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29th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 135) Abhay Raichand and Misha Dobriyal becomes Prom King and Prom Queen

Siddharth and Piya at the Jungle
Episode 135 starts with Principal Mr Mehra greeting Siddharth Mehra. Siddharth asks the Principal if he had decided who the Prom King and Prom Queen would be. The Principal tells him that the decision is made. Siddharth tells him that in his opinion Abhay Raichand is the clear winner. The Principal Mr Mehra tells him that he was about to announce Abhay's name too. Siddharth tells him that their opinions and names match. Sid remarks, 'Great minds think alike'. The Principal excuses himself from there and asks Ms Dasgupta to go along with him. The Principal and Ms Dasgupta goes to the stage to announce the winners. The Principal asks to stop the music and tells the students that it is announcement time. T and her friends are sitting at one table and T is confident that the crown would be her's. The Principal asks Tanushree Ambolker to come on stage and join him. Tanushree goes to the stage and tells thank you in her signature style. T's friend sends a flying kiss to T and T sends a kiss back. Siddaharth is standing behind Piya. Principal tells the students that Tanushree was the Prom Queen of College the last 2 years and that she has made the college proud. Tanushree grabs the mike from the Principal and starts giving a winner's speech thanking everyone and thanking Parents for DNA and clear complexion. The Principal takes the mike back from her and tells that he has not finished talking. He tells Tanushree that she has won the Prom Queen title the last 2 years and that this year she has to make someone else wear it. The Principal announces the name of the winner as Misha Dobriyal and T is shocked to hear it. Misha is excited and the students cheer for her. Misha comes to the stage to receive her crown. Ms Dasgupta handsover the crown to Tanushree who looks at it and tries to fiddle with it. Misha grabs the crown and wears it on her head. Siddharth who was standing behind Piya bends and tells something to her. Abhay keeps a watch on them. Ms Dasgupta gives the title badge to Tanushree who keeps it in her hand. Misha grabs it and wears it on her own. T walks away from the stage angrily and goes out. Her friends also follow her.

Siddharth extends his hand to Piya and she keeps her hand on his. Siddharth and Piya walks out of there with Piya holding on to Siddharth's arm. They pass Abhay on their way out and Siddharth signals at Abhay with his eyes. By then Abhay Raichand's name is announced as winner by the Principal as Prom King of the year. Abhay goes to the stage to receive his title. The Principal asks the last years winner Kabir Singh Rathore to come on the stage and give the title for Abhay. Kabir does so without making any fuss.Students get into the stage to congratulate the winners and Abhay walks out from there. Misha looks for Piya but does not find her around. Misha then gets a call from Panchi and Misha informs her that she won the Prom Queen title and tells her that she would tell about everything once she reaches home. Panchi is happy to hear it. Misha turns and sees Pia with Siddharth going towards the Car and says 'strange'. Panchi tells that sometimes Misha does strange things. Misha tells Panchi about seeing Piya and Siddharth going together. Panchi asks twice to Misha trying to confirm if she has seen Sid and Pia together. Misha gets irritated and cuts the phone. Abhay then comes there and asks Misha if she has seen Pia and Siddharth and if Piya told her where she is going. Misha gets irritated and goes from there without giving a proper answer to the question.

Abhay looks at the moon and thinks, 'It's full moon night and Piya and Siddharth are together...This time you have gone too much ahead Siddharth. This time if you even touch Piya I will kill you. Don't you dare touch Piya'. Abhay rushes out of the place.T's friends are looking at the moon and admiring the beauty of the full moon. Abhay comes near the car. he thinks,'This cannot happen! You cannot take such a big step Siddharth. You feel that you can get Pia. How?  No! You will bite Piya on full moon night...knowing that if a Vampire bites a human continuously on 3 full moon nights and not kill that human...the human also starts becoming a Vampire... No, Siddharth...we don't have the right to make a human to Vampire. What are you doing? What are you doing Siddharth? No...I will not let you do it. I will not let you make Pia a Vampire... I will not let you do this Siddharth...I am coming! I will not let you do this' Abhay gets into his Car and drives from there.

Siddharth is driving the Car with Pia on his side. Sid eyes at Pia while driving and Piya smiles at him. He stops the car after some time and tells Piya that they have reached. Both get out of the car. Piya walks into the forest with Siddharth with her hand on Siddharth's arm. Piya is impressed by the tent and arrangements Siddharth has made in the forest. Piya tells him that it is beautiful and that Panchi would love it. Siddharth tells that it is a very small gesture from him for Panchi. Piya thinks, 'Panchi is so lucky. How much Siddharth loves her. What can be more romantic date than this. So sweet!'
Piya: You know what Siddharth! Panchi is just going to love it. I mean...this is perfect...You did not miss out any detail. it's just perfect. (Pia notices the chain around the place) But why did you put the chain?
Siddharth: So that we get peace (Cheyan) from four sides. (Piya laughs)
Piya: You are very funny! (Pia run to look at the arrangements. Siddharth recalls him putting silver chain around the place using gloved hands. He tells, 'My little Abhay line'

Scene moves to Abhay driving the Car. Abhay thinks, 'Where is he taking you? Why am I not able to see you? Why can't I see you?' Abhay closes his eyes and tries to concentrate. He sees shadowy images but nothing clear. he thinks, 'I know Piya that you are with him, but where? Where? This is frustrating!' He tries to concentrate again still no use. Abhay thinks, 'No! You have planned everything in detail Siddharth. I hope you did not forget me in your plans because the biggest reason to make your plans fail is me'. Abhay concentrates again and this time he sees a little more clearly. Abhay sees the silver chain and is shocked. He says, 'I am coming Siddharth! I am coming to stop you...'

At the Jungle...Piya looks at the Orchid Flower arrangement and tells Siddharth that Panchi likes Orchids a lot. She tells Panchi should have a special Perfume by name Wild Orchids. Piya goes to the trees to light the candles kept there. Siddharth looks at Piya and thinks, 'First I thought of using you to take revenge from Brother. But you know what? You turned out to be a wonderful game. Tonight you will be of great use to me. But I won't kill you...no...no...no...I won't kill you...I will use you...I will make you a vampire today.(Pia looks at Siddharth and smiles while lighting the candle) After tonight you will get powers like me... Your color will change...blood will get reduced in your body...like me you will also not feel cold...you will get a strange thirst...and then I will attack you the next full moon day...you will start becoming a living dead...you will not get sleep on night...you will feel a strange thirst...you will feel like an animal who only knows it's thirst. You will want to kill...you will not understand why...and then I will do my last attack. I will drink your whole blood and then give you a new life...the life of a living dead...who has a heart but no heart beats... whose body does not have breathe only thirst...(Piya looks at him and smiles again) You too with the 3rd moon like me will become the living dead. A beautiful vampire...lady devil in disguise!'

Scene moves to Abhay in his Car. He recalls the silver chain around the place and thinks, 'Because of the silver chain I am not able to see anything. You have thought of everything Siddharth but you are forgetting my powers. I will make every plan of yours fail. I will not let you make Piya a Vampire. I will not let you end her life. I will not let you do this! (He tries to concentrate) Focus Abhay! Feel Piya...She is here...she is somewhere here' Abhay dials Piya's number but it keeps ringing. Abhay thinks, 'I know there is no use of calling you. Siddharth would have thought of that too. But if I cannot reach you with my powers I can try to reach you with the help of your phone's vibrations'. Episode ends.

Precap: Abhay reaches the place where Siddharth and Pia is. Siddharth is shocked for a moment but then walks to Abhay and says, 'Well...well...well...shrewd dog...You found us! Surprised...the silver chain did not stop you?'  Abhay tells him, 'No Siddharth! No one can stop me from reaching Piya...neither you...nor your silver chain'. Siddharth looks angrily at Abhay while Abhay walks towards the chain barrier.

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