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4th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 114) Siddharth Mehra’s Break up Party

Episode 114 starts with Panchi and Siddharth entering the Party Hall.
Panchi: Sir, How do you like the arrangements?
Siddharth: Ahh…Pleasing!
Scene moves to Piya at the Door. She says in mind, ‘Come on Piya, you can do this! Go inside and impress Siddharth!’ (She looks around and ring the bell)
Scene moves to inside the Party Hall. Siddharth and Panchi are standing together at the Bar counter with drinks when the bell rings.
Panchi: Oh! That must be Piya! Always on time… (Waiter goes to open the door but Siddharth snaps his fingers and stops him. Siddharth walks to the door trying to take in the smell of Pia and smiling. He says, ‘Welcome to my Party Piya’. Siddharth is about to open the door and Pia is waiting in front of the door when Abhay appears in front of Pia from nowhere and takes her away with him. Sid opens the door and does not find anyone there. He smells deeply and is angry. He bangs the door close and walks back to the Hall)

Scene moves to Abhay and Piya in the car.
Piya: Abhay what are you doing? Abhay Please answer…
Abhay: Keep Quiet Piya…just relax! Please
Piya: Abhay where are you taking me? I am not going anywhere with you, okay? What do you think you are doing?
Abhay: Piya, whatever I am doing I am doing for your safety. And believe me, one day you would thank me.
Piya: Who are you to save me? To tell me what is right or wrong…? You know what? You are not my father that you you would take the decisions of my life…
Abhay: I am not interested to be your Dad either! What is he, how is he … we both know very well.
Piya: And you…You doing the drama of saving me…Is there any reason or you are just showing your right over me? Abhay, I wanted to go to that Party. I would have got the job. I wanted to meet Siddharth and talk about my qualifications…I wanted to just…
Abhay: You would not meet Siddharth, that’s it!
Piya: Really?Why would I not meet Siddharth? What is the problem in that? If I am meeting you what is the problem for you? How are you to make decisions for me? However he is…whoever he is … he is better than a Vampire…You know what Abhay? If I can deal with you…then I can deal with anyone! Look Abhay, You have told me several times to stay away from you. You know what? I can’t handle your mood swings anymore, okay? If you want to go away from my life, go! Don’t try to come back Abhay please! Please let me go! Please forgive me… for extending my hand in friendship to you…that I wanted to be friends with you. You know what Abhay! I hate you! You seized the job I would have got! You only bring destruction to my life. Please go away and please let me go! (Abhay who kept quiet though out her entire conversation with a gloomy expression suddenly stops the car. He gets out of the car and comes to Pia’s side and opens the door for her)
Abhay: Go! (Pulls her by hand out of the car) Just go! I won’t follow you. Go away!
Abhay goes and gets into the Driver seat again. He thinks, ‘Go Pia, your Hostel is only 2 feet away, Go! Go away and you will be safe!’ He drives away leaving Pia standing on the road. Pia thinks, ‘What does he think of himself? He will stop me from going to the Party? I am sure…I can get a lift from someone… I will definitely go back to the Party. To hell with you, Abhay Raichand!’ Pia sees a car coming and waves her hand. The car stops and she asks the driver if she could get a lift to the Mall. The Guy says that he would take a left turn just before the Mall. She says that would be okay and gets into the car.

Scene moves to the Party Venue. Panchi is in the washroom checking her makeup when Misha opens the door and enters. She teases Panchi for dressing up and that she is in love. Misha tells her that it is written all over Panchi’s face. Panchi teases her back and tells her that Misha has become Fashion Queen from Monkey Queen. Misha gets irritated and walks away. Panchi notices that she is wearing to different shoes on her feet. Panchi tries to stop her but Misha goes off.

Scene moves to Misha sitting at the Bar counter drinking when she sees Shaurya entering the Party. Shaurya sees her sitting at the counter. As Misha looks on Shaurya removes his coat and walks towards her by rotating his coat over his head and then throwing it off. Misha is snapped of when someone calls her, ‘Misha!’ She looks and sees Shaurya in front of her with his clothes intact.
Misha: Shaurya???
Shaurya: Are you alright? (Misha looks at her drink) And (looking at her)…What have you worn? You also started dressing like this Bimbos? And I thought that disease of yours has gone…Ahhh..
Misha: (Gets up from the seat and walks. Shaurya walks along with her.) Whatever okay? It is a Party.
Shaurya: So…? So what happened? See all these girls… how they are roaming around becoming each other’s tails. (Both sits) Is there any difference between any of them? Ahh? You and your sister… you are the only one’s here who has some taste or own identity. See Panchi…she is so sweet and beautiful. And you are exactly the opposite…bratty and rib less But say you something…That’s your charm! Misha…all this does not suit you. For your kind information, FYI, your shoes (looks at her shoes) are not matching with your dress. Have a look (She looks) black and brown…
Misha: You know what? You don’t know anything! This is not mismatch…but fully match!This is my style, okay?
Shaurya: Okay my fashion queen! (Panchi gets up and comes towards them laughing)
Panchi: You saw? He is such a sweetheart! He saved you from getting chopped!
Misha: Whatever okay? (Gets up and go)

Panchi notices Siddharth and T in conversation. She walks towards them. Siddharth sees Panchi.
Siddharth: Ahh…Panchi! (He shows his empty glass) Panchi, Please bring a drink for me please! And T…Do you want something?
T: (clinging on to Siddharth’s arm) well…try to get this one right! 3 cubes of ice…a large drink…only stirred, not shaken! (Panchi is angry. She turns and walks away. Panchi gets vodkas from the Bar counter and walks towards T and Siddharth. She goes near T stumbling and pouring both drinks on T’s dress.)
Panchi: I am so sorry!
T: You stupid…idiot…You know how cold that drink was…
Panchi: You said 3 cubes of ice… so…so… I put it...and maybe one inside (T looks inside her dress as Sid eyes on. T walks away and Siddharth smiles) what? There is nothing to smile about this…get it?

Scene moves to Misha standing with Shaurya and Shankar on both side talking and Tracker- Angad fighting at a distance. Many couples are dancing at the dancing floor. Siddharth goes to the dance floor. Music stop and someone throws a mike to him. Siddharth catches it.
Siddharth: Hello…hello! Listen up! Some people here know me and some people here I want to know. That is why I threw a party. So…welcome everyone! (Everyone cheers and claps) After seeing the photographs of Panchi’s family and friends, I realized how boring my life is. So I thought I would do something exciting! Also…today is very important to me. Today my girlfriend broke up with me. So this is to celebrate …Welcome to my break up Party! (Siddharth instructs the DJ to play the music and leaves the dance floor)
Shankar: Hey Misha! Dance with me… (Shaurya is disappointed and Misha thinks it is a good opportunity to make Shaurya jealous)
Misha: Yeah, sure! Let’s go! (Shankar and Misha go to the dance floor and dances. Misha dances closely with Shankar to make Shaurya jealous. Siddharth goes to T and says, “Now that you are all cooled off…Dance with me!’ T says, ‘sure’ and they go to the dance floor and dance together.

Panchi watches T and Sid together. She is jealous and angry. Shaurya comes and offers Shankar hand for dancing. As Shankar is wondering what has happened suddenly Misha comes and puts her hand on Shaurya’s hand and tells him, ’Of course Shaurya, I will dance with you…’ Shaurya tries to hide his disappointment and says, ‘Shankar, you also come along with us…’ Shankar nods and smiles. Misha thinks, ‘So sweet Shaurya is. He does not want Shankar to feel left out. It is amazing! Such a cool guy…not that jealous types…I am so lucky!’ They go to the dance floor together. T and Sid and dancing very closer and T tell him, ‘Sid! Don’t you think that we need to go out because this place is so crowded? I mean we could get fresh air outside with just you and me?’ Sid removes the hairs from Tanushree’s shoulders and says, ‘we two?’ T replies, ‘yes, just the 2 of us. I think we need to know each other closely and understand each other’ Siddharth thinks, ‘Wow! In 100 years girls have changed this much! I don’t need to hunt…the prey walks and comes to me. Come on Sid! Oblige the poor girl. Anyways, the party here is boring and Piya also did not come…so might as well have some fun!’

Scene moves to Pia getting down from the Car. Piya thanks the driver and starts walking. As she walks she touches the pendant on her neck which Abhay had given her. She thinks,’ how did Abhay know that I am going to this Party? I don’t understand…and this locket…oh God! Is Abhay keeping an eye on me? No…no…how’s that possible? Then why did he give me this locket and why he wants me to keep away from Siddharth? So far I have not even met Siddharth. I am tired of you Abhay. You cannot take the decisions of my life. I don’t need you. And I don’t need your stupid locket’ Piya removes the locket from the chain and throws it away.

Precap: Siddharth and Tanushree at the Forest. Siddharth rejects a clinging T as he senses Piya's presence.

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