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23rd March 2011 Written Update (Episode 130) Siddharth asks Panchi Dobriyal to be his date on Prom Night Party

Piya agrees to be Kabir's date for Prom Night
Episode 130 starts with T who was the Prom Queen of the previous year making an announcement to the students regarding the Prom Night Party at the Mount College campus. She tells the students that the theme of the party would be that of the 1970’s. T tells them that Prom Night is the most important event in College and they all have to look their best. T also challenges the students telling that she has been winning the Prom Queen title for the past 2 years and she would win this year also.

Kabir thinks that the only girl whom he wants as Partner for Prom Night is Pia and though Piya had already told him that she and Abhay are not together he needs to find the truth. Kabir sees Abhay coming his way and stops him.
Kabir: Hey Abhay! Need to talk to you yaar
Abhay: What?
Kabir: Are you and Pia together? I mean I just want to know Piya and you are a couple or not.
Abhay: No.
Kabir: Okay…What happened Abhay? Is it a break up or is it a break? In Mish’s Party you were together that’s why I am asking.
Abhay: I and Piya are not together nor will ever be…
Kabir: Well, if Pia is not with you I would like to take her for Prom Nite (Abhay keeps silence) Abhay, who are you coming with?
Abhay: Me? Prom night? Not interested… Piya has already cleared that I and she are not together. Whatever she wishes she would do that (Abhay goes off)
Kabir: Well…great! He clearly told that he does not want to go with Piya…thank you! I hope that Piya does not keep any hopes because of him…

Scene moves to the Dobriyal House. Panchi tells Misha that Prom Night is a very important night and memory for ever so she needs to go with full preparation. Panchi tells her that Misha cannot go there in her normal attire and tells her that she would help choose a dress for Misha for the Party. Arnab comes to the Hall calling the girls and tells them not to go anywhere because Doctor is sending an assistant for taking their blood samples for some tests. Arnab tells them that the whole family has to do it and it is for some insurance related problems. Panchi tells him that she would not do the test as she is scared of needles. Arnab tells her that more than her the Doctor Uncle is scared whose hands she bit in childhood for giving vaccination. Arnab thinks, ‘Misha, I hope your test does not bring any surprises to me. I hope that woman told wrong about you because if it turns true, I would go mad’.

The Doctor’s assistant comes and takes Panchi’s blood sample. She cries and screams while her blood is taken. Panchi runs off from the room after seeing the sight of blood. After that he takes Misha’s blood sample also. After the blood is taken Misha also escapes from the room. The assistant asks Arnab Dobriyal that either than routine test if he want to do any other tests. Arnab tells the Guy to do a Pregnancy test for just Misha. Misha overhears the conversation.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Tracker and Piya are walking. Tracker asks Piya to suggest what she would wear for Prom Night as she is shattered by T’s confidence. Piya suggests that she should wear the dress Prachi Desai wore in Once upon a time in Mumbai and that would suit her very well. Tracker hugs Pia and thanks her for the idea. T and her two bimbo friends hear it and say that whoever has whatever ideas it does not affect her. She adds that it is a loser’s thing to do to go for a Prom night without a date. T and her friends sit down.
T: I know some people who do anything to get attention. When she did not get anything she tried to attract the Boss. (Piya and tracker listens) Super despo yaar!
Friend: On the Boss? That’s bad!
T: Yeah Babes! (T turns and looks at Pia) Someone thinks that if she goes out for Dinner with the Boss she can trap him. Don’t know what all she does…actually they should know that Sid and Abhay are interested in T because both of them were fighting for me yesterday night. And they were fighting over for me for a while now!
Friend: Wow Babes! Who will you choose? Tell us...
T: I don’t know Babes. Those 2 boys by showing interest on that charity case have proved their bad taste. So I don’t know who I will choose. But what to do…Boys would be boys only, is it not? If the girl is throwing herself on them, they need to oblige her.
Friend: It is okay Babes, forgive them now. Anyways, both have come back to you fighting over you and all that…
T: By the way friends…Today library is open? Pia…Library is open. If you want you can go and take a book from the Library because you may need something to pass your time at night. (T’s friend’s laugh)
Piya: T… Thanks…but I am fine…
T: Are you sure you are Okay? I mean alone…no man interested in you… (T’s friends laugh. Kabir then comes there with a red rose’s bouquet in hand)
Kabir: Hey Piya, Ignore her! Don’t give importance to her crap (Kabir turns to Pia) Ms Piya Queen… (Kabir goes on his knees and offers the Rose Bouquet to Piya. T and her friends are shocked seeing it while Tracker looks impressed by the romantic gesture) Will you go with me for Prom? Please…
Piya: Kabir…
Kabir: Do me this favor Pia… Last year’s Prom King wants to go with his true Queen this year for the Prom…Will you go with me?
Piya: Yeah, I will! (Tracker jumps in joy and Pia accepts the Bouquet from Kabir. Kabir gets up and places his hand around Pia)
Tracker: Oops! Now it feels like someone else is going to become charity case! (T and her friends are angry and walk away from there)

Scene moves to Misha confronting Arnab.
Misha: Papa, your brain got damaged? You think I am…Oh God! Yuck…
Arnab: Listen Misha…
Misha: No…no…no…no…Don’t even speak, okay? If you wanted to know something about me you should have directly asked me. What was the need of doing all this drama? So…I was right! You were punishing us! And Panchi…what was her fault in all this? And Papa…what happened to you? Don’t you know your daughters? Don’t you trust us? (Arnab looks at Misha)
Arnab: Trust? How am I supposed to trust you? For the past few days you have been acting strange. I was trying to understand and you were getting weirder and weirder. You are roaming around wearing ladies clothes. From Hotel without telling you vanish…You exchange clothes with sweeper…and you go to some Guy’s house wearing Sari and sing Bhajan there… The people there tell me such a nice daughter in law… Daughter in law? You are pregnant? (Misha keeps her hand on forehead and go and sits on the arm of the chair with her hair fully covering her face) Am I not supposed to find out? Mish…Mish…looks like I talked too much (Arnab goes and sits on the chair next to Misha and puts his arm on her shoulders) don’t cry Misha… Listen…It’s okay…sometimes mistakes happen…not a problem…I (Misha lifts her head and laughs. She gets up from there and lies down on the sofa)
Misha: Come on papa, I am not crying…I am laughing! Don’t you know me? Come on Man… Bhajan-Keerthan and me… Straight forward daughter in law and me…? How stupid you are Papa… (She laughs)
Arnab: Then what was all this… (Misha gets up and sits on the table facing Arnab)
Misha: This is all a drama…It is a drama I am forced to do because in love you have to do such things sometimes.
Arnab: That is true…love… who is in love?
Misha: Papa…me…Misha…
Arnab: You …love (Misha sits next to him and puts her hand on Arnab’s shoulder)
Misha: Can you believe it? I mean…I am in love… You know I tried to fight it a lot but it still happened. And all these Drama is happening because of love.
Arnab: You mean to say that Misha Dobriyal is in love?
Misha: Yeah Papa…I am trapped!
Arnab: Oh…That’s wonderful… (Hugs Misha)…that’s great… (Misha pushes his hand away)
Misha: Papa, what is great? I don’t even know if he loves me or not.
Arnab: Oh…there is a simple way to find out. Go and ask him!
Misha: As if…
Arnab: What do you mean as if? If you don’t ask…how will you know? Listen to me…leave all this drama and ask him… If he loves you he will tell you otherwise there are other ways…I mean a Dobriyal family kid would not give up on love that easily…
Misha: Right! Now I need to tell him. I mean…it’s enough! I will invite him for the Prom Night and then…
Arnab: (Extending his hand on both sides) Misha will live happily ever after! (They hug)

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra’s Office. Panchi is sitting at her desk. A lady walks into the office and asks for Sid. Panchi asks if she has an appointment. The lady barges into Siddharth’s cabin and gets in before Panchi could stop her. The lady asks Sid that why he told her that he is going out for a month to London when he is here. He shouts at him telling that he canceled his date with her 3 times and what he thinks of himself. Siddharth tells the lady that he cannot date her as he has fallen in love. (Panchi is happy hearing it) I am in love! I remember that I told you that I believe in casual relationships. But I guess I was wrong! I fell in love and I am loving it! (Panchi goes from there) But look at it this way…If I can fall in love…you also have hope… (The lady goes from there. Sid thinks, ‘Panchi darling, In order to get close to Piya impressing you is very essential’ He picks up a black diary and goes to Panchi)
Siddharth: Panchi… Panchi, this is my Black Book. In this there are the name of all my special friends’ phone numbers and addresses. Do me a favor, burn it! (He gives the Diary to Panchi)
Panchi: Sir…
Siddharth: Or give it to some matrimonial service…Everyone should find their soul mates (Siddharth goes back to his Cabin with a smile on his face and Panchi smiles too)

Scene moves to Shankar in telephonic conversation with his mother. The Menon’s are sitting at their house while Shankar is sitting on his cot.
Shankar: I know Amma…Misha is a nice girl…very nice girl. I have seen her and understood her. She is the one!
Shankar’s Mother: We are happy son! But are you sure? Look…family is very good. We would not get a better match than this. But that girl…
Shankar: Trust me maa…
Shankar’s Mother: I trust you son! Ok leave it! Now tell when are you going to introduce us to our daughter in law?
Shankar: Maa, I have not told anything to her so far.
Shankar’s Mother: So…Tell her! What are you waiting for? Son, when you love someone you need to tell what is in your heart to her. If she loves you, great… if not…make her fall in love with you!
Shankar: You are right Amma! I think I need to tell her everything…Today I will invite her for the Prom night Party and then tell her everything…Thank you Amma…Thank you so much! (Shankar keeps the phone down. Shaurya comes into the room through the window cursing the land lady. He goes and sits on the cot)
Shaurya: What Buddy? You are looking very happy today?
Shankar: Nothing friend! I was talking to Mother. Today she taught me an important lesson.
Shaurya: What lesson?
Shankar: That whomever you love tell the matters of heart openly! Just tell them that you love them! Because they too have the full right to know what is in your heart. Right, Shaurya?
Shaurya: Hmm…you are right! (Shaurya thinks, ‘I also wish the same Shankar and you see, I will tell what is in my heart on Prom Night')

Scene moves to Panchi looking into Siddharth’s Black book. She thinks, ‘My God! Siddharth’s life was rocking…but he is willing to leave all this for me…I am really lucky. Sid is the most eligible bachelor in the city. And he loves you Panchi…you! Papa and Mom would be very happy. How much pain did I give them by loving a wrong person like Danish? But now Sid will give me all that happiness which my Parents wish I get. I am sure Siddharth would keep me very happy’ Siddharth opens his Cabin door and comes to the room. He smiles seeing Panchi in thoughts. He goes to the receptionist Poonam and asks if she have sent the couriers. Then he goes to Panchi.
Siddharth: Ahh…Panchi… Panchi you know that I am the new Trustee of your College and along with that I have certain duties which I have to do. I don’t know if you know but there is going to be a Prom Night in College. I was thinking in order to make it little more bearable I will go with someone. (Panchi picks up the phone)
Panchi: So whom should I call? (Siddharth stops her)
Siddharth: Hey, no need to phone…I want to go with the person with whom I will never get bored.
Panchi: Okay Sir, I still have the Diary…I will call someone?
Siddharth: No, I told you to burn it or donate it… Panchi I was thinking that if you are not doing anything and getting bored…and if I also get bored what is the point in both of us getting bored? So, let’s go together?
Panchi: Sir, me? (Siddharth nods) But Sir I might have some plans. Actually…can I check my Diary and then tell you?
Siddharth: Panchi, save me…Please!
Panchi: Yes!
Siddharth: Great! (Episode ends)

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