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9th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 118) Abhay Raichand joins Siddharth Mehra’s Office as Panchi Dobriyal’s Assistant

Episode 118 starts with the Police Inspector Kishore entering a Jewelry Shop and asking who the Manager of the Shop is. The Inspector shows the Bracelet and asks if the bracelet belongs to the Shop. The Manager tells him this type of workmanship is only available in that particular shop. The inspector then asks details of the buyer and the Manager checks his records and informs that the Bracelet belongs to Abhay Raichand.

Scene moves to Mount College campus. Abhay is looking for Pia. He asks a Guy if he has seen Piya. As he is walking he overhears Miss Shenaya talking over the phone to someone about him and Piya. Shenaya tells over the phone, ‘I know that Piya and Abhay are together….Yeah Sure! I will keep an eye on Abhay…Of course…Not a problem!’ Shenaya cuts the phone and goes away from there. Abhay thinks, ‘So you are with Siddharth. You are the one who told him about my relationship with Piya. That is why you were trying to get close with me! Shenaya, I need to make sure what your goal is’.

Scene moves to the Police Station where Inspector Kishore reports to his higher Official about the Bracelet. The Officer tells the Inspector that Abhay Raichand belongs to a respectful family and why he would do such a thing. The Inspector tells him that there was a case against Abhay in the Police Station and he had created a lot of problems. The Official tells him that Abhay was proved not guilty in that case. He adds that before taking any action everything has to be verified properly and then only they should go forward otherwise Abhay is very influential and could put them in problem instead. The Officer tells the Inspector to appoint some people to keep an eye on Abhay.

Scene moves to Shenaya at the Locker Room. Abhay enters the room and flirts with her. Abhay tells her that from the day she has come to the College he was unable to concentrate but he tried to kept away from her because he was dating Piya who reminded him of his ex. He adds that Piya is not his types and he needs someone like Shenaya. Shenaya is flattered. Abhay thinks, ‘Let’s see Shenaya where you would pass this information’.

Scene moves to Shaurya driving the car with Shankar by his side. Shankar tells him the place they are going to see is near the college and perfect for them. Shaurya thinks, ‘With you any place would be perfect Shankar’.

Scene moves to the land lady showing the House to Shankar and Shaurya. Shankar and Shaurya compliments on the house. Shankar tells the land lady that they like the house and are ready to pay the deposit. When the land lady hears that two guys are going to stay together she mistakes them as Gays and refuses to give them the house. Shankar and Shaurya are disappointed.

Scene moves to Shenaya walking into the forest and waiting for someone. Abhay keeps a watch on her to find out whom she is working for. Abhay sees Siddharth coming towards Shenaya. Shenaya informs Sid that she thinks that she has succeeded in attracting Abhay towards her. Siddharth tells her that it is not so and Abhay was trying to misguide her because he already understood her game. Siddharth then senses Abhay and tells Shenaya that he would not be surprised if Abhay is eavesdropping.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Chand Raichand is sitting with a drink in hand. He senses someone keeping an eye on the house. He notices a car outside the house with a police guy on disguise. Chand thinks that it is Siddharth who is creating problems for them. With incidents happening in the jungle and police alert and Siddharth making it difficult Chand wonders how they would manage to survive among human beings.

Scene moves to next day at Siddharth’s Office. Siddharth enters the Offices and wishes Panchi Good morning. She greets him back. Siddharth then notices Abhay sitting at the Office with his back on him. Siddharth asks Panchi to come to his cabin. When Panchi goes to the Cabin he asks her who the new guy is. Panchi tells him that since she has a lot of work with the new project she hired an assistant. Siddharth congratulates her for thinking ahead.
Scene moves to T coming and sitting on a Sofa near Abhay and correcting her makeup. She tells if that if he needs anything he can ask her. T is happy and thinks that Abhay would distract Piya from Siddharth. Panchi sees T and tells her, ‘T, will you stop staring at the mirror? Get back to work! Send the mails which were given to you. Move it!’ T thinks in mind, ‘be careful Panchi Dobriyal, I am the to-be Boss of this Office’.

Scene moves to Mount College where Shaurya is sitting on a wall and looking at a newspaper. Misha sees him and goes and sits near him. Misha asks Shaurya why he is upset. Shaurya tells her that he had a fight with his Dad and is now homeless. He tells her that he and Shankar had seen a house that was perfect but the land lady was not willing to give accommodation for 2 guys. Misha thinks that if she could solve the problem for Shaurya he would feel that she cares for him. She tells Shaurya that she would help solve the problem.

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office where Abhay is sitting silently and working on his laptop. Piya comes and sits next to him steals glances at him but Abhay does not look at her at first. He then looks at her and Piya looks at him too. Pia has a mind talk with Abhay, ‘What are you doing here Abhay? What danger are you protecting me from? What is happening with me about which you do not want to tell me?’ Abhay answers her mind talk, ‘I can keep an eye on you by being here. Piya, you do not know what trouble my past has put you through. It is my fate that Siddharth is my Brother. But being with you I will be able to protect you from him. I have to do this’ Siddharth notices Pia and Abhay’s eye lock through his window. He tells to himself, ‘Oh! Young love… seeing this innocence the devil in me is waking up. You guys are making this so much fun for me. I think the time has come to end this loving and disgusting friendship. I think it is time to call out big guns’ Siddharth picks up the phone and calls the Police station.

Precap: Pia and Siddharth are dancing. Abhay comes there and pushes Piya to the ground.

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