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28th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 134) Misha confesses her love for Shaurya

Siddharth-Piya and Abhay-T at the Dance Floor
Episode 134 starts with Misha seeing Shaurya standing with a drink. She decides to confess her love for him and goes to him. She tells Shaurya that she wants to tell him something. Shaurya asks her if she played the prank on T. Misha tells him that it is not what she wanted to say and tells Shaurya that she is in love with him. She tells him that she dreams about him and think of him the whole day. She tells him that everyone thinks that she is gone crazy as she behaves strangely in front of him. Shaurya tells her that she is mistaken and that he never looked at her in that manner. Shaurya tells her that he has given his heart to someone else. Misha asks him who is the person he loves but Shaurya does not reveal the identity of the person. He tells that the person is very special to him and he is always lost in the thoughts of that person. Shaurya tells Misha that he is sorry. Misha is heartbroken and runs away from there. On her way she bumps into Shankar. Shankar asks her where she is going and she replies that she needs a drink.Shankar thinks that Misha is becoming sentimental and that it is the right time to confess his love for her. Shankar follows her. Misha gets a drink from the Bar counter. Shankar tells Misha that he likes her. He tells her that he dreams about her and think of her always to the extent that his parents think that he is crazy. Misha is shocked to hear it. Misha tells him that he is a good friend to her but she loves Shaurya. Shaurya comes there and keeps his hand on Misha's shoulder and asks her, 'What happened Babes?' Misha excuses herself from there. Shankar tells Shaurya not to hurt Misha and that she deserves a lot better. Shaurya thinks, 'I will do any thing for you. I will never hurt Misha if that would make you happy'. Shaurya goes to Misha and tells her that he does not want to hurt her and let them start with friendship and then see where it leads to. Misha thinks that she would turn around friendship into love and decides to find out who is the person Shaurya has fallen in love with. Misha hugs Shaurya and Shankar also comes there and join their hug with all of them thinking, 'I will make you mine' about their love interests.

Piya is dancing with Kabir and Abhay is sitting on a chair and watching Piya. Abhay thinks, 'I cannot stay. With you so near, I cannot stay away from you. I want to go away from here where this pain will not reach me. But I have to stay here. I will have to stay close to you because darkness is coming closer to you. Siddharth has planned something and he has put a curtain in front of Mom's eyes also. he is definitely doing something. He is up to something' Abhay recalls Haseena asking why he has not gotten ready so far. Abhay tells her that he is no interested in going for Prom Night. Haseena gets up from the sofa and goes upstairs. Just then Haseena's mobile which she had left on the hall rings and she gets a message from Siddharth. Abhay reads the message in which Siddharth thanks Hasina for the advice and tells her that he would do what she wants him to do after the night. Abhay gets ready and rushes out. Haseena asks him about it and Abhay replies that he has changed his mind. Abhay thinks, 'Piya I don't know what is going to happen. I only know that I will not let anything happen to you. I will not let anything happen to you...anything!'

Scene moves to Dobriyal House where Panchi is sitting on a chair and applying nail paint on her nails. Arnab comes with a drink in hand and sits next to her on a chair. He asks Panchi why she has not gone for Prom night and she replies that she is not a college kid and has better things to do. Panchi tells that her plans have changed and gets up from there and occupies another chair facing away from Arnab. Arnab notices that Panchi is upset and asks her if her plans changed or it has something to do with love.
Panchi: papa,I don't know what to say. I feel that my fate is bad. How many times I get hurt and still don't learn from it. (Arnab goes and sits on the arm of Panchi's chair and hugs her)
Arnab: Panchi, You should not say like that! You know what is truly special about you? Even after so much happened in your life you never turned your face from love. And what I have learned in my life is that you should not give up on love. Because once love is lost, you will not get it back.
Panchi: Papa, who are you talking about?
Arnab: Someone that I have loved truly! But my love did not work out because of my foolishness. Everyone was against my love. This world...this society...and everything was wrong about it...but it was right for me! So I went against everyone and loved her. I made relationship with her but could not take it to the end. Because when the time came to fight for her I allowed the world and society to come in between our love. And I lost her forever!
Panchi: Papa, who was she? And what happened with her?
Arnab: It's too late! She has gone far away from me Panchi. She is no more... And if anything has remained it is only guilt. Now also I think. What would have happened if I did not accept defeat in love? What would have happened if she was here now? What would have's too has become too late! But Panchi, you don't need to give up on love. I have always taught you to be very independent. You are confident and you have the support of your family. What ever your problems and troubles in your love I wish that you would face it and fight for it. If you made a decision, back it up! Yeah? Don't give up!
Panchi: Yes Papa! (They hug)Love you...

Scene moves to Misha who sits on a stair at the party hall and making a call to Panchi. Misha tells Panchi that she told Shaurya that she is in love with him and that he told her that he loves someone else and just wants to be her friend.Panchi tells Misha that she also was heart broken and that Arnab had told her that he had not taught his daughters to accept defeat. Panchi tells Misha not to back off but to make him realize that he is doing a huge mistake. Panchi boosts her confidence by telling Misha that so fat there is no Guy who is born who can reject Misha. Misha is happy and tells Panchi that she would not give up.

Everyone is dancing with their Partners. Kabir-Piya, Misha- Shaurya, Shankar-Ruhi and Angad- T's friend... all are at the dance floor except Abhay-T when Siddharth Mehra makes an entry to the Prom Night Party. Siddharth walks down the stairs thinking, 'Nice! How these humans get happy by simple pleasures. Piya, enjoy while it lasts. Tonight I would change your smile forever! Nothing in your life would ever be normal!' Siddharth looks at Abhay smiling and makes a camera sign. Abhay is angry.

Misha gets a call from Panchi asking if she is alright. Misha tells her that she is fine and tells that Siddharth has come to the Party. panchi is shocked to hear this. Misha cuts the phone.

Siddharth walks to Kabir-Piya and asks Kabir, 'May I cut in?' Kabir nods and go from there. Siddharth asks Piya for a dance and they dance together. Abhay is irritated and angry. He goes to T and asks her to dance with him. He pulls T to the dance floor and dances with her near Siddharth-Pia. Abhay thinks, 'Piya were wrong. Siddharth is not interested in Panchi. I can see that now. His plan was always to come closer to you. He was only using Panchi to come near you. How can I make you understand all this?' Siddharth thinks, 'Now you are annoying me little Brother! Your muse feels like an irritating fly to me who is not dangerous but better to be knocked off. I cannot see you surrounding me like a fly. It is pissing me off. I will have to do something!' Kabir comes back and Siddharth leaves Pia and go from there. Kabir and Pia continues dancing. Abhay watches Siddharth going and talking to the Principal who comes to the venue.

Precap: Abhay notices Piya and Siddharth going out together.

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