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19th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 127) Land lady Aunty informs Shankar that Misha is Pregnant

Episode 127 starts with Piya making a call to Panchi. Panchi’s mobile rings and she cuts the call. She calls Pia in a hushed tone. Pia is surprised to see Panchi in the Restaurant.
Piya: What are you doing here?
Panchi: I am feeling very guilty.
Piya: What have you done to feel guilty?
Panchi: Shut up! Listen to me carefully. I came here for dinner with Papa and Mish. But I saw you with Siddharth. You were holding hands. SO I thought…
Piya: So you felt that there is something between us.
Panchi: I am so sorry! I don’t know how I doubted you. But it is just that I am in love with him. (Pia holds Panchi’s hands)
Piya: You are in love Panchi?
Panchi: I just don’t know yaar…But you know what? I am very interested. Yeah…he is very special. Don’t know when I think of him I keep on thinking about him…when I see him…I keep on looking at him…
Pia: And when you speak, you keep on speaking, right? Now stop talking and keep thinking. Leave everything to me! I will think of something. You got to do something…something special…
Siddharth overhears the conversation between the girls and he thinks, ‘Pia, If you wish that way…it would be so. You will try to bring me and Panchi closer and for that you have to come to me. You have to spend time with me. That’s all I needed. I need some time with you and you would give that time to me’

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. The door bell rings. Abhay opens the door.
Abhay: What are you doing here?
T: Actually I was getting irritated and I was so upset…and I was passing this way so I thought I would come and see you… I would feel better…and I really need to talk to you.
Abhay: I don’t buy that!
T: Fine…You asked for it! You asked for the truth and I am going to tell you. I really really like Sid you know. And I know that you are my ex and you will feel jealous and all that (Abhay smiles) but that’s how it is. Piya is roaming around Sid and she is pathetic. It is so sad like…I don’t like it… And you know Pia did not get expelled because of Sid’s vote. So if you could control your little girlfriend it would be good for us because there is something going on between my to be boyfriend and your little girlfriend. And we need to stop that!
Abhay: Yeah?
T: Why are you not believing me? They are spending time alone together…dinner and drinks and so romantic…
Abhay: Firstly, I and Piya are not a couple. And secondly, where she goes…who she meets…I really don’t care! Is there anything else you want to say?
T: hmm… no I…
Abhay: Great! Bye…(Abhay closes the door on T’s face)

Scene moves to Misha coming running wearing the cleaning lady’s Sari. Misha sees the landlady talking to some one on phone and coming her way. Misha gets into an open door. Inside the house Shankar and Shaurya are worried.
Shaurya: Where is Misha? I am tensed up… Shankar…what to do? (Just then Misha opens the window and jumps into the room from there)Misha…my hero..(Shaurya lifts her up and then puts her down) You are stinking so badly… what are you wearing?
Misha: Listen! One thing…I arranged in last minute and saved you Guys…so you don’t get stinky…
Shankar: Not at all! Keep quiet! How cute you look… new sari…new style and sneakers…cool!
Misha: You shut up dude! Don’t irritate me! (They hear a knock on the door. The land lady calls out for Misha. Shankar goes and opens the door followed by Misha. The land lady asks Misha what sort of clothes she is wearing. Misha replies that she goes to teach village kids and wear simple Saree so that she does not stand out among the village people. She tells that she feels very good going there but the only problem is the smell in the slums. The land lady is impressed hearing this and tells Shankar that he is a very lucky man. The aunty asks Misha to get ready fast and come down. The land lady goes off and Misha goes inside. Shankar thinks, ‘I know Aunty…that I am very very lucky…’

Scene moves to the ladies devotional group. Misha is sitting along the land lady aunty wearing a blue Sari. The land lady tells the ladies that Misha sings very well and asks her to sing a Bhajan. Misha coughs and then starts singing and then coughs in between. One of the ladies remark that by hearing the song even demon would not come down. Misha tells her that she is having a sore throat and she had some pickle the previous day. The lady asks if she is newly married and Misha nods. The lady tells her that then it is their turn to get her raw mango pickle. Misha tells her to send pickle as she loves it. The land lady hugs Misha and tells her that it is a very happy day. Misha wonders what happened to the old ladies and why they are after her.

Scene moves to Siddharth dropping Piya in front of the Mount College girls Hostel. He gets out of the driver’s seat and comes and opens the door for Piya. Piya gets out and is about to go after saying, ‘Thank you so much! Good night’ but Siddharth stops her.
Siddharth: Piya, I want to talk to you something. What I told about Panchi…I did’nt mean…
Piya: What? You don’t like Panchi?
Siddharth: No, no…It is nothing like that…I like her… It is just that I have kept the matter hidden because I want to spend more time with her. I came to know from her that she went through a very bad time…You know that bad relationship with that Raddish… I don’t want her problems of the past to affect the future…She needs time…To forget and move ahead she needs time…and I want to give her that time… Piya…if Panchi is really in the lines in my hand then (Pia smiles) I need to be careful! Pia… you know that people call me a flirt and Casanova…which is why I need to be extra careful… Panchi…Panchi is different from everyone…so I need your help! I need your help to understand her better…
Piya: Of course! Of course I will help you…
Siddharth: Great! I knew that I could depend on you. Okay…so this is what we are going to do…you will tell me all information about her…for example if she likes a dress in the market you would come and tell me and the same day I will buy her that dress as a surprise. I will become super nice and super sensitive in her eyes…and for that I need your help. So Teammates…? (Siddharth extends his hand for shake hand and Pia shakes hand with him)
Piya: Teammates! Don’t worry Sid I am going to help you…
Siddharth: Thank you Pia!
Pia: Good night!
Siddharth: Goodnight! (Pia goes off and Siddharth says, ‘So Piya is coming on her own to my arms…you are brilliant Sid!’ Siddharth is about to open the Car door when he suddenly senses a presence. He notices T in a Car stalking him. He pretends not to have seen her and gets into the car and drives off).

Scene moves to Pia who is happily walking towards the Hostel when suddenly Abhay who was standing in the dark catches her hand. Pia is shocked to see Abhay.
Piya: What are you doing Abhay?
Abhay: What are you doing Piya? What were you doing with Siddharth?
Piya: Why are you asking me this? And who are you to ask me? You only clearly told me that you don’t want anything…that there is nothing between us…then why are you asking me these questions? And why do you think that I will give you an answer? Who the hell do you think you…? (Abhay pulls Piya closer to him)
Abhay: Who am I? (They look into each other’s eyes and as usual Piya gets lost in Abhay’s eyes) Piya…I don’t think I need to make you understand…and I have the full right to take care of you…I have the full rights to question you… (Pia looks at Abhay with dreamy eyes) You should not roam around with Siddharth like this…If you are fond of roaming around with guys go with someone else…choose someone else…and not Siddharth…stay away from Siddharth…
Pia: Firstly, I am not roaming around with Guys…okay? And that was a very horrible thing to say! And secondly, if I am encouraging friendship with Siddharth it is only because he and Panchi likes each other. And I wish to see their relationship moving ahead. That’s all…okay?
Abhay: Panchi?
Piya: Yeah! Panchi likes him and he likes Panchi. (Abhay thinks, ‘Now what sort of new drama is this Siddharth? Why are you bringing Panchi in between? What are you upto?’ Abhay turns and walks away) Excuse me!(Abhay stops but does not turn back)
Abhay: I don’t want to tell you anything else Piya.
Piya: Wow Abhay! Well done! Fantastic! Come…talk and then go… Don’t even look back if anyone wants to say anything…if someone wants has some questions…nothing! You know what? You only think about yourself! And I don’t even wish to see your face! (Abhay turns his face to look at Pia)
Abhay: Fine! (He walks off while Pia stands there frustrated)

Scene moves to Shaurya and Shankar at their home.
Shaurya: Thanks God! You send Misha and we were saved!
Shankar: Just because Misha came in time we were saved otherwise we would have landed in serious problem… She saved us yaar… yes! (They do a high five. Shaurya suddenly hugs Shankar and Shankar pulls away) What are you doing?
Shaurya: I am happy yaar… (Shankar goes and opens the door. Misha and land lady is at the door and Misha shows a ‘mental’ sign by standing behind the land lady. Shankar asks how come she is early and how everything was. Misha tells him that since she has a sore throat she could not sing)
Shankar: sore throat?
Misha: Yesterday I ate pickle…that’s why… (Misha goes inside. Shankar follows her but the land lady stops him and informs him that Misha is pregnant. Once the land lady goes Shankar calls Misha. She comes out wearing Shankar’s clothes and tells him that she is borrowing his clothes and need to go home)
Shankar: Going home in this condition?
Misha: In what condition?
Shankar: In pregnancy…
Misha: Why pregnant people…wait! Who is pregnant?
Shankar: Obviously it cannot be Shaurya or me…so you! And aunty told that we have to take care of you.
Misha: Dude! Just for your information…to get pregnant and lot has to be done…
Shankar: Not apparently! Eat pickle in front of aunty and you will become pregnant!
Misha: Oh my God! Now what will happen?
Shankar: Boy or Girl…
Misha: That’s funny Shankar!
Shankar: No clue babes! (Shaurya enters the room by jumping through the window)
Shaurya: Darling, Talking of pickle… (Shaurya keeps his hand around Misha’s shoulders but Shankar removes his hand) my cousin has pickle factory so if you want any kind of pickle tell me…
Misha: (at Shaurya) Listen! Just shut up...shut up! (Looks at Shankar) And you too shut up! Oh God! (Misha walks from there)

Scene moves to Sid stopping his car near T’s Car.
Siddharth: Hi my terrific T, what’s up?
T: Just like that!
Siddharth: Of course my tender T, how are you?
T: Oh really? Now suddenly you are getting interested in me.
Siddharth: Of course not T! You know how much I am interested in you…
T: That’s why you were flirting with that tacky Pia…
Siddharth: Pia? I was not flirting with Piya!
T: You are such a liar! I know everything. You will tell lies and I would silently hear and keep quiet…just because you are my Boss…Listen! I don’t need your job…and I don’t need your tacky salary because I am super rich! And I don’t need that salary. I joined your Company only for you…just for you!
Siddharth: Really? I am very happy that you are giving me this much importance. A hot girl like you comes to my Office just for me! Really unbelievable! I am truly flattered…
T: Oh! You are flattered! That’s why you go out with Pia for dinner…go to drop her at home and don’t deny that because I have been following you. I was following you so I know everything. So no need to tell lies.
Siddharth: Really T? Are you following me? Are you stalking me?
T: Yeah! I was stalking you…
Siddharth: Wow! I must say I feel very important! And I feel very nice…
T: Really Sid?
Siddharth: Truly T
T: Wow!
Siddharth: You are a wow! I tell you what…What are you doing now…this time…
T: I am fully free…all yours!
Siddharth: All mine…eh…? Okay, Let’s go for a drive in your Car…just you and me…how does that sound?
T: How romantic Sid!
Siddharth: Be right back!
T: Okay! (Sid drives the car and little further and gets out of the car. He comes near T’s car and opens the driver’s door)
Siddharth: I will drive the Car!
T: Okay! (Siddharth hold T’s hand and leads her to the passenger seat)
Siddharth: I must say T that you look very yummy today. Allow me! (He opens the car door and T sits inside. T thanks him. Siddharth then gets to the driver’s seat) So T tell me… you are hungry?
T: No, not at all…I am on diet…I don’t eat at night…
Siddharth: Really? Well T, I am very hungry…I am starving my tasty T (T laughs)

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