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18th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 126) Panchi sees Piya and Siddharth Mehra together at the Restaurant

Episode 126 starts with Misha and Panchi in conversation in Misha’s room.
Misha: What do you think? That in this world ghosts and spirits do not exist? You actually believe that in this much big world nothing exists other than us? Like Ghosts, Vampires…
Panchi: There is nothing like Ghosts and Vampires! Why have you met any Vampire?
Misha: Maybe…How do you know? (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: You met a Vampire and you don’t even know…Surprising! Such things only happen with you…
Misha: Hold on…hold on…How do you know that you have not met a Vampire? Anyways a Vampire cannot come and tell you that ‘Hey Panchi…you were so delicious! By the way I am a Vampire’ Stupid! I heard that Vampire look just like humans…just in the night they get fangs to bite humans.
Panchi: Only at night?
Misha: Yeah!I mean some nights when they want to drink blood. Actually they are the living dead…the walking dead!
Panchi: Oh yeah!And they need to drink blood, right?
Misha: Yeah…of humans!
Panchi: eeks! Don’t gross me out…
Misha: That is not all. Vampires don’t eat anything…they only live on blood…In fact in many Movies and Books Vampires are also very handsome…
Panchi: So you might have seen many handsome Vampires…so why did they not drink your blood?
Misha: Whatever okay! Many Vampires are vegetarians. (Panchi laughs) Don’t laugh yaar…listen to me! Those who are vegetarians only drink animal blood. Since they stay in between humans thay feel bad for humans which is why they do not attack human being. Okay…let me explain it to you…There are good vampires and there are bad vampires. Bad Vampires drink human blood. So they are stronger than the good Vampires. You are understanding everything , right?
Panchi: Of course Mish…I understood everything (Panchi goes close to Misha and touches her forehead and neck) I think your not well. You need to drink medicine. Mad Girl!
Misha: You know what? If you don’t want to believe don’t believe.
Panchi: I don’t believe. Nothing like that exists! Vampires…you gone mad or what?
Misha: You know what Panchi? When I meet a Vampire I will first send him to you…
Panchi: And I will become a Vampire too (Shows her hands)and suck your blood
Misha: Loser! (Panchi goes off and Misha lies down on the bed and starts looking at Shaurya’s picture on her laptop. She says, ‘What is there in you Shaurya that I forget about everyone else’)

Scene moves to Shaurya who is looking at Shankars pictures in the laptop. He thinks, ‘Shakar, what is in you that I forget everything. I know I love you so much’
Scene moves to Misha looking at Shaurya‘s Picture. On hearing Arnab’s voice, ‘Hi girls what is happening’ Misha shuts down her laptop. Arnab offers to take out the girls for dinners. The girls are excited and they go out together.
Scene moves to Shaurya and Shankar. Shankar comes to the room and sits on the cot.
Shankar: Hey dude! Hey Shaurya! What’s happening dude? Who are you admiring…?
Shaurya: Yeah there is someone whom I like so much.
Shankar: Not bad dude! Who have you fallen in love with? Tell me…what to hide with friends… very special person?
Shaurya: Very special!
Shankar: Tell me…
Shaurya: I will definitely tell you when the right time comes. By the way, I I remembered something. Some of my Architect friends are planning a Holiday…in a cold romantic place…You want to come with me? Just a bunch of friends
Shankar: Of course! Cold air…hot coffee…enjoying the nature and sitting by the fire…it would be a perfect holiday! Come…let’s plan!
Shaurya: Are you serious about it? You want to come?
Shankar: Yes Friend, I will go with you…
Shaurya: Wow Man! Then I would do one thing…I will just tell my friends that you are also coming and they would be very happy to know that you are there… (Shaurya keeps looking again at Shankars Photo. Shankar thinks, ‘How nice a guy he is… I am sure he also wishes that I and Misha spend time together. He is doing setting…Nice friend yaar’ Shaurya thinks, ‘Shankar, How our romantic thoughts match….’ They suddenly hear a knock on the door. Shankar instructs Shaurya to hide and opens the door. The land lady aunty tells him that she needs Misha to come down and sing a Bhajan.

Scene moves to Siddharth and Pia at the Restaurant. When the Guy comes to the table to take the order, Siddharth declines the Menu Card and orders on his own.
Siddharth: See…I did not waste my time to even check the menu.
Piya: I am not that much in a hurry…it’s okay!
Siddharth: Piya, I heard some Gossips…I wonder if you could throw some light on it…
Piya: Of course…I don’t know…what gossip?
Siddharth: You and Abhay Raichand…you guys are together?
Piya: No Sir, Not at all. That’s not true! Who told you?
Siddharth: You… (He thinks, ‘this is kind of complicated…I have to handle it carefully. Be careful Sid!’) I know the Raichand’s very well Pia…They are weird people…They don’t have friends…they don’t have relatives…They stay away from all…Nobody knows where they came from… In fact people tell that they are hiding a big secret! And because of it they are secretive…
Piya: Sir, This is a small city and people exaggerate matters. I also know the Raichand’s very well. They are happy people who stay in their own world. Just because they are not social does not mean that they are hiding some secret. They are very nice people Sir.
Siddharth: You know Pia…you are amazing! Chand Raichand tried his level best to get you expelled from the College and you are trying to defend him and his family.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay opens the door and enter the hall. Chand Raichand who was sitting by the fire with a glass of drink calls him. Abhay goes and sits next to his father.
Chand: Ages ago our rulers gave a big responsibility to us.
Abhay: On you?
Chand: That ring is very powerful. If it gets to the wrong hands…it can destroy the world. And you know it’s because of that the ring was given to us.
Abhay: I know. But don’t worry! I will not let Siddharth come near that ring!
Chand: Right! (Abhay gets up and goes)

Scene moves to the waiter serving food to Piya and Siddharth. Pia thinks, ‘How nice a Guy Siddharth is. I should not have doubted him. I think he is perfect for Panchi. In fact I am sure. Whatever answers I need to know I would get it now’
Piya: Sir…Siddharth… You believe in love? I mean in true love… (Siddharth extends his hand for Pia’s hand. When she places her hand on his he looks at her hand lines)
Siddharth: In my hand love line is not there. But in your hand…your hand lines go straight to true love. Your love may not have been lost. He is there…waiting…watching…Your true love is near you… (Piya smiles)

Scene moves to Arnab and the girls getting into the same Restaurant as Siddharth and Piya. Arnab asks for table for three and the waiter leads them to the table. Panchi notices Piya and Siddharth together. Panchi sees Siddharth wiping Pia’s mouth with the napkin and holding her hand. Panchi is uncomfortable and unhappy seeing them together. Misha gets a call and she goes to the ladies room to attend it.
Misha: So Shaurya…you cannot stay without talking to me right?
Shaurya: Actually we are trapped. The land lady had come to invite you to some devotional meeting. So…please you come fast…
Misha thinks how she would go to the meeting wearing dirty shorts. She then sees a lady on sari in the washroom doing the cleaning and takes money from her pocket. At the Restaurant Arnab asks Panchi to call Misha. Misha who is in a Sari sitting in a Car tells Panchi to inform Arnab that she suddenly had to go to the Hostel as Pia is having some problem and cuts off. Panchi informs Arnab that Misha had to suddenly go to the Hostel to help out some friend. Panchi thinks, ‘What happened to Misha and Pia? One is telling lie and the other is cheating on me. I don’t believe her… she knows that I like Sid so much…I don’t believe Pia…This much selfish… gold digger act…how can she go for her Boss? It’s only 4 days since she has come and...’

A glass falls and breaks down near the reception counter. Arnab turns and looks. He sees a girl wearing Misha’s clothes cleaning the glass pieces. Panchi also sees the girl.
Panchi: Papa, if she is wearing Misha’s clothes then what is Misha wearing?
Arnab: Something is wrong!
Panchi keeps looking at Sid and Pia. She is distressed. Arnab turns to look at Panchi and notices that she has vanished from there.
Siddharth: I am serious Piya…your true love is very near to you.
Pia: Sir, Actually I
Siddharth: If you are becoming uncomfortable…then we will not talk about your love lines. We will talk about something else like…
Pia: Like your heart line… I mean…I am not so good at all this but I know little. Come on Sir… (Siddharth offers his hand to her and corrects her, ‘Siddharth’) Okay… Sir your heart line is…
Siddharth: Cut at the middle…Several years ago I was in love with a girl but our story did not happen.
Piya: I am sorry Sir…
Siddharth: Don’t be… The story which remains incomplete would get completed one day or the other. And I feel that the story of my love is going to get completed.
Piya: Is there any one in your life? If I may ask
Siddharth: I have someone in mind… (Panchi hides and tries to eavesdrop)
Piya: Who?
Siddharth: Her name starts with ‘P’ (Pia smiles)
Piya: Oh my God! Panchi… You know what Sir, I always knew it. I am so excited. You know what Sir Panchi also likes you… I am so happy! Sir can I use the washroom and come please?
Siddharth: Please …please… (Siddharth thinks, ‘Time for plan B! This way or that way I have to reach to you. First I was thinking of going straight now I would go through Panchi…’ Episode ends)

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