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2nd March 2011 Written Update (Episode 112) Abhay protects Piya from his Vampire Brother Siddharth Mehra

Episode 112 starts with T's friend at Tanushree’s House. T comes to the room wearing a short Animal Print Dress and goes and stands in front of the mirror admiring herself.
T: Hey what you think of this dress for tonight?
T’s friend: This is your 23rd dress change!
T: Of course I know, T has to look perfect, right? Because Universe has send Siddharth for T. Or maybe because of that I don’t have a boyfriend. And that’s why may be I ditched that Kabir and I ditched Abhay and I that stupid Shankar…such a loser boy yaar.
T’s friend:Shankar? The one whom you dated for 2 minutes.
T: Yeah, So? I don’t have even 2 minute sto waste. I mean Universe is using all the powers to put Siddharth in my life, so T has to stay single, right?
T’s friend: Yeah Babes, But Siddharth? Isn't he a little old?
T: Shut up! Don’t say stupid things. He is just so Perfect! I mean did you not see in college how all bimbos were lusting on him? And Panchi…Panchi was behaving as if he is her personal property.
T’s Friend: Seriously! How angry Panchi was, isn’t it?
T: Let her be, I only want to increase Siddharth’s heartbeats! Tomorrow when I go to the office wearing this dress, Siddharth would not see anything other than me. And Panchi…stupid! She won’t have any such outfit in her wardrobe… not even half.
T’s friend: Yeah, Babes…But the half of this would be a handkerchief.
T: So, don’t you think T is the best to show off her legs? Right?
T’s friend: Yeah, right! (T poses in front of the mirror and says, ‘How dare you? You don’t have any right to look so sexy’)

Scene moves to Abhay and Piya at the Jungle. Piya is sleeping with her head on Abhay’s lap. Abhay lifts her left hand and heals the bruises by touching his hand over it. He then lifts her right hand and does the same thing. He then touches her hair and Pia opens her eyes and looks at him. Abhay remembers getting into the Hostel room by coming through the window and lifting a sleeping Pia from her bed. Abhay is reluctant meeting her eyes and turns his face. He does not want her to see the worry and uneasiness written all over his face. Pia thinks, ‘Abhay, Once again you and I are together…here! Why Abhay? Why can’t I stay away from you? Why how much ever distant we try to stay away from each other we get pulled more nearer to each other? Here with you…coming into your arms…why I forget everything else? After coming into your arms I don’t need anything else in this world Abhay!’
Pia: (still with her head on Abhay’s lap) Abhay, What am I doing here? You mistaken me for some other girl and bought me here? Or did you make a mistake again? Or do you want to insult me again? (Abhay does not answer. Piya lifts her head from Abhay’s lap and sit’s upright) Why did you bring me here Abhay? What are you hiding from me? You need to tell me! (Abhay thinks, ‘What do I say to you Piya? I don’t have a straight answer to your question. This is such a terrible story that may be you won’t even believe in it’ Pia looks at him and thinks, ‘Abhay, I am talking to you. Why can’t you just answer? You are playing with me Abhay? In one minute you call me closer and the next minute you break my heart? Why are you doing this to me?’ Abhay answers her question in his mind, ‘because…because I love you! I am not giving this punishment to you Pia. I am also suffering from it’. Seeing Abhay silent and withdrawn, Piya get up and walks from there.
Abhay: Pia, Stop! Not now! We need to stay here for some more time. (Pia turns back and comes and sits near Abhay. She holds his arm with both her hands and tells, ‘Abhay! Abhay what happened? You are scaring me Abhay’ Abhay holds her hand with his but does not look at her. He has a gloomy expression plastered on his face.)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House, Siddharth and Panchi. Siddharth admires the house.
Siddharth: Hmm…Nice place! Your Mom’s taste is quite good! (Panchi laughs)What happened to you?
Panchi: Sir, you are too much! Well, thank you for the compliment. Please sit Sir! (Siddharth sits on the Sofa. Misha enters the room) Shall I get you something?
Misha: Hey…hey…hey…what is happening? Pia vanished again? Now where has she gone? Please don’t tell me that she went to the jungle alone! (Siddharth looks)
Panchi: Have some patience! Dad has gone to see, wait!
Misha: Wait! You know that I don’t have much patience… (Misha notices Siddharth sitting on the sofa. Siddharth looks at her too. Misha points finger at him) who is this? (Siddharth gets up and stands there facing Misha)
Panchi: Just shut up! Don’t be so rude! (Panchi introduces them) Anyways Sir, This is my bratty sister Misha. (Siddharth smiles) Misha, Mish…This is my Boss Siddharth. Sir, don’t mind. Her social sense is a little damaged.
Misha: woo…Siddharth! (Extends her hand to shake hands) what’s up? (Siddharth shakes hand with her and says, ’Misha!’ Misha tells Panchi, ‘Birdie now I understand why you are so concerned about your weight these days…’ Siddharth smiles.
Panchi: What rubbish! Don’t cook up stories, okay?
Misha: Siddharth…Siddharth…Quiz time. Question…Which is world’s fattest Bird?
Siddharth: (thinks)
Misha: What are you thinking this much? It is damn easy. (Points finder to Panchi) Panchi!
Panchi: Shut up yaar! (Siddharth laughs and Misha- Panchi joins)
Siddharth: We are going to get along just fine!
Panchi: Go and call Piya…
Misha: Why? You want to be alone with your Boss? (Siddharth smiles)
Panchi: Yeah! You have a problem?
Misha: No! (Looks at Siddharth) Bye Siddharth! Nice meeting you. (to Panchi)bye Panchi…(shouts)Bye Panchi…
Panchi: Don’t mind! My sister has no mind. Please sit Sir! (Siddharth sits on the Sofa again and Panchi sits too)

Scene moves to Raichand mansion, Chand and Hasina. Hasina is sitting on a chair by the fire side and Chand stands near her.
Chand: Did you go to meet Siddharth?
Haseena: No!
Chand: (sitting on the arm of the vacant chair) Liar! What is wrong with you? You went to meet him whom enjoys being against us? Why?
Hasina: I am his Mother!
Chand: Mama mia! (Laughs)We are not humans. You know that! Why are you getting entangled in human emotions? Don’t you remember us telling Abhay that human emotions make us weak? Stay out of it! Now when Siddharth has come here Abhay has realized it and distanced himself from that girl. Because he knows that if we have to face danger, we have to do it together. We have to be together…and you know that! That is why…I love you… (Chand gets up and stands behind where Hasina is sitting)
Scene moves to Jungle. Abhay and Piya are sitting together, stealing glances at each other yet turning the face when the other person looks. Abhay looks at Pia and thinks, ‘What do I do Piya… Should I tell you about the coming danger? But…how will you face this truth? I don’t want you to do anything that would make you even weaker. You are a weak and innocent human!’ Pia looks at him and Abhay turns his face. When she turns her face, Abhay looks at her again and thinks, ‘How will you face that dangerous creature? After ages…after ages I have to face it again. But after ages today I am not ready to accept defeat’ Piya looks at him and this time Abhay does not turn his face. He looks at her and Piya goes into a dreamy look. Abhay keeps his hand on her hair and both moves their faces closer for a lip to lip kiss. Abhay suddenly smells something and withdraws from her.

Scene moves to Siddharth in the jungle walking. He then stops, closes his eyes and extent his hands on either side leaning backwards. He moves his finds and then stands upright opening his eyes. He says in mind, ‘Run Baby run! Run baby Brother! I know that you have hidden her!But you know what? I can smell her. Run Abhay! Because I am already around! Here I come! I know she is somewhere around here. Her human smell is calling me! (He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He opens his eyes) I can smell her! I can smell her blood’ Siddharth runs.

Scene moves to Piya and Abhay. Abhay is worried and looking around. He removes a talisman from his neck and taking her hand on his puts it to Piya’s hand.
Abhay: Piya, take this! Wear it! It would protect you!
Piya: From what Abhay?
Abhay: Piya I told you to wear it! (She wears it) Abhay, you…You are scaring me!
Piya: From what Abhay?
Abhay: Piya,(Keep his hands on her shoulders) I told you that we have to face a danger? (Pia nods) It is that danger! It is coming towards us fast. This will protect you from that danger. Never remove this! Please…never remove this... (Piya nods) Now go…Go to Hostel…
Piya: And you…
Abhay: Piya go…I said go… (Piya runs off from there as Abhay stands there watching)

Scene moves to Siddharth running. He stops near a tree and looks around. He thinks, ‘Where is she? What’s happening? What did you do Abhay? How did you distance her? Why am I not able to feel her? Where is she?’ Siddharth tries to smell and then runs coming face to face with Abhay.
Siddharth: Boo! Hello little Brother!
Abhay: Just go away!
Siddharth: You know…I am dying to know…you know what I mean. What are you hiding Abhay? (Looks around) What is this thing that you are trying to keep away from me this much?
Abhay: Nothing!
Siddharth: (Turns around and sing) Telling lies… (Faces Abhay again) Come on little Brother… Telling lies was never in your talent. It is my specialty. But you are in love? What is this thing that awoke the human in you? This Piya Jaiswal…
Abhay: You are mistaken Siddharth! I have not forgotten what happened 200 years ago. I will never do the foolishness of loving a human. And Piya… No Siddharth! Pia is not the sort that I would want to turn and look around even once. She is so boring! And…she is just a college going girl! She is…she is a good for nothing!
Siddharth: Really?
Abhay: Yeah! She only studies in college with me. And you know how we have to stay in between humans and among them, Hmm?
Siddharth: (Nods) I know! But that doesn’t mean that we can have some fun!
Abhay: (smiles) you and I are different! And that was proven 200 years ago…We were Brothers. But that Brother is dead! We should forget each other! (A painful expression crosses Siddharth's face for a moment. The Brothers stare at each other)
Siddharth: Gladly…little Brother! Anyways, I don’t have time for you. So you can just shoo away! We will meet after a Century! (Siddharth turns and walks off. Abhay also walks in the opposite direction to his Brother. Abhay thinks, ‘I have asked for some day’s time…You are safe for some days Pia’ Siddharth stops by a tree and think, ‘I am your Big brother in relationship Abhay! You cannot fool me that easily. Who are you Piya? Why is Abhay protecting you this much? What are you that my Brother learned telling lies from me for you?’ Scene ends.

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