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21st March 2011 Written Update (Episode 128) The Vampire Brothers Abhay and Siddharth fights in the Jungle

The Family Re-union
Episode 128 starts with Siddharth driving T’s Car and T sitting by his side. T puts her hand around Siddharth and leans on to him saying, ‘Sid…’
Siddharth: T… Hmm T… You smell really good! What are you wearing? (T sits upright and puts her hand on his arm)
T: Sid…This is my own smell…
Siddharth: It’s your own smell? Well, it is intoxicating! (Sid stops the car) You know what T? Your intoxicating smell is getting overwhelming in this closed Car. Come… let’s get outside for a walk.
T: In this jungle?
Siddharth: Yes, in this Jungle (Holds her hand) don’t worry! I know this jungle very well. You can say I was born over here… In this Jungle I know a very romantic place…a secret place…and honestly so far I have not taken anyone there…So, will you go with me?
T: Wow Sid! Really? I am so flattered…Let’s go!
Siddharth: Okay, let’s go! (Both gets down from the Car and walk into the Jungle with T clinging on to Siddharth’s arm. Siddharth caresses her hand)
T: So Sid…You know…t has a lot of experience with boys. And after I met you my search came to a full stop. So you know what I mean, right? (Sid nods no) That Sid you are the man for me…
Siddharth: Well T, You will not regret this…
Scene moves to Abhay driving the Car. Suddenly Abhay senses something and stops the Car. He closes his eyes and concentrates.
Abhay: What are you doing Siddharth? I can smell you… What is happening? What are you going to do? Who are you going to make your prey? (Abhay sees a White image of Siddharth and T together walking with a Car in the background. Abhay starts his Car again)

Scene moves to the Dobriyal House. Misha is standing in front of the mirror wearing Shankar’s clothes and folding the sleeves. Panchi comes near her.
Panchi: Misha, What’s going on? Whose clothes are these?
Misha: Mine…
Panchi; Shut up you liar…I know your whole wardrobe…This is not your clothes. This is some Guy’s clothes and it is not even fit for you…
Misha: As if Okay…I need to wear tight clothes and do ramp walking… I like it…it is so comfortable…
Panchi: Shut up Misha! Tell the truth! This is some Guy’s clothes…
Misha: hahaha…very funny! Misha’s clothes are like that of Guys…that’s what you want to say? It was bought only today…stop bugging me…
Panchi: Misha, tell me the truth! Are you dating someone?
Misha: Come on Birdie! My brain is not like the bimbos! Dating is not for me!
Panchi: Misha, shut up yaar! Tell the truth. You even went away from Dinner…what is going on?
Misha: Why are you making such a big deal of it? I was with Piya!
Panchi: really! You were with Pia?
Misha: Yeah…she called me…
Panchi: That’s why Piya called you to the Hostel and was sitting in the same restaurant with Siddharth? Enough! Have you gone mad? These days so many attacks are happening in the Jungle. Three bodies were discovered. Can you be more responsible? And if you are in some stupid mission…please stop it right now!
Misha: Oh my God! Today’s Lecture is over! See you tomorrow. Till then…Thank you…Goodbye! (Misha go from there)
Panchi: Misha…

Scene moves to T and Siddharth in the Jungle. T walks feeling the breeze.
T: Wow Sid! It’s so cool here…I Love it! Wow! (Siddharth thinks, ‘Okay then…Dinner time!’ He takes a spray out of his pocket and sprays on him) Sid, What are you doing? ( Siddharth goes to her and hugs her from behind)
Siddharth: Well my Tasty T. You are having such an amazing smell that I thought I should touch up.
T: Sid…otherwise too you smell so cool. You don’t have to impress me…Be yourself! (He thinks, ‘but I have to make myself invisible. With this spray I will become invisible for other Vampires. And that time my being invisible is very important. Because of what I am about to do the other Vampires will wake up’.
Siddharth: Come with me… (He takes T further inside the Jungle)

Scene moves to Abhay who passes by T’s car. He stops the Car and gets out. Abhay thinks, ‘This is T’s car. Siddharth…you were here? What are you going to do with T? (Abhay again visualizes the white images of T and Siddharth) Where have you gone Siddharth? Why am I not able to sense you?’ Abhay walks in the jungle concentrating and trying to catch the scent.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. A tensed Arnab stops Panchi who came down the stairs.
Arnab: What did she say?
Panchi: Papa, I don’t want to talk now…
Arnab: One minute…one minute…I need to talk. What’s going on? What’s happened to you two? We go for a family dinner from where Misha vanish saying rest room. And I am talking and then turn to find that you are gone…And then what I find…a sweeping is wearing Misha’s clothes and roaming around…and Misha…don’t know whose clothes she worn…What is this happening?
Panchi: Papa please…will you trust me…I am trying to find out. Give me some time. You know…Misha is so naughty…she might be playing some prank…So please! Chill and trust me… (Panchi walks off from there)
Arnab: The matter is not that of trust but of safety…And this time I will not let you do according to your will…

Scene moves to Raichand House. Chand feels tensed.
Chand: Oh…No!
Haseena: What happened?
Chand: Today something very dramatic is going to happen. Can’t you feel it? Where is Abhay?
Haseena: Abhay is not in the House.
Chand: There is something very bad going to happen between Abhay and Siddharth…And I have to stop it…
Haseena: How? (Chand opens a closet and takes a jewelry box out of it. He then takes the ring and holds it)
Chand: Today I feel the need of this ring very much…
Haseena: But if Siddharth sees the ring on your finger he may attack you…he can attack you…
Chand: But that’s a risk we have to take Haseena… (Chand wears the ring) Don’t worry Haseena…nothing will happen to Abhay…I know to stop Siddharth…

Scene moves to Piya in front of the Computer in her Hostel room. Piya thinks that she need to find all the details about Siddharth like his likes dislikes etc if she needs to do his match making with Panchi. Piya’s mobile rings and Pia picks up the call from Panchi. Panchi wants to know the details of Pia’s meet up with Siddharth. Piya informs Panchi that Siddharth told her that he likes Panchi a lot but want to approach her slowly as Panchi had gone through a bad relationship. Piya tells Panchi that Sid is super sensitive and wants her to give the updates of Panchi’s likes and dislikes.Piya tells Panchi to go with her for window shopping and tell her what she likes so that Siddharth can get it for her as present. Piya tells Panchi that though she got cheated in love she never lost belief in love which is why love has come in search of Panchi. Piya tells that she would get all the happiness she deserves. Panchi thank her and cuts the phone telling that she would meet Piya the next day.

Scene moves to T leaning on a tree and calling for Siddharth.
T: Sid…Sid where are you? I am waiting…Sid…where are you? (Siddharth is leaning against the back of the same tree)
Siddharth: Patience my tasty T! Just feel this moment…You will never get this feeling again… (Siddharth is having blue eyes now and fangs) Just live in the moment (Siddharth senses Abhay and thinks, ‘So you found me… Daddy dearest… a family re union is about to happen’

Scene moves to Abhay running through the jungle.
T: Sid…Where are you? (T walks forward. She slips and hit her against the tree and becomes unconscious. Abhay’s run through the forest and stops in front of Siddharth. Both brothers in their Vampire avatars bare their teeth)
Abhay: Today the judgment will happen! Either you or me… One of us has to end today.
There charge at each other and fight baring their fangs and growling. Then they raise themselves from the ground and fight in the air. They again land on the ground.
Abhay: The war has been going on for a century and this has to come to an end today…with you…
Siddharth: It has to come to an end little brother…but not with me…You are telling me that I am fighting with you in my real form and you…you have put a curtain of goodness on your reality. Today you will learn that nice don’t last. Come on little Brother…I have been waiting for this moment for 100 years…let’s fight!
The Vampire Brothers fight again and Abhay lifts and throws Siddharth on a tree. The tree falls down. Siddharth growls. He inserts his hand on his pockets and takes it out wearing gloves.
Siddharth: Do you know what is the difference between you and me little brother? You are good but I am thoughtful! You forgot that I don’t like to play fair. (Siddharth takes a silver chain out of his shirt pocket and rotates it…) The moment this silver touches you…I don’t need to fight with you…one touch and your living dead body will melt like butter.

Siddharth rotates the chain and signals Abhay to come closer. Abhay closes his eyes for a moment and then turns and charges at Siddharth. The Brothers are so closer to each other and Chand comes in between them suddenly. Abhay and Siddharth growls at each other.
Siddharth: Well, if it isn’t a family reunion…So nice of you to join us Dad…Welcome Daddy dearest. Today one of the lives you gave is going to end…And isn’t it funny? You taught us power is… (Chand shows Siddharth the ring he is wearing… Siddharth looks at the ring with desire in his eyes and thrusting his tongue out like a snake. Chand then moves his hand towards Abhay offering the ring. Siddharth changes into his human form and moves back.
Abhay: No Dad! To fight him I do not need any special power. I can fight with my brother on my own. (Siddharth thinks, ‘I came here to see this ring. Oh…it is all into me…’ He shouts in excitement)
Siddharth: Wow! What did you do Dad? Oh…By showing this ring you have added nitrous to the fire inside me… I am on fire! Now no one can separate that ring from me…The ring shall be mine! (Scene ends)

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