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8th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 117) Abhay challenges Siddharth that Piya would not fall into his Trap

Episode 117 starts with Piya at Siddharth’s Office. Siddharth is getting ready to leave and puts his jacket on and comes near Piya who is standing with her back on him. He thinks, ‘I don’t believe this face…the same face and features…what a play of fate… she looks just like…’
Siddharth: I will leave you home…
Pia: Oh… Sir, You scared me! Thank you Sir, But I will go on my own!
Siddharth: Oh Come on! Now only you got an accident. You need to take care of yourself. Show your independent girl image to someone else, Okay..Come…
Piya: Sir, Thank you Sir…it would be a trouble for you…
Siddharth: No, not at all. Your Hostel falls on my way! Come… (Turns to go)
Piya: No Sir, Thank you! Really…I would go on my own!
Siddharth: Ehh…I am fed up of this reactions. Obviously you might have heard about my reputation so you are assuming that I am giving you some different suggestion…I am just dropping you as a Boss. I am not taking you for dinner…eh…forget it! (Turns to go again)
Piya: Sir, I am sorry! I did not mean that way! Thank you so much Sir, Please drop me to my Hostel.
Siddharth: Okay!

Scene moves to Siddharth and Pia in the Car. Siddharth thinks, ‘This is going to be exciting!’ Pia thinks,’Pia… be careful! Remember what Panchi said…Don’t give any wrong hint to Siddharth. Looks like Panchi likes him and I don’t want to get in between all this’ Siddharth and Piya looks at each other and smile. Siddharth stops the car in front of Piya’s Hostel. Already Abhay is standing there outside his car waiting for Pia. Pia gets down from the car and Siddharth gets down too. Pia sees Abhay. Abhay looks at Pia and then at Siddharth.
Piya: Abhay,what are you doing here?
Abhay: Piya…Go inside!
Piya: Abhay,what is this way to talk to me and what are you doing here?
Abhay: Pia…I told you…Go Inside! (Pia looks at him) Go…!
Piya: (Looks at Siddharth) Thank you so much Sir for dropping!Goodnight!
Siddharth: Piya, I will see you in the morning tomorrow! (Pia goes inside the Hostel)
Abhay stares at Siddharth and Sid stares at him with a smile on his face. The Brothers come closer.
Abhay: What do you think…you won? No way Siddharth! Piya will never fall into the trap of an animal like you…If you want try and see!
Siddharth: Do I smell a challege?
Abhay: Yeah…That’s a challenge!
Siddharth: Abhay, You know that I cannot resist challenges. Then why do you keep compelling me? Now I need to accept the challenge! (Shows 10 with his hands) 10 days…In 10 days Pia would be mine! You just wait and watch (Sid shows the watch signal using 2 fingers and then move backwards. Abhay appears behind him and stops him)
Abhay: You won’t go near Pia…Is that clear? (Siddharth goes near Abhay and puts his face near Abhay’s ears)
Siddharth: Once I committed I don’t even hear to myself. Sorry Brother!
Abhay: Alright! So now I will tell Piya the entire truth…who you are…what you are…what is the relationship between us…she herself will go away from you…I will keep your secret of being a Vampire till the time you would stay within your limits and stay away from Pia.
Siddharth: Really now…I wonder…If the matter is opened that I am a Vampire, then there would not be any need for me to hide behind this handsome face. Then I would show everyone my beastly side. If Pia comes to know about my truth then I would show her my full reality. I will become Vampire and she would become my prey.
Abhay: No!
Siddharth: No? Then let’s play ball Brother! I will try to win her and you could try to save her. And just to make it fun…you will be a normal human and I will also be a normal human…Vampire game!
Scene moves to Piya entering her room and putting her bag on bed and sitting on the cot. She thinks, ‘Why did Abhay send me here? All the time he is giving me orders! What is he doing here? What has he got to do with Siddharth? Abhay had promised to keep away from me but now suddenly why is he trying to interfere with my life? Why he wants to mold my life in his terms? I just don’t get it!’ Piya gets up and goes near the window. She sees Abhay and Siddharth arguing. Piya thinks, ‘What argument is happening between the two?’ She goes back and sits on her cot again. She thinks, ‘What are you hiding from me Abhay? I thought I knew every truth of yours. But what suddenly is this new story? Why do you want to keep me away from Siddharth Abhay? What is the reason? A lot of questions have come and stood between us again’

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. In the television the reporter announces that the police have so far not got any clue regarding the girl’s murder. Panchi comes home tired and calls Madhu for a Cold Coffee. Misha pesters her and gets a 500 Rupees from her. Arnab comes in and exchanges pleasantries with his daughters. Arnab is happy hearing that Pia is settled in her job.

Scene moves to Mount College class room the next day morning. Ms Das Gupta is taking attendance and notices that Piya is absent continuously for 3 days. Misha informs her that Piya is doing an internship so she completed one week’s assignments in advance and has taken leave for a week. Miss Dasgupta tells her that Piya could do the job later too and coming to college is important. Ms Dasgupta tells Misha to inform Piya not to bunk classes.

Scene moves to Shaurya’s House where Shaurya is talking with his father. Shaurya is angry with his father for managing his life and treating him like a kid even though he is 25 years old. Shaurya’s father tells him that when Shaurya is staying in the house he has to listen to his father. Shaurya then tells his father that then it is time that he left the house. Shaurya comes out of the house and calls Shankar. He tells him that he needs to talk and will meet Shankar at College.

At Mount College Campus Shaurya meets Shankar.
Shankar: What is the matter? Is everything alright?
Shaurya: No friend! I have a problem. I had a fight with Dad and I have decided that I will not stay in the house. So I need a place to stay till the time I don’t get a house.
Shankar: No problem dude! My Parents also stay outside. I am also looking for a proper house. So we can look for one together. We can be roommates! What do you say?
Shaurya: You know what? You are a great Guy! (Shankar smiles)
Shankar: Come on friend! You are a friend of mine… ehh…I have some work. In about an hour after I become free I will give you a call. Then we will look for a house together, roommate? I will see you then… (Shaurya says Okay. He thinks, ‘This is what I wished Shankar! If we stay together our friendship would become stronger. If friendship increases love will increase. And if love increases I would be able to tell you…Yes, I like you! This is perfection…’

Scene moves to Piya sitting at the office doing some work. Panchi picks up a blue file from the table and walks when she sees T entering the office.
Panchi: Excuse me Madam! You are 2 hours late! If you don’t realize this is not your parlor that you can walk in when you want.
T: Siddharth is my Boss and I am answerable to him! And I think…once in a while you should go to the Parlor too…you need it! (Panchi is angry and curses. She then calls the Peon and tells him to take photocopies of the file and keep on Siddharth’s table. (Piya goes near Panchi)
Piya: You know what? When you get angry…You become like the photocopy of Misha…
Panchi: I know! I hope Siddharth understands and send that bimbo back home… I just hate her!
Piya: What was it…? Is it some important project?
Panchi: Yeah! It is a very special project. It is next year’s PR strategy. Hope he likes it!
Piya: Of course he will (T overhears) you are so hard working and bright…I am sure it is really nice!
Panchi: Oh…Thank you! Let’s get back! (Both of them go off. T picks up Panchi’s project file and gets into Siddharth’s cabin. Siddharth is working on his laptop)
T: Hi Sid!
Siddharth: Oh hi T!
T: (showing the file) Piya made this file. She has put all her new ideas in it.I think you should check it out (Gives the file to Sid. He looks at the file and smiles. He then takes the file and goes out of his cabin)

Scene moves to Police Station. The Inspector Kishore tells his Officer that they have given the media wrong report that they did not get anything from the murder spot. He tells the officer that once they get information about the bracelet the culprit would be behind bars. The Officer asks him details regarding the inquiry and tells him that nobody should know about that.

Scene moves to Siddharth’s office. Panchi is looking for something at her desk when Siddharth calls Pia with the file in hand.
Siddharth: Pia, I must say I am very impressed! The ideas you have kept for Company’s PR…they are very impressive! Good job! You know what? Congratulations! You are employee of the day!And your reward will be dinner with Boss!
Pia: But Sir, I did not make this file! This file was made by Panchi. And the entire idea was conceived by Panchi. Sir, I don’t even know work. Now I am only learning!
Siddharth: Oh…That’s great work Panchi!
Panchi: Thank you so much!
Siddharth: Well done! (Turns to Piya) But Pia… for learning and telling the truth you are still employee of the day. You know I am very impressed with your progress. You know what? Dinner still stands!
Piya: I am good Sir!
Siddharth: No! You are very good. So Panchi…Book a table for two at the nearby Chinese Restaurant. The number is in my Diary.

Panchi gets the Diary from Sid’s Cabin. T enters and tries to poison her against Pia leaving Panchi thinking.

Precap: Abhay is running around the Campus asking for Pia when he hears Ms Shenaya in conversation with someone. He hears her telling that she is aware that Abhay and Pia are together and that she is keeping an eye on Abhay.

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