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12th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 121) Police arrests Abhay Raichand for the murder of 2 Girls in the Forest

Episode 121 starts with someone watching a distressed Abhay standing in front of Maithali’s grave by standing behind a tree. Abhay senses the presence and turns behind. The person who was behing the tree was Chand Raichand and he comes out from there and stands in front of Abhay. Chand looks at Maithili’s grave.
Chand: Ages have passed. When will this end?
Abhay: This is endless!
Chand: Because of the enmity of you 2 Brothers we are going to land into big trouble. Siddharth is going to make a big move. There are some police people outside our house looking for something. And if I know Siddharth, he is planning a big conspiracy.
Abhay: What type of plan?
Chand: That is what we need to find out. You know Siddharth! He likes to play this never ending complicated games. This time our prestige, name and respect…all is at stake! We have to be very careful. Anything can happen anytime.

Scene moves to Siddharth on his car. Shanaya comes and stops her car and comes to Siddharth. Siddharth gets up and stands in front of Shenaya.
Shenaya: I have trapped Abhay in such a manner that it would become impossible for him to get out of the situation. Full marks to me! I have played my part very nicely. In fact it looked like the Police only wanted the confirmation of Abhay’s name and they believed me! They did not even once get surprised that I am putting the blame on a student. (Siddharth thinks, ‘Because I played my part too’ He remembers planting Abhay’s pen at the murder spot. He thinks, ‘Oh Abhay! Now it is only a matter of few hours. A warrant on your name has already issued and anytime you would have been out of my way. And I will make my move!’ )
Siddharth: Very well done Shenaya.(Siddharth gently keeps his hands on Shenaya’s shoulders) Looks like there is hope for us after all!

Scene moves to the Police Station
Inspector: How many more proofs do we need Sir? First this bracelet, then the statement of the Teacher and now this pen! Sir, we should have arrested him long back…maybe we would have saved that girl from death.
Officer: Yes! You are right Kishore! Now we should not wait for long. Arrest him…arrest Mr Abhay Raichand.
Inspector: Okay Sir!

Scene moves to Piya coming out of the Girl’s Hostel Gate. She thinks, ‘Matron told me that my Aunt has come. But I do not have an Aunty. So who is this lady?’ Pia looks at the lady who smiles at her and signals with eyes to come closer’.
Pia: Aunty… you?
Lady: Namaste child! How are you? (Pia looks around)
Pia: But Aunty you…
Lady: You don’t remember child? I am your Mother’s friend who used to come to your house…You have forgotten your Aunty? You know what? I got the news that you are in this city. So I thought I would come and meet you. It’s a long time since I have not met my daughter Piya.
Piya; But Auntie…I don’t remember anything. (Pia then notices Kabir’s Car and recognizes Kabir in Lady’s attire) Kabir! (The security person watches shocked as Kabir removes his wig, accessories and clothes one by one. Kabir and Piya gets into the car and speeds away from there)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. And Misha comes in saying ‘Hi Papa’ and then goes inside saying ‘Bye Papa’. Arnab asks Madhu that she had gone in Sari and now how come she is coming back in these clothes. Madhu sits at the arm of Arnab’s chair telling that she is feeling giddy. Arnab tells her that he is not a fashion pandit but it is weird wearing tikka with T-Shirt and shorts. He asks Madhu if she understood anything. Madhu tells him that she does not understand anything. Arnab tells her that ‘you would not understand anything either… don’t ask questions, remember morning…’ He gets back to working.

Scene moves to Shankar coming out of the shower. He is wearing jeans and wipes his bare upper body and head with a yellow towel and Shaurya watches him spellbound with ‘I am in love’ playing in the background. Shankar goes to the music system and tells Shaurya, ‘What Shaurya you have put these girl type songs… change it’ He stops the song.
Shankar: You know…the Shower has 3 settings…Outside the bedroom window there is a beautiful garden…Kitchen is fully equipped…Really friend, If Misha would not have been there we would not have got this beautiful house. And I am so grateful to her! (Shaurya thinks, ‘Yeah, you are right! Today because of Misha we are together. If Misha would not have been there…you would not have been here and if you would not have been in this house maybe I would not have been here! Shaurya imagines Shankar coming in opening the door with a smile and telling him ‘Hey Shaurya Darling…I have come!’ Shaurya is snapped out of his thoughts by Shankar who sees a picture of them together in the photo frame.
Shankar: What are you thinking? What is this? Have you gone mad? What is your Photo doing with mine here? Why have you framed this photo? (He throws the photo frame to bed) Remove this! (Shaurya is heart broken and hugs the photo to his chest)
Shaurya: Don’t do that friend! It is good… and we are roomies! (Shankar throws the towel to the bed) And is this a wet towel? Can you not get it dried by putting it on the window? Anyways, not a matter! I will get it dried (Picks up the towel from bed)
Shankar: What is this that you are behaving like a Wife? (Shaurya smiles) Leave it!
Shaurya: mad!
Scene moves to Shankar on the cot reading some magazine. Shaurya comes and lies down next to him. He puts the TV on and a romantic song plays (the heart is asking…will you love me?). Shaurya thinks, ‘Our love story will also be like this Shankar! I am damn sure about it. Soon you will also look at me with love filled eyes like they are looking’
Shankar: What is this you are watching? Close this nonsense! (Takes the remote and offs the TV and goes back to his reading)

Scene moves to Kabir and Piya in the Car. Piya looks at the side and tells Kabir to stop the car. When Kabir stops the car Pia gets out and walks. Kabir tries to stop her and they see Abhay there fighting with someone.
Piya: Abhay! What is he doing here? (They then notice Shenaya) Shenaya Mam?
Kabir: I had told to Piya that there is something between Abhay and Shenaya…just look at it! Just look at the way they are fighting (They see Abhay holding Shenaya’s wrist and Shenaya trying to get out of his grip)
Abhay: I know that you work for Siddharth, Is it not? Tell me…
Shenaya: You don’t know anything. By pester me asking these baseless questions.
Abhay: I know that! What is Siddharth’s next move? Tell me…
Shenaya: I don’t know!
Abhay: (shouts) tell me!
Piya: Abhay! (Pia walks towards them. Kabir tries to stop her telling, ‘Piya, Forget it… It is their personal matter. Just leave it. Pia…’ Piya does not stop.
Abhay: Piya…what are you doing here?
Pia: The question is what you are doing here. What the hell is wrong with you Abhay? (Shenaya walks from there towards Piya) Mam, you please go with Kabir… He will drop you home.
Shenaya: Thanks!
Kabir: I will wait for you Piya, come fast! (Kabir and Shenaya walks to the Car and Abhay also walk into the forest)
Piya: Abhay…Abhay! What were you doing? What happened to you?
Abhay: Pia I was only…
Pia: I know what you are and how you are…but that does not mean that you lose your control. What is with this violence Abhay? And what happened that these days that you are behaving like this? And a teacher…What is it with that teacher Abhay? And Siddharth… what have you been up to and what are you doing?
Abhay: Pia, I told you…stay away from me! I am not like you.
Piya: I am sorry Abhay that I forgot that you do not wish that I interfere. I am sorry…I forgot… (She walks away leaving a distressed Abhay and he whispers ‘Pia’)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House, Misha’s room. Misha is putting a Sari and sandals into the shopping bag. She says, ‘I am stealing Sari…don’t know till when then Drama will go on’. She then sits on her bed putting her shoes. Arnab comes in and greets her. He asks her if she is going for jogging. Misha tells him ‘yes’ and Arnab tells her that he would also go with her as he need exercise to reduce his tummy. Misha tries to avoid him telling that he is fit but Arnab does not listen to her and goes to wear a shoe for jogging.
Misha and Arnab are jogging. Misha thinks that his jogging is not for her and that she would faint. Then she thinks of a plan and challenges Arnab telling, ‘you know what Papa…You have become old…You can’t do anything. I mean you can’t raise me… I will beat you any day’ Arnab accepts the challenge and runs and Misha stands there thinking, ‘Thank God my Papa is the winner type…competitive! Now…time for the Sari, come on!’

Scene moves to Shankar and Shaurya’s house. A devotional song is playing on the music system. Shankar is worried and praying that Misha comes fast before the land lady aunty comes. Misha then comes inside the room through the window. Misha makes fun of the situation by telling, ‘Dear I have come …you wife.’
Shankar: Thank God you have come!
Misha: Please okay! Don’t show your happiness seeing me…full on drama!
Shankar: No Misha…I tell you…from morning I am tortured. I told that aunty that my wife is doing Puja …sometime north Indian god…sometime south Indian God. Please stop it and go say good morning to her.
Misha: Okay, Husband God! (She offs the music and goes to the door and opens it. The land lady comes in with tea)
Landlady: Hat’s off to you! Otherwise at this time who does 1 hour prayer?
Misha: It is just that Aunty that there are 2 Gods…one mine and one his (Shankar lovingly places his hands on Misha’s shoulders)…so it takes time.
Landlady: Wow! Who says that inter-caste marriages do not work? You both are a perfect couple… otherwise see today’s girls who wear shorts with marriage attire. (Misha shows surprise)
Shankar: She is this simple…anyone would fall in love with her simplicity…innocent…cute…
Landlady: Son, I am so happy that you two stay at my house. Tomorrow I am going for a Puja…there would be devotional prayers and songs all day…So you will go with me, okay? (Misha agrees and the land lady go from there. Misha is angry)
Misha: You listen to me you loser! Puja my dead body would go. So you keep your widower clothes ready (She mutters and goes from there and Shankar says, ‘I love her!’ He smiles)

Scene moves to Inspector and constables in front of Abhay’s house.
Inspector: Mr Raichand…we have an arrest warrant against Abhay Raichand.
Haseena: What rubbish! Who are you to come here like this and on what basis have you come to arrest my son?
Chand: Relax Hasina! He is doing his job! He has got the warrant. Let me see what I can do (Takes his cell phone)
Inspector: Mr Raichand…whatever you want to do… Do it later…This time we have to take Abhay with us.
Chand: Alright!
Inspector: Thank you (He gets inside the house followed by constables. Abhay comes down the stairs to the room) Mr Abhay Raichand! You are under arrest! You have to come with us!
Abhay: May I know what I have done?
Inspector: You are charged for the murder of 2 girls and we have proof.
Chand: Excuse me! Abhay have not done any murder. I am sure you are mistaken.
Inspector: Sir, I have the warrant papers…If you wish you can look at it…
Chand: (Signals ‘no need’ to the inspector) don’t worry Abhay! I will take care of it.
Inspector: Let’s go! (Abhay goes with the Police)
Chand: I told you not to meet him. You didn’t listen to me. See how much problems Siddharth is creating for us. Alright Siddharth! You want me in the game…I am in the game!

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