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7th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 116) Piya’s first Day at Siddharth’s Office

Pyar ki ye ek Kahani Episode 116 starts with Siddharth dreaming of biting Piya. Sid calls on the intercom and asks to send Pia in. Piya comes in.
Pia: Sir, may I come in?
Siddharth: Ahh…Piya, Come in (He signals her to sit) Sit…
Piya: Thank you Sir (sits)
Siddharth: Pia, I must say that I am happy.
Piya: Me too Sir, I am glad I got this job!
Siddharth: I like your spirit. If you need to learn more about our Business then you need to become my personal assistant. (Piya nods) You will go with me for all my meetings. You will also be in charge of all my files and schedules. You will learn a lot!
Piya: That’s great Sir, Thank you so much!
Siddharth: Pia, Hope you will be happy here
Pia: I am sure Sir. Thank you very much. I will take your leave now! (Siddharth nods and Pia goes off from there. He says, ‘If you are happy or not, I am very happy! This is going to be a lot of fun!’

Scene Moves to Mount College. Abhay asks several students if they have seen Piya. He is worried and remembers seeing Piya with Siddharth in his Car. He thinks, ‘Piya, where have you gone? Are you away from Siddharth? I need to find out!’ He tries to call Piya but does not get any response. Abhay sees Misha sitting in the class and goes to her.
Abhay: Misha, Did you see Pia anywhere?
Misha: No, I don’t know where she is. She ditched me on the Party also yesterday night. Oh…Actually she is upset because she missed the interview twice. And you know how she is when she is upset. She might be in the Hostel.
Abhay: I checked at the Hostel, she is not there.
Misha : Okay… If you see her please give me my message. I want to talk to her. I miss her man. Don’t know where she vanished!
Abhay: Okay, Thanks!
Misha : Bye! (Abhay gets out of the class. He thinks, ‘Where have you gone Piya…I have got a bad feeling…Where are you Piya?’ He walks from there. At the class Misha calls Pia on the phone and the ring goes on. Misha says, ‘Come on Piya…pick up! God Piya…Please don’t tell me that you got into some trouble again. And Shaurya distracted me so much that I forgot to suspect Shankar. I am sure the beastly forest hunter is Shankar and he is the one who attacked that girl. Oh…if something happens to Pia…it will all be my fault!’ Misha dials again and tells, ‘Come on Piya…Please lift the phone! Damn it!’

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office. Piya is sitting and doing some work when her mobile phone rings. The number of Misha flashes on the phone and seeing that Piya says, ‘If I pick up Misha’s phone on my first day of office…no!’ Pia cuts the phone and starts working again. The phone rings again and she notices that this time it is from Abhay. Pia cuts the phone. Panchi then enters the Office and sees Pia working.
Panchi: Pia? My new colleague…! Welcome to the Office. It is going to be so much fun when we work together. I am excited!
Pia: Even I am excited, Thank you! (T comes in and sees Pia sitting opposite Panchi. T says in mind, ‘No bloody way! What this charity case is doing here? T does not have time to deal with you. Stay away loser! T would not allow you to go ahead of her’ T goes to Sid’s cabin and gets in. Siddharth is sitting and working on his laptop. She goes and sits on the arm of the chair and tells Siddharth, ‘Sid…I need your help! I don’t know about excel sheet’ Siddharth tells her, ‘Sure! See …It is very simple…You just have to…’ T says his name and presses his shoulders with both hands. She then tells him, ‘you are the most well dressed man here…Unlike the others!’ Panchi enters the cabin and sees T flirting with Siddharth.
T: But you have style! And I love your Cologne!
Siddharth: And you are too kind.(He puts his arm around T) If you like this I can wear this cologne for you every day…as long as the smell turns you on.
Panchi walks off from there. She throws the file on her table and sits on her chair. Piya notices Panchi and asks her, ’What happened to you?’
Panchi: Don’t even ask! That T… I got rid of her at college and now she is again back in my damn life! She doesn’t know anything. She does’nt know work…she is not qualified…she is even not deserving…she thinks that she can achieve everything with her sex appeal. (Pia smiles) And can go ahead in life…disgusting! She is so cheap! I can’t even tell you how she was flirting with Siddharth.
Piya: But Panchi, You already knew that T was always like that! So why is she affecting you?
Panchi: No! I mean…it does not make a difference to me. What for me? She can do what she likes. (Piya smiles again) If she wants she can jump from her heels and commit suicide. But can’t Siddharth not see? Can’t he see the difference between right and wrong? Can’t he see what kind of a girl T is? (Pia gets up and says, ‘I just have to look at some reference’)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab is sitting in the sofa and doing some work and Madhu in the kitchen. Madhu informs Arnab that she thinks that her daughters are in love. Arnab smiles.

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office. Siddharth comes out of his cabin followed by T. T asks him which file he would look first, the outdated blue or the hot pink which is the color of the season. (Siddharth takes the pink file)
Siddharth: Great! Thank you T. In fact this is a perfect situation. T, your hot pink file in pink bold fonts should come to my table every morning at 12. (Siddharth goes to Panchi’s table and picks up the yellow file and turns the pages) and this yellow…more subtle file which is sweeter, smoother and more organized should reach at 10 in the morning at my Office. And this red one (Siddharth then moves to Pia and stands in front of her) exciting red (he takes the file from Pia) primary red which is the color of love, color of passion, color of blood (Pia looks at him) blood red one that is (Pia smiles)…I like this! Okay girls; keep updating me in your own styles…for now I am taking this red file. Carry on! (Siddharth goes off. T is angry. She thinks, ‘This is not happening! I will handle Panchi later. But Piya, she took Abhay away from me and now I will not allow her to win with Siddharth’.

Scene moves to Mount College. Shankar is coming out of the college and getting into his Car at night. He drives off. Misha who is wearing a burqha comes out and gets into her bike and follows him. Misha sees a girl asking for a lift on the road. Shankar stops the car and the girl gets in. Misha thinks, ‘Ahh…victim number 2…Shankar, this time I will not allow you to attack on anyone. Shankar’s car moves off and Misha follows it. Shankar stops the Car. In the car the girl says, ‘Thanks for the lift. If you had not come…I might have had to walk’ Shankar replies, ‘my pleasure! You here alone? Will you be okay?’ The girl says, ‘my friends are suppose to come here…they will pick me’ Shankar tells the girl, ‘Look! This area is not safe at all! In fact someday back one incident happened here. So…let’s do one think. I will wait here with you. When your friends come…You can go’. The girl tells 'thanks, that is really sweet of you' and gets out of the car. Shankar also gets out of the car. Misha hides behind a tree and keeps a watch on them.

The girl and Shankar are waiting near the car. Shankar comes behind the girl and suddenly bends down. Suddenly Misha comes out of her hiding place and pushing the girl away, pounces on Shankar telling that I will not let you kill. Shankar tells that he was just lifting the pen which had fallen down and shows Misha the pen. Misha is shocked. The girl also tells that her pen had fallen down. Misha takes the pen and gives a fake smile.
Shankar: What happened Misha? Why were you behaving like that? (Shankar sits upright on the ground)
Misha: Pen…Actually this pen was calling me for ages! We have an age old relationship!
Girl: Who are you?
Misha: Pen! (laughs and kisses on the pen) thank you…thank guys (runs off from there)

Scene moves to the Police Inspector handing over a new gold bracelet to his higher officer telling that they found it at the murder spot of the girl. The officer tells him to make an inquiry about the bracelet at every jewelry shop.

Scene moves to Abhay on his car. He stops the car and thinks ‘Where do I search for you Piya? Where you would be?’ He picks up the mobile and dials. Misha standing near her bike picks Abhay’s call.
Abhay: Hello Misha!
Misha: What?
Abhay: Misha…No idea where Pia is…And she is not answering her phone…Give ne Panchi’s office number…maybe she went there to ask for the job…
Misha: Hey! That’s a good idea! Hold on…one second… (Misha gives the number)
Abhay: Thanks Misha! (Abhay thinks, ‘I wish that you are not there…’ He dials the number and the receptionist picks up the call at Siddharth’s office. Abhay asks for Pia Jaiswal and the girl tells him that there in no one in the office by that name. She then sees Pia and asks her if she is Piya Jaiswal. Piya takes the phone and says ‘hello’ but no one speaks from the other end. Abhay cuts the phone.

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