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30th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 136) Piya supports Siddharth against Abhay

Ruhi fights with T for insulting Angad
Episode 136 starts with Panchi pacing around the hall of Dobriyal House. Panchi thinks, 'I should have understood on that day itself when I saw Piya with Siddharth for Dinner. I cannot trust her. Pia took me for a ride. Piya also loves Siddharth and is playing the game to keep Siddharth away from me. How could she be so selfish? I just hate her!'

Scene moves to Misha at the Prom Night Party Venue walking around. She recalls Shaurya's conversation with her telling that he is in love with someone else. Misha sits on the stairs depressed and looking gloomy. Shankar comes there and sits next to her.
Shankar: What happened Misha? Why our Prom Queen is looking sad...somebody would tell us?
Misha: Queen my foot! I am a loser that I allowed somebody to play with my heart so easily that I did not even think that I could be rejected. What is the difference between Tracker and me? My love rejected me. I am hurting. How can I be so stupid Shankar? (Shankar hugs her)How can I be so stupid? Am I so bad that nobody would love me?
Shankar: Everything would be alright...Don't tell like that Misha...Don't cry...Everything would be alright! (Shankar thinks, 'Today I know Misha that I really love you because today forgetting my broken heart I am worried about your heart. I don't care that I am hurting, I care about your hurt. I just care about your hurt') Listen Misha! (Shankar separates her from him by keeping his hand on her shoulder)There is nothing like that. You are very good...very lovely...And you deserve this love. So don't cry! I will make Shaurya understand. I am sure that he would love you too. he would be yours. Maybe he never thought of you that way. I will tell him that how good you are and how lovely...and so lovable...And he will be yours, I promise!
Misha: Shankar, How good you are and I have always been so rude to you. How much I have troubled you?
Shankar: No, Not at all Misha!
Misha: Thanks a lot! You have been really sweet!
Shankar: Can we go now?
Misha: Yeah! (they get up from there)

Scene moves to T and her Bimbo friends walking through the corridor. T has a crown on her head. Angad comes from the opposite side. He sees the crown on T's head and stops her saying, 'Hey T, What's with the crown. You stole it?' T tells him that he does not have the license to talk to T like that and that she is the true Prom Queen of the College. T tells Angad that no one would believe that Misha won the crown as she is ugly and she got it only because her sister Panchi sleeps around with the Trustee Siddharth Mehra. Angad tells T that everyone at college makes fun of her but he feels pity on her and says that she needs the help of a Psychiatrist. He tells her that she is so scary and that she thinks of herself so high that she has forgotten the truth. Angad tells her that there is a life outside the college also and if she goes out nobody would even ask of her. T gets angry and insults Angad telling that he is ugly and that if Tracker would not have been desperate to get a Boyfriend she would not have even looked at him. She tells him that he does not have money also and that he would not have been able to come to the Prom Night if her friend would not have done him a favor. Suddenly T gets slapped by someone. Angad and T are shocked to see Tracker. Tracker gives T a verbal lashing for speaking to her Boyfriend like that and takes the crown from T's head and crushes it under her foot. Angad is happy to know that Ruhi loves him very much. Tracker tells T that she might have been the Prom Queen of the College earlier but she is not now. Ruhi tells T that every one knows what she is and called T an 'ugly chick'. Ruhi warns T and tells her that she should not see her anywhere near her boyfriend and T asks her to shut up. Tracker hits T on her leg using her foot. T limps away with the help of her friends and Angad- Tracker goes the other way with Angad's hand on Ruhi's waist and Ruhi's hands around Angad's neck.

Scene moves to the Jungle where Piya is still busy lighting the candles around. Siddharth is sitting on a chair and has set the table. He notices Piya mobile on the table and puts it inside the purse. He tells that he is going to the car and would put her purse inside. He tells Pia that he can't wait to see Panchi. Pia tells him not to worry and that she would come fast. Siddharth goes from there.

Scene moves to Abhay driving the car. He stops the car and gets down. He thinks, 'I can feel it...You are somewhere here Pia...Piya, I am coming! I am coming Piya...I am coming!

Scene moves to Siddharth coming back. He secures the silver chain again with his gloved hands. He thinks, 'Tonight would be a very beautiful night' Piya sees Siddharth and asks him when Panchi is coming.
Siddharth: I don't know! I did not want to spoil the surprise. That's why I was a little vague about it. I thought her let me meet her here and did not give her the time. She might be on her way (Siddharth signals her to sit and both sit). What do you think?
Piya: I think Panchi might be getting ready for the occasion.
Siddharth: I really hope so...Piya I am very grateful that you are helping me...for giving me courage. To tell you the truth I am becoming nervous thinking if she would come or not. I am really glad that you are here with me.
Piya: My pleasure! (Piya thinks, 'I hope Panchi comes. Let is not be that we sit here and she does not turn up. I think I should send her a message' Siddharth, you kept my phone on car?
Siddharth: Yeah...
Piya: I just go and use my phone?
Siddharth: Use mine...
Piya: No Thanks! I will go and use mine...
(Piya goes from there)

Scene moves to Piya who opens the Car door. She takes her mobile phone from her purse and sees 11 missed calls from Abhay. She thinks, 'This Abhay too...what does he want to talk to me? Surely he is going to talk bad of Siddharth. I don't want to hear it. This time I only have to think of the good for Panchi. If Abhay has a problem with Sid, that is his problem'. Piya types the Message for Panchi on her mobile phone saying, 'Hey Panchi! Sid and I are at the Forest near the Kumber turn and I must tell you that this place is very very romantic. I just thought you should know' Piya sends the message and thinks, 'Sorry Sid! I gave up some surprise. But you know I don't know about Panchi's mood. If she reads this and understands...then she would definitely come' Piya puts back the mobile in her purse and puts the purse in the car. She then returns to the Forest.

Scene moves to Panchi pacing to and fro in the hall. She thinks, 'Where is Misha? This is all because of her. She does not choose her friends right. she only bought Pia to my life. I have always thought of Piya as a friend and told what is in my heart to her. And today she is playing with my own heart? She knows how much I love Siddharth and she is roaming around with Siddharth behind my back...? What is this game?' Panchi recalls Siddharth wiping Piya's mouth with a tissue at the Restaurant
and holding her hand. She also recalls seeing Pia's hand on top of the table at Siddharth's cabin. Panchi thinks, 'You are such a fool Panchi! Don't you understand that Pia is taking advantage of you' Panchi's mobile beeps and she reads the message from Piya. Panchi is shocked reading the message and says, 'How dare she? One thing she is having romantic dinner with Sid at the Jungle... and she is messaging me? She also is fond of taunting like T or what? Piya, today I will see'

Scene moves to Abhay reaching near the spot. He says in mind, 'Pia I have come! I will not let anything happen to you. Today all the powers would get united in me because it is essential to remove this darkness!' Abhay runs to the spot.

Siddharth is sitting on a Chair. He is happy and thinking that he has blocked Abhay with the silver chain and he would not be able to come there. Abhay lands there and Siddharth is shocked to see him. Siddharth gets up and walks towards Abhay.
Siddharth: Well...well...well...snoop dog! So you found us...I am surprised...the silver chain did not stop you.
Abhay: No Siddharth! No one can stop me from reaching Piya...neither you nor your silver chain! (Abhay keeps both hands on the Silver Chain trying to break it. He shouts with his fangs visible. Siddharth is terrified. Abhay throws the chain away exposing his burned hands. Abhay comes back to normal. Siddharth for a moment looks frightened and shocked but he hides it cleverly.
Siddharth: Well, Josh machine! We don't need your testosterone's here. From where you have come, go back there, okay? Come on now! About turn...left right left right
Abhay: Enough! The game you are playing you have to stop. Right here and right now! Just stop this thing.
Siddharth: (smiles) what? (Looks around) What are you talking about Brother? We are here for a Picnic.
Abhay: Yeah right! I know you too well Siddharth! I know what you want to do this full moon night. But you have completely forgotten that the effect of this would be on the full Vampire community. How long will you keep on talking revenge for the age old enmity? How long Siddharth? I did not love Maithili...Maithili loved me...(Siddharth's face becomes gloomy) She never liked you! How long Siddharth? (Siddharth notices Pia coming and runs towards the chain. He keeps his hands on the chain and screams. He then goes and falls on the ground. Pia runs towards him)

Scene moves to the Raichand Mansion. Haseena is sitting on a chair while Chand is near the fire. Chand asks Haseena what happened and she replies, 'it's nothing'. Chand sits at another chair having his drink and Haseena is tensed looking at the burn on her hand. She thinks, 'This can only mean one thing. One of my sons is injured. Siddharth! Abhay is becoming too much to handle for Siddharth. Where will this end?' Chand asks her if she wants to say something. Haseena nods,'no'. She thinks, 'Where are these two? What are they doing? Something is going to happen! I can feel it!'

Scene moves to the Jungle. Siddharth is on the ground. He puts a brilliant act in front of Piya.
Siddharth: Who are you? What are you? You are not a are a monster! (Pia comes there calling for Siddharth and gives Siddharth a hand to get up) Pia ...He had changed1 Don't know what happened to him. I tried to tell him that you are helping me to surprise Panchi but he did not listen to me Piya. He got jealous. Piya...He is a monster! He attacked me! See what he did to my hands. His eyes was becoming strange. He was about to bite me like a crocodile with his fangs Piya...
Abhay: Stop it Siddharth!
Pia: Abhay, what are you doing here?
Abhay: Pia...You don't know what you are about to do...
Pia: Just shut up! Who called you here? Go from here... (Siddharth keeps on talking non stop telling that he wanted to give Panchi a romantic dinner and that Abhay wants to kill him) You have it in you or gone...Like this everyone would know about you. What's wrong with you?
Abhay: Stay away from Pia
Siddharth: You run away from here Piya your life (He pushes Piya behind him) I will sacrifice my love for you Piya. Just tell Panchi that I loves her.
Piya: Relax...As long as I am here he won't do anything,okay? I know Abhay...You be here...he won't do anything! Abhay Please! Just leave, Okay! I need you to leave now...please leave... (Siddharth who was behind Pia now has fangs. Abhay sees it) Abhay, I want you to go...Abhay just go...What are you looking at? Just go! (Abhay thinks, 'No! If Siddharth bites Piya everything would end. I will not let it happen. If Siddharth does this after 3 full moon nights she will also become a Vampire'

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