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22nd March 2011 Written Update (Episode 129) Arnab is shocked to hear that Misha is Married and now Pregnant with child

Abhay warns Piya against Siddharth
Episode 129 starts with Siddharth telling Chand that the ring shall be his. Siddharth then vanishes leaving Chand and Abhay.
Chand: Abhay, Let’s go from here.
Abhay: Dad, I have to leave her home (Chand looks at T lying on the ground unconscious)
Chand: She is none of your business.
Abhay: No Dad, If I leave her here Siddharth would come back and kill her.
Chand: That is your problem, you don’t listen! (Chand goes from there and Abhay picks up T from the ground. T thinks, ‘Oh my God! Abhay kidnapped me…So much drama…why didn’t he tell earlier that he likes me and cannot see me with Siddharth? This guys also I tell you …they have a complex…’
T: Abhay, Where are you taking me?
Abhay: I am leaving you home. After today never come in this forest alone.
T: But…Where is Sid? I was with him…
Abhay: Sid ran off. After today never come to the jungle with him.
T: But…
Abhay: Just shut up!

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Misha comes down the stairs wearing her usual clothes and bag on shoulder. Arnab is sitting on the sofa in the hall with newspaper and drinking tea. He thinks, ‘Let me see now Misha what you are up to’. Misha goes near Arnab and hugs him. She tells him that she is going to College. Arnab tells her that why she should go alone when he is also going that way and could drop her. Misha tells him that she is not going alone and that Pia is coming and that they would go together.
Arnab: Pia? Whose Hostel is so close to the college and she is coming here to go back to college with you?
Misha: Right! Actually she has some work here so… Pappa,It is complicated…you won’t understand! Don’t worry about it. Bye! (Misha hugs Arnab and leaves. Arnab thinks, ‘I understand everything. You are telling me lies? Now I am going to find what you are doing and where you are going’

Scene moves to T and her friends in the washroom gossiping. T tells them that she rejected Siddharth’s proposal and he kidnapped her and took her for a moonlight walk in the jungle. She tells them that Abhay turned up there telling that he would do anything for T’s love and fought with Siddharth. T tells them that Abhay won the fight and that she has decided to go back to Abhay.

Scene moves to Chand and Haseena. Haseena inquires about what happened the previous night. Chand tells Hasina that Abhay and Siddharth are safe. He adds that Siddharth has seen the ring and has also told the reason behind coming to Dehradun. Chand tells her, ‘So from now on…we are at War and you have to decide whose side you are on’.

Scene moves to Siddharth's Office. Panchi is at her desk and lost in the thoughts of Siddharth. Panchi thinks, ‘Panchi and Siddharth… Panchi weds Siddharth… Mrs Panchi Siddharth Mehra… So cute!’ Siddharth opens the door and enters to the room. He goes to Panchi and leans to her chair.
Siddharth: hello beautiful!
Panchi: Good morning Sir!
Siddharth: Good morning Panchi! I hope you were thinking about me…otherwise it is a great waste of imagination. My God Panchi, is it you (removes his coat) or the AC here is not working? (He removes his neckband and Panchi sees a lipstick mark on his neck) God! So bloody hot …call maintenance please… (Siddharth goes to his cabin. Panchi thinks, ‘God…on Sid’s neck…stop it Panchi…don’t think like that…it may be anything else…it could be anything…Oh God! I hope Sid is not involved with any girl. Please God!’ T walks into the room calling for Sid.
T: Where is Sid? (Panchi does not respond) Ahh… never mind! (T walks into Sid’s Cabin. Panchi follows her. Sid is sitting on his chair fanning himself with his hands)
T: Sid…Yesterday night where did you vanish? (Siddharth looks at her. Panchi is out hearing the conversation) Whatever Sid…You left me on the middle of the jungle and vanished. You just left? It is understood that you could fight for me…but you lost and ran away…What kind of a man are you? And you did not even think that in the jungle if that killer would have found me… (Siddharth smiles) And…I helpless in the jungle alone…what would I have done…You never thought of all of this?
Siddharth: Look! Calm down T…Nothing happened to you, right? (T leaves from there. Panchi thinks, ‘you saw Panchi…you are such an idiot…how did you even think a flirt and Casanova like Siddharth would change for you in one day? He is just a charmer and wants to put you also in his Sunday-Monday girlfriend’s list. He doesn’t give a damn about you. How can I be such a fool?' Panchi turns and walks away.

Scene moves to Misha driving a White Car and Arnab Dobriyal following her in a black Car. Misha stops the car in front of Hotel Park Inn and goes inside. Arnab stops his Car a little away from Misha’s Car and wonders where she is going. After some time Arnab is confused seeing Misha coming out wearing a Sari. Arnab thinks, ‘Oh God! What has happened to Misha? Wearing Sari? (Misha gets into the Car) She is going home wearing Sari?’ Misha starts driving again and Arnab follows her Car. Misha stops the Car in front of Shankar and Shaurya’s House. She gets out of the Car and walks into the Building. Arnab looks at the building and thinks that something is wrong. Arnab gets out of the Car and walks into the building. The Land lady is at the entrance of the building receiving a courier. She sees Arnab looking and asks him who he is.
Arnab: Sorry! I am Arnab Dobriyal.
Landlady: Tell me, how can I help you?
Arnab: I wanted to ask you something. Just now a girl went inside…
Landlady: Who…Misha? She is a very nice girl. She has done magic on all of us here. The 2 of them only got married recently… (Arnab’s smile vanishes and he is shocked. He hiccups.) Both are very lovely children… What happened? You want water?
Arnab: No, I am okay!
Landlady: And I am telling you these days where we get such children. She is so involved in ‘puja paad’ and ‘bhajan keerthan’… I tell you… God give such a good daughter in law to everyone!
Arnab: Bhajan?
Landlady: She sings Bhajan very well. I go into trance. I am telling that the couple is young but cultured. And God also has blessed this lovely couple (Arnab wipes his forehead) in the house more happiness is about to come… Misha is expecting…
Arnab: What is she expecting?
Landlady: That..which is going to come…
Arnab: (points outside) Someone is going to come?
Landlady: Oh… don’t you understand? Misha is Pregnant with child (Arnab hiccups again) You want water? Hey, someone get water for him … (Arnab turns and walks away)

Scene moves to Siddharth who is sitting in his Cabin. He looks at Panchi from there who looks annoyed. Sid thinks, ‘Careful Sid, Careful! How much ever thirsty you are…in order to reach to that ring you should plan carefully. Temporary forget T, I need to get to Pia though Panchi and through Pia …to that ring. So be careful! You have been searching for that ring for a century and now that ring is so closer… Don’t make Pia your weakness like Mythili, Sid…She has to be your strength. Pia only could help me get near that ring…So for that I need to put a full stop on T and my other activities’ Siddharth calls T on the intercom and asks her to come to his Office. T enters the Cabin and occupies a chair.
Siddharth: Water?
T: I am good! (Siddharth presses a button on Phone)
Siddharth: T, What happened yesterday was a mistake! (Panchi hears the conversation) I took you for a drive so that I could tell you that you and I… it is not going to work (T is annoyed, Panchi is happy) Look T, you are great! It is not you…it’s me! The earlier Siddharth might have been interested in you. But I have changed…love changed me… (Panchi smiles) T, Panchi is very important to me (T gets up) Relax! Alright? I want to change for her. I want to be capable of getting her and maybe one day she would also see something good in me… (Panchi is happy)
T: No… how Gay are you? really! (T walks out of the Cabin. Siddharth says, ‘Oh Panchi…I am in love with you’ He relieves the phone button.

Scene moves to Pia browsing on the Internet by sitting in her Hostel room. She is irritated with the slow connection as she needs to find all information about Siddharth. Suddenly she senses Abhay’s presence and turns to look. She finds Abhay standing in her room. She gets up and go near him.
Pia: Abhay you…
Abhay: What is this you are doing? By going near Siddharth you are putting yourself in danger. Can’t you understand?
Piya: What do I understand Abhay? Or do you ever make me understand anything? Why should I not talk to Siddharth? Because you are telling me? I told you Panchi and Siddharth likes each other. I am only helping them. But you know what Abhay? You won’t understand…because you don’t know the meaning of friendship. You only know to give orders!
Abhay: Yeah! Right…What do you think? Siddharth likes Panchi… No Piya! I know him very well. He is up to something! It is his plan…He is trying to get you through Panchi…He is trying to get closer to you…
Piya: Really? You know him? What do you know about him?
Abhay: A lot…everything!
Piya: You know what Abhay? I don’t understand this half baked stuff. I cannot be like you and hate someone like that. And I will do anything for my friend’s happiness. And Panchi… she is my sister! And if she is happy with Siddharth, I will do everything to bring them together. And if you have a problem with him…I don’t care!
Abhay: Piya, If only I could say that I don’t care…if only I could say that if you get hurt not to come to me…but this time I cannot even say that…Because both of us know that whenever you need… I will be near you…with you… (Abhay goes from there. Pia thinks, ‘Abhay…If only I could tell you that your nearness does not matter to me…but I can’t’ Piya sees Abhay’s wallet on the ground and picks it up. Abhay who had reached outside the Hostel suddenly senses something. Piya opens the wallet and sees Maithili’s photo. Abhay turns and runs towards the Hostel. Piya thinks, ‘Maithili! Abhay, will one day come when there will only be you and me in this love story and no one else…?’ Piya notices that there is a Picture underneath Maithili’s picture and tries to pull it out. Abhay comes and seizes the wallet from her.
Abhay: What were you doing? Why are you touching my personal things? Fine…You only now told that you don’t care…Stay away from me and my life, okay? Get that? (Abhay turns and walk away from there. At the Hostel corridor he opens the wallet and takes the photo underneath Mythili’s photograph which is a picture of him with Siddharth)

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