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14th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 149) Abhay heals Pia’s heat rashes and burns with his healing Kisses

Abhay hugs Piya at the Locker Room
Episode 149 starts with Pia waking up feeling hot and irritated from the sunlight through the Window. She notices sun rashes on her back. She get up saying, 'Oh God! So hot. The Sun is so harsh (she covers her face with hand to avoid sunlight...what is happening?' Piya goes to the mirror and inspects the sun rashes on her back. She says, 'Oh God! This sun rash...Ouch! It is so painful...What is happening? It is so hot' Another girl in the room asks Piya what happened and Pia tells that she is feeling hot and irritating from the sun. Piya's friend tells her, 'You like Sun, don't you? You tell that in Dehradun's cold weather the Sun comes like a Blessing after a long Depression. In fact you choose the bed near the window so that you get sunlight in the morning. What happened now?'Piya tells her that it is just too hot and sun is burning her. Her friend offers her water telling that Pia may not be feeling well. Piya drinks a sip and sits on her bed. The girl gets concerned and asks Piya what happened. Pia tells that these days she is not liking water and even though she drinks it never quenches her thirst. Piya tells her that she feels like drinking something else and she does not know what. Piya tells her that she does not know what is happening to her. Piya's friend tells her that she might be dehydrated and should get a check up done. Piya tells her that she was also not getting proper sleep for many days. The girl tells Piya that she definitely needs to get a check up done as she cannot afford to get health problems as the exams are coming near. The girl goes from there and Pia wonders, 'Oh God what is happening? Why am having so much problem with sun? I like sun so much and now sun rash. Like that it only happened with Abhay. I? I need to talk to Abhay' Piya takes her mobile and types a message for Abhay, 'Abhay need to talk. Pick me up'. She sends the message.

Scene moves to Kabir sitting with Danish at Kabir's House. A servant comes and places a Tray with 2 cups of Coffee on the Table. Kabir takes a cup and gives to Danish and takes the other himself.
Kabir: Tell me. What have you come to say?
Danish: Kabir, These days whom you are spending your time with are not good people. You know with them you will only get sorrow. Especially with Pia...
Kabir: Oh! Really Danish? Now you will tell me whom I need to trust and who will give me sorrow? I think you have lost that. Danish you left no stones unturned to distance me from my friends and life. Even after being your Brother Misha and Panchi accepted me and never complained. In fact after all that happened they did not cut off their relations with me. And Pia...danish you bloody well know that how much I love much I want her. And today fate has given one more opportunity to get her back in my life. And you want to spoil!
Danish: Kabir, I am your Brother and I care for you. I really do. And I know that in the way you are going you will only get loss. So I came to alert you.
Kabir: So you are my Brother? Where was the Brother when I was ashamed in front of my friends. You know what Danish? Today you are unable to see Panchi's happiness. So you have started making some new story. Just take my advice dude...Stay out of it,okay?
Danish: Kabir, why are you not listening to me? Don't trust that girl too much. Piya is not yours nor will ever be yours. She cannot be trusted. (Kabir gets angry. He keeps his Coffee cup on the Tray and walks off as Danish looks on. Danish is angry too that Kabir did not take his warning seriously).
Panchi and Misha - Dobriyal Sisters having fun together
Scene moves to Panchi Dobriyal taking some photos from her Parents Cupboard in their room. Panchi sees Misha sitting on the cot and drinking beer from the bottle. Panchi scolds her and Misha tells that Panchi has first time come to her Parent's room to steal photos but she had been stealing beer for years and nobody found it so far. Misha looks at her Parent's photo and comments that her father is so handsome and that she is sure that in College he would have had lot of girl friends.
Panchi: Yeah...But Dad loves Mom forever!
Misha: Yeah dumbo! But think about it. You also have a is another thing that it did not work out and you moved on.But think...Today you love Sid but you also had a past. It did not work out so you moved on. I wonder if papa also had some past without Mom. I mean just think about it. Today if someone comes and tells us that there was someone more important than us for would we have reacted? Imagine if Papa had some other child how would she have looked? How do you react to a Past gone by?
Panchi: I do not know Misha. I know what you mean. Sometimes I look at the past and think if that could have been my future. And if it could have happened when why fate changed all of a sudden. Is it for the better?
Misha: Exactly!Look at my Past. If my Past would have been my future...I would have been wife to a Gay... (The girls laugh)
Panchi: Oh my God! That would have been horrible! You know I think that sometimes Papa-Momma also may have felt what if life was different.
Misha: Hmm! But don't think too much. We have a lot of work to do on Photographs. Get to work! Misha and Panchi takes the photographs from the bed and leave the room.

Scene moves to Misha and Panchi at Misha's room lying on the Cot and looking into the laptop.They are happy and laughing. Misha tells that since the photographs are old they would scan it and modify it in the Computer to make a Collage as an surprise gift for Parents on their Anniversary. Panchi says that it is a very good idea and Misha tells her that after all the idea is hers.
Abhay hugs Pia close in the Car
Scene moves to Abhay driving the Car with Piya by his side.
Piya: Actually Abhay, I called you to talk to you. Abhay, something strange is happening to me. You know what? I am feeling so strange in the sunlight. (Abhay looks at her) As a fact, it feels like it is burning my skin. It is really bothering me Abhay.
Abhay: Pia, the weather is too hot and your skin is sensitive.Maybe that is why you are feeling like that.
Piya: But Abhay, That never happened to me earlier. (Abhay hugs her close and makes her keep her head on his shoulder.
Abhay: Don't worry Pia! Nothing happened to you. You will be fine...(Abhay rubs her shoulders. After some time the car enters into the College Campus and Abhay tells Piya that they have reached the college. Abhay stops the car. Piya releases her seat belt)Piya... You go to College. I don't anyone to see that we are together.
Piya: Abahy, Till when this will go on? Being near but still away and pretending in front of others...I hate it Abhay!
Abhay: Don't worry Pia...Everything would be alright. Have faith! (Piya nods and smiles)
Piya: Abhay, Please meet me at the Locker Room. I need to talk to you.
Abhay: Okay, Go!
Piya: Bye!
Abhay: Bye! (Pia gets out of the Car and walks off. Abhay thinks, 'What is happening? It's another sign...Pia is unable to bear heat'

Kabir reaches the Car Parking lot in his Car. He sees Pia walking away. He gets out and goes near Abhay's Car. Kabir knocks on Abhay's Car window and Abhay slides the window down.
Kabir: What were you doing with Pia Abhay?
Abhay: Pia fainted in the heat. She needed help. I just helped her.
Kabir: Listen Abhay! We have spoken about this before.You don't have any interest in Pia, right? And you told me that I can date her if I want to. Then why are you getting back into her like again and again? Just stay away Abhay! And one more thing...After today if Pia has any trouble I am there to take care of her. You don't need to be bothered okay?
Abhay: Fine! No Problem! (Abhay slides the Car window up)

Scene moves to Misha at the Library looking into some print out. Pia comes there.
Pia: What are you doing Misha? (Misha shows her Father's Picture to Pia)
Misha: Look at this! Super...right?
Piya: Yeah! (Pia keeps her hand on her neck and then mouth)
Misha: Hey! What happened to you? Why are you looking flushed and irritated?
Piya: I don't know! It is just so hot. I am feeling so hot. I am hot right now...
Misha: Yeah yeah you are very hot. But for whom? (Misha laughs)
Piya: Shut up hehehe...I am already very irritated don't add to it okay? You tell me what you are doing...
Misha: I am digitalizing all of Papa's photographs. It was in age old albums. Look...I put them all in Computer and took fresh print out. Just look at the colors man! It is so bright! (Misha hands over the papers to Piya who looks at it who recalls Arnab kneeling in front of her to touch her face and she hiding behind her Mom. Misha seizes the print out from Pia asking,'Where are you lost?'
Misha: I know! My Papa used to be very handsome. You know Momma tells that in the college Papa was a hottie (Pia smiles) I am making a Collage of all the photographs...Anniversary Gift! (Misha and Pia smiles)
Piya: That is so nice!
Misha: My idea! (Misha smiles. Piya is feeling irritated and hot. She fans herself with her hands)
Abhay heals Pia's sun rash by kissing on her back shoulder
 Scene moves to Piya a the Locker Room walking to and fro feeling irritated by heat and waiting for Abhay. Abhay comes from behind and calls Pia by her name. Piya turns and looks at him.
Piya: Abhay! Abhay I don't know what is happening to me. I am feeling very scared. I am not able to understand anything but...
Abhay: What happened Pia? (Pia looks at him and then turns her back to him. Slowly she removes the shrug to one side exposing her sunburned skin to him)
Piya: I don't know wht is happening Abhay! This effect of heat...First there was only burning and irritation and now... Now my entire back is burned. I don't know what to do.
Abhay: Piya, I can make it fully alright but for that I will have to touch you. (Piya feels shy. She takes her shrug off with still her back on Abhay. Abhay goes close to her and stands behind Pia. He keeps one hand on Piya's arms and with the other hand he removes her hair from the back to a side. He then bends and kisses on her burned skin. Piya is affected by his touch and kisses. He lifts his head and Piya looks at him. He again bends this time blowing air on her burned skin. He then run his hand on the skin healing the sun rash completely. Abhay then bends to kiss her now healed skin on the back. He lifts his head and Piya turns to him going closer looking at him.
Piya: Abhay, I don't know what I would have done without you.
Abhay: The blood of humans are hot and that of the Vampires cold. By this you will feel will feel relaxed (Piya nods and Abhay hugs her close. Piya hugs him tightly and buries her head to Abhay's chest. Abhay thinks, 'Piya would understand very fast what is happening with her. How will I face that day? This is the next stage to become a Vampire. It's come too soon! Don't know what would happen'.
Abahy kisses Pia on forehead
Abhay kisses Piya on her eyes
Abhay kisses Pia on eyes
Piya lifts her head from Abhay's chest and look at him. Abhay cups her face with both his hands. Abhay gets carried away by his love for Pia and gently kisses on her forehead and then both eye lids. He then brings his lips closer to hers with their noses almost touching.Both look at each other smiling. Episode ends.
Abhay and Piya about to kiss
Precap: Misha is looking at the Photograph of her Parents and notice Piya's Mom Suganth standing behind them. She says, 'Oh my God Pia, You are not going to believe this! Isn't this your Mom's picture?' Piya is shocked.

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