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14th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 122) Siddharth kills Ms Shenaya

Episode 122 starts with Shenaya opening the door of her house for Siddharth. Siddharth is impressed to see the arrangements done by her and compliments her. Shenaya tells him that she could go to any extent for her love. Sid tell her that she has proved her love for him by framing Abhay. He tells her that let them not waste time but celebrate.
Shenaya: I don’t know who is behind those murders. I also don’t know if Abhay has done those murders or not. I only know this much that I love you so much. I want to get married to you. And for that if I have to send your enemy to jail I will happily do it.
Siddharth: The girl after my own heart! (he raises his wine glass and then drinks)
Shenaya: Sid, our marriage will happen, is it not? I want to bear you children. I want a home…
Siddharth: Of course…very soon! In fact let’s start now! (Siddarth signals Shenaya to come closer. She leans to him and he shows the age old Siddharth photograph to her)
Shenaya: So cute! And how young you look. When was this photo taken?
Siddharth: It is old. Around 1914…
Shenaya: Almost 100 years old?(laughs) You are funny!
Siddharth: I am not telling a joke…
Shenaya: You are right! You are not telling a joke…In 1914 you were a 25 year old handsome dude and somehow you are alive even now!
Siddharth: No, I am not alive.
Shenaya: Okay then…you are dead? (Siddharth nods) If you are dead, then what are you doing here baby?
Siddharth: I have come to drink your blood…Baby!
Shenaya: That’s so sexy!
Siddharth: Very sexy!
Shenaya: So tell me…Are you a Dracula?
Siddharth: umm…even better!
Shenaya: That’s cute! (Sid touches her seductively. Shenaya lies back on the sofa) Drink my Blood!
Siddharth: Are you sure?
Shenaya: Yeah…drink my blood! Baby…
Siddharth: If you insist… (He leans on her and his eyes turn blue. Shanaya who opens her eyes is shocked to see it. She gets up and runs.Siddharth calmly lies down on the sofa by supporting his head on his hand and looks at her)
Shenaya: Siddharth, what is all this? You are scaring me! Who are you?
Siddharth: I am a Vampire! (Shenaya tries to run away but Siddharth catches her in an instant and throws her back to the sofa. Shenaya looks at him scared) I won’t lie to you…I am a Vampire…Your blood is calling for me…You will do anything for my love, right? Okay! Offer me a drink! I am thirsty! (Siddharth opens his mouth to revail his sharp vampire fangs.He then bends and bites on her neck drinking her blood. After some time Shenaya’s body becomes still and Siddharth shouts after his thirst is quenched. He then wipes his finger prints on the wine glass.) This city’s people come to me on their own! It’s so easy! Piya…that’s the challenge…! Just have to remove Abhay out of the way forever! (He then lifts Shenaya up in standing position) Come…dance with me! (He holds her by waist and dances singing the song Pee loon. He then lifts her up)

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Kabir comes running to Angad and Misha and asks if they heard anything about Abhay.
Angad : Dude! He is still in lock up
Misha: Can’t believe it? How can they arrest him?
Kabir: Come on Misha, I did not expect this from you! You know that Guy is little shady. From the time he came to college we have doubts on him. I am so glad that he has been arrested. (Pia overhears and comes to the gang) He deserves it…
Misha: Come on Kabir! Don’t be a jerk! Abhay got arrested …this is serious…
Piya: Misha…What are you saying?
Misha: You don’t know? He was taken from the house. They are telling that Abhay is responsible for those girl’s murder!
Piya: What? This is rubbish! I am sure it is some move to trap Abhay. He is not a murderer Misha…
Kabir: Come on Pia…How much you know Abhay? And moreover it is not right to be blinded by love…
Pia: Please Kabir, How long I know you that much time I know Abhay also. And if I can trust you…I can trust Abhay. Misha, when did the second murder happen?
Misha: Yesterday evening…I think late evening! (Pia remembers seeing Abhay with Shenaya and his conversation with her.Piya thinks that she cannot suspect Abhay at this time as she knows Abhay well and that he would never do such a thing)

The Police guy enters the campus and makes inquiries regarding Abhay Raichand. When the Police Guy asks how Abhay is Kabir tells him that Abhay is strange…he always stays alone…angry… and weird…he does not mingle with anyone and is violent (Piya reaches there)
Piya: Inspector Please! Please don’t consider College Rivalry as testimony! I am the closest to Abhay and I know that he is a very good boy. If you wish I could be his character witness. Abhay has saved my life several times…and I have proof and witness too!
Kabir: Come on Pia, We both saw him raising his hand on Shenaya Mam
Pia: That was personal Kabir. Shenaya Mam is alive… she is not among the murdered girls… And Sir, Abhay is a very nice Guy…he cannot hurt anyone
(The Police Inspector gets a call on his mobile and he picks it up. He looks at Pia when he hears details of the third murder)

Piya and Misha are walking in the College Campus.
Misha: Piya…I am with you! Abhay did not do anything…and we will prove it!
Piya: Thank you so much Misha!
Misha: I know that this dude is a little weird…but he is not a murderer and all. Don’t know what happened to the Police… (Misha’s Phone rings and she picks up) one minute… (Pia signals that she is going and goes from there)
The Phone call was from Shaurya who informs Misha that The land lady aunt is standing on the gate and calling for her. Misha asks where is Shankar. Shaurya tells her that he does not have any idea and that Shankar is not lifting his call. Misha tells him that she is coming. Misha is happy thinking she would be able to spend some time with Shaurya alone as Shankar is not there.

At the Teachers room Ms Protima brings the news of Abhay’s arrest. The teachers don’t believe that Abhay could be the culprit. Ms Protima tells that the murder is freely roaming outside and his victims are beautiful ladies. She tells them that she is afraid her turn might be the next and talks about Swiss knife and pepper spray. Shankar notices the miss calls on his mobile and calls Shaurya who informs that there is no problem and Misha would come and handle it. Misha then comes in and puts the music. Shankar thinks, ‘Misha is alone with Shaurya at the House. Shaurya will definitely try to impress her and I have to stop it’ Shaurya asks Misha why she put this loud Music. Misha tells her that there is a competition at college and asks him if he would be her partner. They do some close dancing practice together and then some salsa moves. Misha tells that she knows a step and as they practice it Shaurya loses his grip and Misha falls on the floor and injures her wrist.

At the Principal’s Office, Mr Mehra gives Abhay’s file to the Peon and asks him to take it to the Police Station. The phone bell rings and Mr Mehra picks it up. Chand Raichand tells the Principal that Abhay should be admitted again in the college. Chand tells that it is a move by this rivals and he shall handle it. Principle tells Chand to send Abhay to college.
At the college campus guys are surprised to see Abhay walking in. Pia sees him too and is happy. She calls him but he walks ahead. She goes behind him. He stops at the end of the corridor and she goes and stands in front of him. Both look at each other and Piya hugs him. Abhay separates her from him gently by placing his hand on her arms.
Abhay: Thanks Piya! You gave testimony in front of everyone and they send me on bail based on your testimony (Pia smiles) Thanks a ton! (Abhay walks away. She watches him walking and says in mind, ‘Abhay, In this fight I am with you… you are not alone!’

Precap : Siddharth and Chand Raichand confrontation

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