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16th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 124) Exam Fever at Mount College

Episode 124 starts with Kabir dumping a bunch of reference books in front of Piya who is sitting and studying in the library.
Kabir: I hate exams friend…
Piya: I know
Kabir: Don’t know why these colleges make us give exams…
Piya: Who is this Kalmadi…Gadkiri… what is this…it is so confusing… (Abhay is standing in front of a book rack looking into some reference book)
Abhay: Kabir, It comes in news papers everyday… which is supposed to be for reading. Suresh Kalmadi…Congress Party…who organized the common wealth games… Nitin Gadkiri…BJP…he is the BJP President. And if you need to find out what Congress and BJP is…I don’t think you should give exams.
Piya: Excuse me… (signals peace to both Guys)
Kabir: You know what dude…I have not seen a more arrogant person than you…There is this Piya who do not get tired supporting you…and you…an ill mannered moron! Now only she gave testimony for you in Police Station…she just vouched for you…and you…you don’t even know how to talk! You know what my friend…If in any newspaper methods of becoming human are published…please go read it! You definitely need it. (Abhay smiles) …you are smiling? I am not singing your praises!
Abhay: Sorry Kabir! (Looks at Piya) It’s late to become human! (Abhay goes from there)

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra at his cabin. He is saying, ‘Piya…Piya…Piya… How will I separate you from Abhay? You are turning out to be one tough cookie! I need to do more hard work. You are also stubborn like Maithili…you also cannot hear anything bad about Abhay…’ He remembers the past and conversation with Maithili.
Siddharth: Maithili, why are you not meeting me? You know how much I love you…Forget Abhayendra…what has is done for you? He cannot face your father for you…he cannot face the world…he is weak! (He keeps his hands on her shoulders but Maithili moves away) Maithili…I can give you more happiness than him.
Maithili: You are his Brother and you have come behind his back to talk to me! I will never love a person like you Siddharth…because you do not know the meaning of love… (She walks away)
Siddharth: Maithili…It is not like that! (Siddharth comes back to his present. He says, ‘Maithili… what magic was in you that you made two brothers mad in love for you…’ He thinks, ‘I hope that stupid T understood what to be done. If she can trap Piya…she can get expelled. And me…college’s new trustee would reach there to save her… round 1 for big Brother!’

Scene moves to Arnab and Misha at the College Campus. Arnab has come to wish ‘all the best’ to Misha for exams. He tells her that even if he says all the best always Misha comes last in exams. Misha tells him that this time the situation is different and that she has a writer. He asks her what a writer can do as he will only write what is dictated to him. Seeing Misha in smiles he asks her if she is going to do cheating and asks her not to do so. Piya comes there. Arnab asks Misha why she cannot be like Piya who always gets good marks without cheating.
Misha: Please Papa, okay? This type of intelligence people get hereditary. I am sure her Papa is some big scientist…she got his brain…and I got yours! So it is your fault! (Piya and Arnab look at each other and then turn their faces)
Arnab: All the best to you girls…alright? (Arnab walks away)
Misha: Thank you papa! Come…This time I would come first…let’s go! (Both girls walk)

Scene moves to Panchi and Siddharth at Mount College Campus.
Panchi: I am your PR Manager and even I don’t know that you bought our College.
Siddharth: Not College…but shares! I am one of the Trustees.
Panchi: Whatever it is…it is a very strange move!
Siddharth: Panchi…I don’t have a family! I lost them all. In a fire several years ago…My College was everything to me! My home…my family…everything. Now when I am big I thought I need to make a contribution towards education.
Panchi: That’s so sweet Sir… and I am sorry…I did not know about your family. But Sir, you could have given donation also… Where do you have time for all these?
Siddharth: Donation…anyone can give! But time…that’s not possible for everyone…Think of it as an investment (Siddharth looks at Piya who is sitting and reading in the class room) and we need to keep an eye on our investment.
Panchi: I am impressed Sir! (T comes there)
T: Hey Sid!
Siddharth: Hello T!
T: How are you?
Siddharth: Now that I have seen you I am great!
Panchi: Excuse me… (Goes from there)
T: You know what? I thought about what you said…and you are right!...she is jealous of me…she is so jealous and I want to end the topic forever. Today one girl will get expelled from this college…for cheating you know…for cheating in examinations…
Siddharth: Really?
T: Pia Jaiswal! No one can save her from me… (Siddharth thinks, ‘Good girl T, but there is a twist to the plan…Pia would definitely get caught for cheating but I would be present to save her. And that’s the plan love…Pia would come straight from the examination room to my arms…)
Scene moves to T and her friends. T tells her friends that it is a day to celebrate. T tells that they would write history by getting Piya Jaiswal out of the College. Her friends ask her if she has a plan. T replies, ‘T always has a plan’ She shows them the copy chit and says, ‘Cheating…what all people do to get scholarships’

T sees Piya’s Bag at the washroom and tears a page out of her note book and says, ‘this is called covering your tracks’. Piya comes out and says best of luck to T. T tells Piya that she does not need her luck as she makes her own luck. T thinks, ‘you think about your luck because your goody two shoes act would not be able to save you’. T goes from there.

Scene moves to Misha, Ruhi and Angad at the classroom. Tracker tells Misha that she and Angad had no time other than getting lost in each others eyes and did not study. Ruhi asks how Misha would pass in her condition. Misha tells her that she has Shankar as her writer who would write the exam for her as she dictates.
Shankar: Hey Misha…ready?
Misha: Yeah…come. What did I know that I have to see this day too! (Ruhi thinks that if her hand gets broken she also would get a writer. She goes from there) If I fail Papa would cry. Who would tell him that instead of studying I was wearing Sari and practising Bhajan and Keerthan so that Shankar gets a house to stay. He would not understand…he may beat me…hit me and lock me in the room…so what would happen to that aunty…if she comes searching for your wife…what will you say? That your wife’s father locked her in a room?
Shankar: Enough Misha…stop all this! Exam is about to start. (Shankar looks at Misha and thinks,’For you I can do anything…you see…this year you would top…I will not give you any opportunity for you to be away from me…God only broke your hands…so that we both get some time together’)
Scene moves to Ruhi at the wash room who has covered both her hands and head with bandaid cloth. Ruhi enters the class room and Ms Protima is shocked to see her. Students at the class laughs seeing her. Ruhi informs Protima that she had an accident and wants a writer to write the exams. Protima gets a first year student to write the exam for Ruhi. Ruhi sits in the exam hall with her writer. Ms Protima informs the students, ‘Okay students, Exam starts now!'

Scene moves to the Raichand House. Chand is walking to and fro in the room. Hasina comes with 2 wine glasses and keeps one on the table and sits on a chair with one glass in hand.
Haseena: Just calm down Chand! Everything would be alright!
Chand: What would be alright? You have seen Siddharth. You know what he can do. He has come back. This time he has come with a purpose.
Haseena: I know…that he is here for Maithili
Chand: Are you naive Haseena? This is not about Maithili…Maithili is dead…Siddharth has come to get that ring…He is after that ring!
Hasina: No Chand…no! He will not do that! He has promised me…He has already suffered so much…home…family…he and we have lost so much…just because of that ring…he will not do that…he will not do such a mistake…
Chand: And just why? (Chand goes and sits next to Haseena) Last time he lost us. He lost his family. But this time he has nothing to lose! Therefore he has no fear. He can do just about anything! That ring was given to us Haseena. We have to keep it safe. If it gets into the hands of Siddharth…he cannot be stopped by any power. Therefore allowing Siddharth to have that ring is not an Option. Anyway, I am going to college. There is some new Trustee who wants to meet. Let me see what it is about. (Chand gets up and go)

At the College Pravin Jaiswal greets Mr Chand Raichand.
Pravin: Thanks for coming! Have a seat… Actually I wanted to introduce you to the new Trustee of the College. He is a genius man…great man… in such a young age such great thoughts and so much dedication towards education…
Chand: Right,I would like to meet him!
Pravin: Yeah sure…Here he is… (Pravin Jaiswal gets up from his seat and Chand turns to look. Siddharth enters the room. Siddharth shakes hand with Pravin)
Siddharth: Mr Jaiswal…such a wonderful day…isn’t it?
Pravin: Yeah…yeah…have a seat!
Siddharth: Ahh…Mr Raichand?
Pravin: You know him?
Siddharth: In whole Dehradun who does not know Mr Raichand? (Siddharth sits on a chair) I have heard so much praises about him. Mr Raichand…if I have not mistaken your son studies here too?
Pravin: Yes, Abhay!
Siddharth: Abhay…who is not scared of anything…what a lovely name! Have to keep a special eye on him! You know Mr Raichand…your face is a little familiar… Several years back in my life there was a man like you.
Pravin: Was that any family member Mr Mehra?
Siddharth: No…no…There was no blood relationship. But the funny thing is that he used to think of him self as a father figure… he thought he owned me! (Chand and Siddharth stare at each other. Episode ends)

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