Angad tells Kabir that he needs drink for courage. Shaurya eyes at Shankar from one corner of the room while Shankar looks at Misha is is with Piya. Misha looks at Shaurya who is standing with a drink in hand.Piya and Misha are talking when Abhay makes an entry to the party venue with T clinging on to him. Piya and Misha sees them. T sends a flying kiss to the room while Abhay keeps a hand on T's waist. Abhay thinks, 'I am so near you Pia...yet so far from you. But what will I do. I am helpless! I need to stay away from you. This time there is a big game going on and I need to play my part. It is my duty. I need to bear the pain of staying away from you'.Abhay and T walks down the stairs. t tells Abhay that she can feel the crown on her head. She then starts telling bad about other girls. She tells that Pia is wearing some servants clothes and Tracker does not even know the f of fashion.

Scene moves to Angad with T's friend. The girl asks Angad for a drink and he follows her. Tracker stops Angad and makes fun of his date. Ruhi tells Angad that the girl is wearing a hand kerchief or hairband as her skirt and goes from there. Angad thinks that it does not matter to him what the other girl is wearing and that only Ruhi matters to him and that he loves her a lot. Ruhi goes to Shankar and clings to him. Angad is sad to see them together. He goes to Kabir and drinks his drink. He asks Kabir to make another drink for him. Angad looks at Ruhi clinging to Shankar and flirting to him. Shaurya also looks at Ruhi and gets annoyed. Shankar moves away from Ruhi and go from there. Shaurya is happy seeing that. Shankar comes near where Kabir and Angad were sitting and watches Misha from there. Angad also goes and stands next to him watching Tracker.
Shankar: Heart problem?
Angad: Yeah...yours?
Shankar: Same problem! (Kabir finishes his drink and tells to them, 'Let's go Guys'and they go from there. Misha who was standing and talking to Shaurya turns to a girl who offered her a drink. Misha refuses the drink and turns back to find that Shaurya has vanished from there. The lights go off and Pia comes and stands near Misha. The lights come and the Guys perform to the song 'Om Shanthi Om'.Everyone cheer and clap for the guys. When the performance ends T comes to the stage and makes fun of the Guys and tell that they would get some consolation prize definitely. T tells the students that T and her team would show what it is like to be a star. T and her friends get into the dance floor ans starts dancing to the tune of Sheela ki Jawani and suddenly the music changes as Misha plays a prank. An old time funny song plays forcing T and Party to change their steps. Angad and Kabir joins the girls in the dance floor and T's performance gets messed up. Misha calls T and tell her, 'You were right! Boys would get consolation prize but you will get all our consolation'. T gets angry and all the students laugh.

Scene moves to the full moon. Siddharth tells, 'Today is full moon night and there is darkness behind the shadow. Tonight will see the monster in me. The 3 bites of death! Continuously for 3 full moon nights I will bite you, but won't kill you.! I will make you a living dead just like me! 3 Moon...3 Nights...3 Bites...and you will become a Vampire like me. Piya, I can feel your breathe. I am coming to stop it. I will turn you Piya...'

Precap: Abhay watches Pia and Kabir dancing together. Pia looks at Abhay too. Siddharth comes to the venue. Sid comes down the stairs and looks at Abhay who is sitting on a chair.

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