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3rd March 2011 Written Update (Episode 113) Siddharth asks Panchi to throw a Party so that he can meet Piya

Episode 113 Raichand Mansion, Chand and Haseena in conversation.
Chand: (to Haseena)What happened to you? Why did you go to meet Siddharth? (Abhay enters the house) Abhay! (Abhay goes near his parents) And you…why did you go to meet Siddharth? Why? (Abhay keeps silence)
Haseena: Chand, We need to leave this city and go from here. You know what Siddharth can do. Do you have any idea of his strength?
Chand: How many times and where all we would run to? Don’t forget that I made Siddharth. I am not so weak.
Haseena: But Siddharth…
Chand: He has a monster inside him. Is he so powerful? We are not alone… So…If somebody is so interested in Siddharth(looks at Abhay) he can go away from here. (Abhay keeps quiet)

Scene moves to Ruhi on the road the next day. She is going to Siddharth’s office. She hopes if she could get a taxi. Angad comes in a car and stops in front of her. She asks him to drop her at Siddharth’s office. Angad wants to stop Ruhi from getting selected for the job so he suggests that he applies make up on her. She allows him and he puts blue eye shadow on her cheeks.

Scene moves to Mount College Girls Hostel. Arnab Dobriyal enters Piya’s room with a Basket of fruits in his hand. Piya is sleeping on her bed. Arnab places the fruits on the side table and sits by Pia’s bed. He feels her forehead to check if she is having fever. Pia opens her eyes and turns to the other side.
Arnab: How are you feeling today?
Piya: Why have you come here?
Arnab: I just… Where did you go yesterday night? I got worried!
Piya: I don’t need to give you an explanation! This many years where I was and how I was did not make any difference to you. This is just a night’s matter. Should not make any difference to you…
Arnab: Piya…
Pia: Please look! Thank you for dropping me. I am happy in the Hostel. Please don’t come here often. I think you can leave…
Arnab: What happened Pia? What mistake have I done? (Pia gets up and sits on the bed facing Arnab)
Piya: Mistake? You are asking me this?(turns her face to the opposite direction)
Arnab: How much misunderstandings are there between us. Pia, don’t misunderstand me! Please don’t hate me! (Pia looks at him)
Piya: I don’t hate you! I don’t even think of you…because you are not so important to me that I should hate you.
Arnab: Piya, Don’t talk to me like that. I am your father.
Piya: You are responsible for my Mama’s death. You gave her so much pain that she went away! You left us when we needed you…and you are telling me that I should not hate you? On what right you are telling me this?
Arnab: Piya, your anger is based on half facts.
Pia: I do not want to know the full truth. I don’t care!
Arnab: Piya please…
Piya: Please…I don’t want to hear anything. Please leave… (Arnab goes away)

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office. A girl with a rose bouquet opens the door of Siddharth’s cabin and walks in and shouts at him telling that he is the world’s worst boyfriend. She tells him that not only did he forget her Birthday but when she reminded him of it he send a cheap bouquet without even a name on it. She throws the bouquet at him and tells him not to call her ever again. She walks out of the room. Siddharth follows her and try to stop her by calling her some names which is not her’s and the girl says ‘Get lost’ and walks out from there.
Siddharth: Some sort of jewelry name…Payal?
Panchi: Malini… (Siddharth sits on Panchi’s chair)
Siddharth: Oh! What’s the difference? Panchi I am bored. My life has become a break. Girls first throw themselves at me and then throw things at me. I need a change! Come on entertain your Boss!
Panchi: ehh? What can I do Sir?
Siddharth: I don’t know… Dance for me…
Panchi: No way! Very funny Sir…
Siddharth: Then throw a big Party for me…That’s it! And a really rocking Party!
Panchi: Are you serious? Okay! Then I will call all my girlfriends
Siddharth: Interesting, But I want to stay away from them and do not want to call them to my house. I want a new change…I want new people…entertaining kind…chilling kind…something like this! (points to the group photograph on Panchi’s table)
Panchi: Oh this…
Siddharth: Who is this?
Panchi: This is my closest friend… Kabir (Introduces one by one Tracker, Misha and Abhay… Siddharth asks who is behind the picture on which nail paint has fallen. Panchi tells him that it is Piya)
Siddharth: Ahh…the mysterious girl! How is she?
Panchi: Okay, poor girl! She is better! But she is a bit upset because she could not make it to the interview.
Siddharth: Oh! You know? Upsetting ladies is not in my books.
Panchi: Yeah?
Siddharth: At least I try! So this is what you are going to do… Call all your friends to the Party…Call Pia also…I will meet Pia and then will talk about the job also…But do not call Mr Depressive! He will kill all the fun!(Get’s up from the chair) Get started! And remember…I want a really rocking Party…with music, dancing…cocktails…
Panchi: Sure Sir! (Siddharth goes off and Panchi sits on her chair and says, ‘sounds exciting!’ Siddharth gets into his cabin and says, ‘So mysterious girl! To meet to I am having to throw this Party. You are going to be my guest of honor’

Scene moves to T and Tracker at Siddharth’s Office waiting room. The peon comes with water and both the girls say no. Tanushree notices the eye shadow on Tracker’s face. T tries to tell her but Tracker insults her and T does not tell anything.
Scene moves to T and Tracker going to Panchi’s Desk. Panchi notices the makeup and tells tracker to go to the loo and have a look at her face. Tracker goes off.
Panchi: Yes, How can I help you Ms Ambolker?
T: Yes, You may! Show me my seat…
Panchi: Your seat? (Throws the file with Appointment letter on the table and Panchi looks at it)
T: From where I would work…
Panchi: (Gets up from her seat) you… and here? (Siddharth opens his Cabin door and comes out)
T: Yes!
Siddharth: Ahh… T? Welcome to Mehra and Company… or should I say welcome to my Company? (Holds her hand. Panchi looks at them angrily) Panchi…This is our newest and cutest recruit. Make sure she feels at home. I am going to see you around (T looks at Panchi with a triumphant smile)

Siddharth is on his Chair working on the computer. Panchi walks into the cabin.
Panchi: You gave her the job? To that self obsessed bimbo? But…why?
Siddharth: Come on Panchi! In office there should be some pretty young things…some eye candies… Plus she looks good enough to eat… (Panchi thinks, ‘Bloody Moron! But why are you feeling bad Panchi? He is like that! Sick and annoying! Oh God! It is not about him Panchi! Siddharth is the last man about whom you should feel jealous. Oh God! Just snap out of it!’ Siddaharth looks at her with a smile during when she is thinking as if he heard whatever she said. Panchi shakes her head and gives Siddharth a fake smile. Siddharth presses the intercom and says, ‘T, please come to my Office!’ still smiling. T walks in.
Siddharth: Ah…You know one thing…Tonight I am throwing a party. You can go and get ready for it.
T: Party! Wow! To get ready I need a lot of time. So I need an off.
Siddharth: Absolutely! In fact you know what? Buy yourself a new dress on Company Account (Panchi is annoyed)
T: Oh really! I love this job… (Goes from there)
Panchi: What are you doing? You are encouraging her stupidity?
Siddharth: Come on now Panchi! Don’t get so jealous…I will tell you…You also buy a dress… Company will pay 20%.
Panchi: Oh really? But no…Thank you! And excuse me… I am not jealous! (Siddharth smiles) Some hardworking candidate could have got this job.
Siddharth: I know but her b**** is so cute!
Panchi: You just disgust me! (Siddharth gets up and goes to the coffee table) But that is not professional!
Siddharth: I know but (He sits and makes a cup of coffee) Professional is cold but personal is warm (He gets up taking the Coffee Cup and Saucer and walks to Panchi) Right, my personal assistant? (He offers the cup to Panchi. She takes the cup from Siddharth and smiles)

Scene moves to Mount College classroom. The teacher is teaching. Abhay looks at Piya. Piya notices her mobile beeping and she looks at it and notices miss call from Panchi and message. Piya checks the message and smiles. She thinks, ‘Wow Piya! Night there is a party at Sid’s place and I am getting another chance to meet him. Don’t miss it’. Abhay reads her thoughts and looks at her.

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