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31st March 2011 Written Update (Episode 137) Abhay bites Pia before Siddharth could bite her

Abhay bites Piya
Episode 137 starts with Piya asking Abhay to go away from there. Abhay notices that Siddharth who is standing behind her has fangs now and is about to bite Pia. Abhay thinks, 'Oh No! If Siddharth bites Piya everything would end. I will not let this happen. If Siddharth attacks Piya, after three full moon nights she would also become a vampire like him.Before Siddharth bites Pia, I would have to bite her so that she does not become a bad Vampire like Siddharth. I have to save Piya...I have to bite Pia...Yes, I have to do this!' Siddharth charges at Pia from behind but before he could get his fangs into Piya's neck Abhay moves towards her and bites on her neck. Siddharth stands there shocked and Abhay makes an unconscious Piya to gently fall on the ground. Abhay shouts with blood on his fangs. Siddharth is shocked and angry at Abhay. Abhay comes to his normal form. Siddharth jumps in anger. ''
Siddharth: What did you do? Do you know what would be the outcome of this? (Siddharth catches Abhay on his collar)Why did you do this?
Abhay: If I would not have done this you would have done it. I would not have allowed that. Piya is mine! She is my prey. I have bitten her. Now you cannot do anything. Now there won't be any effect of your bite on her.
Siddharth: You did a big mistake Abhay! You don't know how bad I can get...
Abhay: Till now I allowed you to exceed all extents and I did not do anything. Not anymore Siddharth! Now Pia can't be yours...She is all mine! Now my strength has increased even more...

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Chand and Haseena are on the Hall. Chand is looking at the full moon by standing near the window with a drink in his hand. Haseena climbs down the stairs and comes to the hall.
Chand: Today is full moon night! Tonight is quite difficult for us vampires. You know Haseena that we get out of control.(Haseena comes and stands behind Chand) I hope Abhay is at home...safely... (Haseena goes and sits on the chair. She thinks, 'It is too late Chand, something bad has happened already. Siddharth! Wish you listened to me and gone far away from this city. After tonight I would not be able to save you. And what if something happened? I won't be able to save you from Chand and bigger powers than him'.

Scene moves to Abhay kneeling on the ground and lifting Piya on his arms. Siddharth shouts, '' Abhay carries Piya and gets up turning to Siddharth.
Abhay: This is my strength! My failure is my biggest victory (Abhay walks away carrying Piya in his arms. Siddharth is frustrated and angry. He throws things on the floor and shouts.

Scene moves to Abhay with Pia's head on his lap sitting by Maithili's grave. He shouts, 'Ahh...' He then touches Pia's face and says, ' Forgive me Piya...forgive me...You saw the punishment for coming near me...Did you see what the punishment of loving a living dead could be? It's not you fault Pia. the fault is mine that I let you come near me. And I caused you hurt! Still...waht would I have done Piya? I was helpless. If I would not have bitten you, Siddharth would have bitten you and gained control over you. I did not have any other option...I did not have any other option. Knowing everything I allowed you to come this closer to me...the fault is mine...I am sorry Pia...Please forgive me... Please!' Abhay thinks, ' I need to wake you up Piya...before you get lost into the darkness forever I need to wake you up. And I won't be able to do this alone. I need help! We all need to pay a price for what has happened already...' Abhay lifts Pia in his arms again and walks from there.

Scene moves to Panchi reaching the Jungle. Panchi sees Siddharth sitting on a chair looking worried and lost. Panchi calls his name. He does not look at her.
Panchi: What is happening Siddharth? Waht are you doing here?
Siddharth: Who called you here?
Panchi: Pia messaged me...(Siddharth thinks for a while and then looks at Panchi)
Siddharth: Piya should not have called you. You were not part of my plans. (He again turns away from Panchi)
Panchi: I understand...That I can see! that I was not part of your plans...And where is Pia? Where is she? (Siddharth recalls Abhay biting Piya before he could bite her. He signals Panchi to go away with his hands without looking at her)Okay! I don't want any answer. Panchi turns from there and thinks, 'Pia...all this happened because of you. You cheated on me...I hate you Pia...i hate you!' Panchi walks away from there. Siddharth who is sitting on the chair has frustration and a defeated look plastered on his face. He takes the red rose and shows it to the candle flame.

Scene moves to Shankar and Shaurya at the dinner table. Shankar is putting curry into his plate while Shaurya who is wearing an apron on top of his shirt is watching Shankar fondly. Shaurya thinks, 'This is life. Staying this close to the for him and making a perfect dinner...I love it!' The door bell rings and Shankar goes and opens the door. Shankar touches his mothers feet and then hugs her.
Shankar's Mom: Shankar, How are you son? I missed you...(Shaurya comes with a Bowl of fried Chicken in hand and sees Shankar's mother with Shankar. Shankar also seeks blessings from Shankar's mother and she blesses him. Shaurya tells her that he knows her from the photograph at Shankar's bedside and asks how she is. Shankar's Mom asks Shankar who he is and Shankar tells her that he is Shaurya , his room mate. They get inside the house and Shankar and his mother sits at the dining table. Shaurya tells Shankar to have chicken as it has protein and is good for the body.He then excuses himself and goes inside. Shankar's Mom inquires about Misha. Shankar tells her, 'Thinks are not good! But you don't worry...I have not lost courage'. Shaurya comes by humming a tune and keeps a Bouquet of flowers on the table saying, 'Darling! Dinner time...your favorite flowers' He then looks at Shankar and says, 'What is this? You have not eaten anything so far...(Shaurya serves Shankar curry and chicken. He then pours water in Shankar's glass and adds 2 ice cubes. Shankar asks for one more and Shaurya refuses telling that he had sore throat the previous day. When Shankar insists Shaurya asks him to shut up and tells him, 'I will make Chapatti and bring baby' Shankar's mother looks at Shaurya and thinks, 'What is happening? Who is this boy? Why is he behaving like this? I don't understand anything!')

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay opens the door and comes inside the house by carrying Pia. Chand and Haseena calls him but he heads straight to the stairs with Piya in his arms. Chand and Haseena follows him.
Haseena: Abhay, what is this? What is this girl doing with you? Abhay...Abhay... (Abhay gets into his room and puts Pia on the bed. Chand and Haseena also reaches there. Abhay looks at Piya. Chand goes closer to Abhay followed by Hasina.
Chand: Abhay, What is this? (Chand looks at Piya) She is unconscious! What happened to her? (Chand and Hasina notices the bite mark on Pia's neck) Wow! Siddharth is made his move...(Chand looks at Haseena and then back to Abhay who is silent)Did Siddharth...?
Abhay: No, Me...!
Haseena: What? (Chand and Hasina are shocked)
Chand: Are you out of your mind?
Abhay: I had to take this step Dad! Siddharth was about to bite Piya. You know if Siddharth would have bitten Piya, she would also have become a vampire like us.(Abhay and his Parents look at the bite mark on Piya's neck. Abhay is angry at himself by his looks. Haseena goes to Abhay and demands to see Abhay's hands. She forcefully looks at his hand)
Haseena: What is this all? In the enmity between you two brothers everything would end.
Chand: Do you know what that means Abhay?
Abhay: I know Dad! But now I have to save Piya. Tell me how could we save Piya...I don't wish that tonight has any effect on Piya...I just want to save Pia...Tell me Dad, tell me...
Chand: Alright! Get Sandal wood, Candles and some ash...
Abhay: I will do it! I will save Pia...
Haseena: Abhay, your hands are already burned...The moment you touch Sandalwood it would pain you a lot...and you would not be able to tolerate it.
Abhay: Yeah, Mom! I have to bear this pain.(Abhay looks at his bite marks on Piya's neck) I deserve this pain.(He looks at Haseena)This is the punishment for what I did with Piya. I did not have a choice.Siddharth was about to make Pia a Vampire for him against us. I have to do this! I have to save Pia... (Chand laughs)
Chand: I like...the way he plays his games! Now it is time that we speak to our superiors. Meanwhile...Haseena...It's time to wake her up! Let's go!(Abhay looks at Piya with a disgusted look on his face)

Hasina places a tray on the Table near the Fire place. She walks towards Abhay.
Haseena: The age old game is going between you two brothers even today...and today also this girl is in between you two...
Abhay: Last time i and Siddharth gave our lives...and Maithili too! But this time it is only Siddharth...I will finish him!
Haseena: We should have left the town this girl came into our lives. I knew that this girl has brought a storm to our lives. But you and Chand did not listen to me. First you and now Siddharth! (Haseena looks at Pia) Just because of this girl...
Abhay: Now you have to decide whom you are with...
Hasina: Are you asking me to choose Abhay?
Abhay: yeah!
Hasina: I did not give birth to you. But I am still your mother. I have done the mistake once...won't do it a second time...
Abhay: No Mom! You won't do that mistake again because I would not let you do that mistake again. Siddharth is your son later...first he is my Brother...I have a blood relationship with him. I know him better than you. I know him too well. Today he was going to bite Piya. He was going to make her a bad Vampire like him. But's enough! It is time to end Siddharth. He should be finished!

Precap: Siddharth enters the room by breaking the glass. He is angry and shouts and throw things. Suddenly he realizes something and laughs. He says, 'Wow! Well...well...well little Brother...By biting Piya now your blood and her blood has become the same...and blood will call for it not?

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